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Ryan out of WC - Fuskie
1:49PM 26/04/2008

Looks like this is more involved than a snack. - Fuskie
2:01PM 26/04/2008

Now Ryan is cleaning the grill. NT - Fuskie
2:14PM 26/04/2008

Ryan back inside. Looks like lunch is ready. Eating outside. NT - Fuskie
2:23PM 26/04/2008

Correction, lunch is on grill. NT - Fuskie
2:25PM 26/04/2008

R in KT, asking if someone is here, he's going Fing nuts, man. NT - Fuskie
2:26PM 26/04/2008

Ryan back outside, aimlessly swinging golf club NT - Fuskie
2:31PM 26/04/2008

Ryan calls out to Baller that lunch is ready. NT - Fuskie
2:32PM 26/04/2008

Adam is up and joins Ryan outside. Says he was here in mind, not body. NT - Fuskie
2:35PM 26/04/2008

Lunch and general F2 chit chat NT - Fuskie
2:44PM 26/04/2008

Lunch over. Cleanup in KT. NT - Fuskie
2:53PM 26/04/2008

Both outside now - Fuskie
3:04PM 26/04/2008

Both in pool now, playing around. NT - Fuskie
3:17PM 26/04/2008

FotH NT - Fuskie
3:32PM 26/04/2008

Feeds back NT - Fuskie
3:40PM 26/04/2008

Ryan working out. Adam watching. NT - Fuskie
3:52PM 26/04/2008

Adam laying on lounge chair. Ryan not on feeds. NT - nmbeach
4:04PM 26/04/2008

Both boys on the lounge chairs talking about jury members. How bad it would be to go so far & just get the stipend, like Sheila. NT - nmbeach
4:14PM 26/04/2008

Both in pool now. Just got out, repositioning lounges to get the sun. - Fuskie
4:37PM 26/04/2008

F2 back inside - Fuskie
4:52PM 26/04/2008

Abs Class - Fuskie
4:59PM 26/04/2008

Abs over, now its Pool and Pool - Fuskie
5:35PM 26/04/2008

adam changing, we get rear end view YUCK! NT - hockynutty
5:39PM 26/04/2008

Short Outdoor LD - Fuskie
5:51PM 26/04/2008

Adam eating, Ryan starting the manscaping process. NT - Fuskie
6:03PM 26/04/2008

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