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Ryan still manscaping, shaving his arms and chest right now. NT - stoofers
6:23PM 26/04/2008

Operation Manscape Requires Additional Hands - Fuskie
6:43PM 26/04/2008

Ryan done manscaping, gets Adam off the couch to buzz his back for him in bathrm. Adam is.... - DanaRose
6:44PM 26/04/2008

Ryan checking himself out in every mirror, in every pose, in bathrm. Now in sauna room mirrors. NT - DanaRose
6:46PM 26/04/2008

Nappy Time - Fuskie
7:04PM 26/04/2008

Ryan making something to eat, Adam asleep on pull-out w/ Bible on his chest NT - DanaRose
7:14PM 26/04/2008

Ryan ate and both boys asleep in red room on couches. NT - DanaRose
7:23PM 26/04/2008

Not sure what the FotH was for - Fuskie
7:25PM 26/04/2008

Snoring in the BB house! NT - DanaRose
7:55PM 26/04/2008
still asleep NT - jb_gitrdone
7:57PM 26/04/2008

still asleep NT - jb_gitrdone
7:57PM 26/04/2008

I hear what sounds like Someone knocking on a door in the house NT - DanaRose
8:17PM 26/04/2008
*Could also be construction out front for finale maybe?? NT - DanaRose
8:20PM 26/04/2008

Adam rolls over and scratches, but stays asleep NT - DanaRose
8:18PM 26/04/2008

Adam's eyes open, just laying there thinking. NT - DanaRose
8:21PM 26/04/2008

Adam is up. To bathrm, gives peace sign to camera on way, and mumbles something as he enters the toilet! NT - DanaRose
8:24PM 26/04/2008

Adam weighs himself, skipped washing hands, and goes back to room, gets shoes on, wakes Ryan and asks him if he wants to go beast..... - DanaRose
8:32PM 26/04/2008

Still hearing band music on feeds, but HGs do not appear to hear it. Comes and Goes NT - DanaRose
8:33PM 26/04/2008

Music def coming from outside, Adam went in and I didnt hear it until he went out again I dont know how he's not hearing this NT - DanaRose
8:36PM 26/04/2008

Ryan comes outside and Adam tells him, theyre playing some music out there. Ryan says theyre getting ready to party dude! NT - DanaRose
8:37PM 26/04/2008

Music plays louder now, Adam says Do you hear it to Ryan and FLAMES! NT - DanaRose
8:38PM 26/04/2008
Sounds like clarinets and horns, like a band practicing. NT - DanaRose
8:39PM 26/04/2008

Feeds back, Boys inside, Guess BB told them to go in. GPs on f4 watching Adam crash around in the KT NT - DanaRose
8:40PM 26/04/2008

Sliding glass door closed/covered. Must be LD inside. NT - DanaRose
8:44PM 26/04/2008

Adam doing dishes, Ry sitting @ counter. Adam says cookies are in the oven. Ryan says he loves (more) - DanaRose
8:50PM 26/04/2008

Adam getting in shower, Ryan on couch reading Bible NT - DanaRose
9:05PM 26/04/2008

Adam just showed weiner !! lol NT - djrnewcastle
9:17PM 26/04/2008

Adam is in the Sauna Room clipping his fingernails NT - Roadkill23
9:36PM 26/04/2008

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