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Michael, Eric, Kaysar, and James alliance of 4. Mike doesn't like James - Hypnotoad
11:01AM 08/07/2005
mike thinks james is jealous of him and jennifer - Hypnotoad
11:07AM 08/07/2005

Michael telling Eric and Kaysar about how he dealt with a guy in his art class who didn't like him. - Alby
11:02AM 08/07/2005

Finally, a Beau Sighting - valentine
11:03AM 08/07/2005

Now Beau Goes to the Couch - valentine
11:07AM 08/07/2005

BB announces lock down. HGs surmise that BB is going to check out the fishies. NT - JulesAna
11:09AM 08/07/2005

Howie is Sporting a Blue Mandana - valentine
11:09AM 08/07/2005

Everyone is Outside Except James and Rachel and Kaysar - valentine
11:11AM 08/07/2005

Beau is Stirring Coffee in the Kitchen - valentine
11:15AM 08/07/2005

Janelle and Ashlea Each Have Their Own Layout Cam - valentine
11:18AM 08/07/2005

The greatest joke ever told by man, robot, and child - Hypnotoad
11:22AM 08/07/2005

What If They Make An Honest Food Mistake? - valentine
11:23AM 08/07/2005

Houseguests talking about jaywalking and getting hit by a car. NT - Alby
11:23AM 08/07/2005

Beau Does Not Seem Like a Morning Person - valentine
11:28AM 08/07/2005

Beau, to Janelle: Why Don't You Come Over Here and Sit With the Group? - valentine
11:31AM 08/07/2005

Baeu says to Janelle: Come sunbathe over here with the group! No response from Janelle. Baeu walkes off camera - Alby
11:32AM 08/07/2005

Cam 2 checking out Janelle VERY closely sunbathing! NT - AlexaRae
11:37AM 08/07/2005

Lockdown over. - JessicaRabbit
11:44AM 08/07/2005

Oops! Ivette is lounging on the couch that lays down flat and said, - JulesAna
11:45AM 08/07/2005

Kaysar Offers To Show Ivette Around - valentine
11:45AM 08/07/2005

F1 camera keeps showing Jennifer's backside while sunbathing. NT - JessicaRabbit
11:49AM 08/07/2005

Sarah to James " So there's no live feed at all in here (bathroom) ".. He says no..she says "that makes me feel better"... - AlexaRae
11:51AM 08/07/2005

Ivette's Story - valentine
12:00PM 08/07/2005

April and the other sunbathing women talking about hair removal and plastice surgery. April has had implants and a nose job. NT - Alby
12:17PM 08/07/2005

Ivette Has Been the Star - valentine
12:22PM 08/07/2005

F1 & F2 James, April, Maggie, Sarah, Janelle, Jennifer, and Ashlea Sunbathing by pool. NT - JessicaRabbit
12:31PM 08/07/2005
F3 & F4 Beau, Howie, Michael, Eric, Kaysar, Rachel, & Ivette talking in Living room about life. NT - JessicaRabbit
12:33PM 08/07/2005
Also talking about traveling and the cost of living in other countries verses U.S.A. NT - JessicaRabbit
12:35PM 08/07/2005
Now talking about meeting on the internet and E-Harmony.com. NT - JessicaRabbit
12:37PM 08/07/2005
They just mentioned myspace and friendster and match.com. NT - JessicaRabbit
12:38PM 08/07/2005
Now talking about old game shows like The Dating Game. NT - JessicaRabbit
12:40PM 08/07/2005

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