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BB: "HG please feed the fish" NT - amIsane
9:37AM 08/07/2005
Eric went and got fish food from SR. April up on ladder feeding them. Eric, Rach and Sarah watching. They have named a fish peanut NT - amIsane
9:39AM 08/07/2005

Yvette is up and at kitchen counter. She and April chatting NT - amIsane
9:41AM 08/07/2005
Ashlea joined them , opps. ok Jenn.NT - amIsane
9:44AM 08/07/2005
That's Jennifer. NT - BettyRubble
9:44AM 08/07/2005

Yvette - amIsane
9:53AM 08/07/2005
that was howie NT - Anonymous
9:56AM 08/07/2005

Micheal is in the Shower With His Shirt On - valentine
9:59AM 08/07/2005

The Michael and Jennifer gold room bed issue - Hypnotoad
10:06AM 08/07/2005

Convo's and goings on outside - amIsane
10:10AM 08/07/2005
Ivette meds - Anonymous
10:34AM 08/07/2005

April has breast implants. Eric asks if she was flat before. April says she was about a B NT - amIsane
10:13AM 08/07/2005
She also had her nose done at the same time..about 5 yrs ago. They are talking of cosmetic surgery now NT - amIsane
10:15AM 08/07/2005
Forgot to mention that April said she wanted them to do her lips at the same time as the other 2, but the doctor would not NT - amIsane
10:37AM 08/07/2005

Convo outside - JessicaRabbit
10:16AM 08/07/2005
They are talking of blood transfusions now and giving blood. Ashlea says she will not NT - amIsane
10:19AM 08/07/2005

hand towels in the bathroom - JillinTx
10:27AM 08/07/2005

Outside table - amIsane
10:30AM 08/07/2005

Someone has asthma(I think it was jenn) she squirted the asthma thing in her mouth before exercising NT - amIsane
10:33AM 08/07/2005
It was an inhailer and I think it was Ashlea. NT - JessicaRabbit
10:40AM 08/07/2005

Kaysar and Ivette Sit Quietly at the Patio Table - valentine
10:34AM 08/07/2005
If that was Ashlea jump ropping and now running, than it is Ashlea that has asthma(Iget those two mixed up) NT - amIsane
10:40AM 08/07/2005

Maggie and James are Doing Ab Exercises - valentine
10:37AM 08/07/2005
Now James and Maggie Work Their Backs - valentine
10:39AM 08/07/2005

Michael and Kayser getting spiritual - mariakitty
10:45AM 08/07/2005

Michael and Kaysar talking about meditating and Michael says, "I controlled gravity with my mind." NT - Jewels
10:45AM 08/07/2005
That's how I heard it. NT - Jewels
10:50AM 08/07/2005
Actually he said he FELT like he did, not that he believed he actually could. Called lucid dreaming. NT - Copious
10:47AM 08/07/2005

Michael telling Kaysar about a time he meditated in college. - Alby
10:46AM 08/07/2005
He Also Said - valentine
10:48AM 08/07/2005

Michael says it's like astroplaning or astrogliding... LOL NT - Jewels
10:46AM 08/07/2005

A Big Group Discusses Maggie - valentine
10:47AM 08/07/2005

The thermal angel touched Kayser NT - mariakitty
10:48AM 08/07/2005
He Was Discussing Seeing an Aura. NT - valentine
10:50AM 08/07/2005

Ivette was finally able to go to the bathroom - LOL!!! NT - mariakitty
10:52AM 08/07/2005

Kaysar tells Michael that he shouldn't get too close to anyone-girls or guys - Alby
10:52AM 08/07/2005

Ivette's Personal Moments - valentine
10:53AM 08/07/2005

We have a dead FISH!!! - JessicaRabbit
10:55AM 08/07/2005

Michael tells Eric and Kaysar that James is "spineless" NT - Alby
10:57AM 08/07/2005

One of the Yellow Tangs is Dying - valentine
10:57AM 08/07/2005

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