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Michael & Jan have discovered they both used to go to the same parties in Orange county. They both - nojobny
5:42PM 08/07/2005

Michale & Eric talking about firefighting on all feeds NT - Anonymous
5:51PM 08/07/2005

Eric talking about the mental toll that firefighting causes - Alby
5:54PM 08/07/2005

On the patio discussing how to prepare the chicken for dinner NT - edinboro
6:24PM 08/07/2005

BB: Howie please go to the DR - imnotpunk
6:29PM 08/07/2005

Ashlea makes comments about Kaysar and Food Comp - Hypnotoad
6:38PM 08/07/2005

BB: HGs, this is a lockdown, please go inside NT - imnotpunk
6:40PM 08/07/2005

Ashlea (or Jennifer) say that if they were a guy they would date Sarah. They say she is pretty and sweet. James says all of the - Alby
6:40PM 08/07/2005

ashlea to howie: "janelle isn't a competitor, she's not very strong" NT - imnotpunk
6:47PM 08/07/2005

ashlea and howie convo in the bedroom - imnotpunk
6:50PM 08/07/2005

sarah and james in the gold room!!! - imnotpunk
6:58PM 08/07/2005
james to sarah: we CAN'T get caught - imnotpunk
6:59PM 08/07/2005

James and Sarah are whispering so low, Sarah is saying how much - Disneyisme
6:59PM 08/07/2005

James and Sarah are a couple it looks like.. not only a pair but possibly bf/gf - AmyFromCanaduh
6:59PM 08/07/2005

Sarah to James: "Its hard becasue I'm used to being so affectionate towards you..." They are alone in - Alby
6:59PM 08/07/2005

Sarah and James in the gold room - nojobny
7:00PM 08/07/2005

James and Sarah are lovers. James plotting to keep kaysar! - Hypnotoad
7:00PM 08/07/2005

Sarah and James kiss. NT - Alby
7:03PM 08/07/2005

Sarah checks to see if anyone is around then goes back into the gold room and kisses james NT - nojobny
7:03PM 08/07/2005

Lockdown is over NT - Anonymous
7:13PM 08/07/2005

eric and ivette in backyard talking about how they want to get rid of janelle and don't like her etc NT - Anonymous
7:17PM 08/07/2005

Eric and Ivette on hammock talking about Janelle and Ashlea. - Alby
7:18PM 08/07/2005

ashlea and janelle: "we wouldn't hang out with these people at home" NT - imnotpunk
7:19PM 08/07/2005

Beau, Ivette, and Eric now making fun of Michael and Janelle. "Can you imagine them as a couple..." NT - Alby
7:21PM 08/07/2005

Janelle and Ash are in the bathroom complaining about how they wouldn't hang out with these people at home - nojobny
7:21PM 08/07/2005

In the last hour, two confirmed pairs - Ashlea & Janelle * James & Sarah NT - nojobny
7:24PM 08/07/2005

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