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Ivette to April, "You cannot let yourself feel threatened by him." - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:15PM 10/07/2005
Ivette "I haven't given you the OK to bite my butt!" - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:19PM 10/07/2005
Then, Mike walks in. April asks him for a cig, NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:16PM 10/07/2005
It was a breath mint, and he handed one to Ivette and Maggie also. NT - Suzan
6:19PM 10/07/2005

April went to BY to chat with Ivette and Maggie - Zazny
6:19PM 10/07/2005

Eric, to Howie: "You just stroked my arm, dude, and I'm totally not okay with that." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:20PM 10/07/2005

Howie to Rachel in front of Eric: "If you were just a couple of years younger, HO HO HO!!!" NT - JulesAna
6:21PM 10/07/2005

Eric and Howie about Beau - Zazny
6:23PM 10/07/2005

April and Sarah doing cartwheels and roundoffs in the back yard. April hurts herself. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:27PM 10/07/2005
cartwheels - Anonymous
6:56PM 10/07/2005
It was April, then Ivette, Rachel and Maggie doing cartwheels in the yard NT - bcomfy
7:06PM 10/07/2005

HGs getting all pretty for dinner, Beau telling Kaysar what to wear. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:38PM 10/07/2005

April finally finds her Blankie, finds out Sarah really didn't eat it. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:40PM 10/07/2005

James can't tie his (purple) tie NT - Zazny
6:42PM 10/07/2005
Sarah glances over every now and then and gives him a nice stare - Zazny
6:46PM 10/07/2005

April complains that BB reminded her to put on her mic 3 times today, notes that it was all before she was drunk. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:45PM 10/07/2005

Howie: "Why do I need to wear pants? I don't wanna wear pants!" - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:54PM 10/07/2005
he said he has "10 pairs of them" earlier today NT - imnotpunk
6:55PM 10/07/2005

Its makeup time at the BB house! - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:56PM 10/07/2005
Ash: "April, you're so nice." NT - Zazny
7:01PM 10/07/2005

Howie argues that if he has to wear shoes to dinner, he's not going. - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:59PM 10/07/2005

Apparently, old-man hats are the hot thing in the BB house this year. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:00PM 10/07/2005

janelle: "guys i only brought one black dress and it's for my eviction" - imnotpunk
7:03PM 10/07/2005

Janelle's lil black dress - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:04PM 10/07/2005

Beau is wearing a pink tie that reaches about half way down his shirt. Very Dandy! NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:07PM 10/07/2005

April, Ivette talk about someone wanting out of the game. - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:14PM 10/07/2005
Im sure it was Ashlea who said that... NT - Wayne321
7:16PM 10/07/2005

Ivette: "If I were a stripper, I'd earn enough money not to be on this show!" NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:15PM 10/07/2005

howie back to hitting on ashlea - imnotpunk
7:15PM 10/07/2005

More fake boob talk. - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:17PM 10/07/2005
Ashlea = fake boobs at 19 NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:19PM 10/07/2005

April, Janelle, Ashlea talking about how long they've had their boobs. Agreeing they didn't get them for guys. NT - Augustkm
7:18PM 10/07/2005

HGs applaud Eric on how hot he looks dressed up. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:21PM 10/07/2005

The wine drinking begins! NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:22PM 10/07/2005

Mike and Eric continue to cook, saying all will be set in about 5 mins. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
7:24PM 10/07/2005

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