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April and James talking about autopsies - Alby
12:59PM 10/07/2005

Janelle and Ashlea decide to change into their swimsuits to lay out. NT - joannie
1:01PM 10/07/2005

James and Beau are playing chess in the crow's nest. NT - joannie
1:04PM 10/07/2005

Kaysar watches James and Beau play chess. Michael has gone into the HOH room - joannie
1:11PM 10/07/2005

Ivette gets mad at Eric - Anonymous
1:15PM 10/07/2005

Eric is trying to apologize - Anonymous
1:16PM 10/07/2005

Eric to April - Do you really think they are going to watch on the internet 24 hours a day? NT - Suzan
1:18PM 10/07/2005

Lot's of sex talk around the pool, Eric says the best he has ever had was with - Disneyisme
1:19PM 10/07/2005

BB: "Sarah the lights MUST remain on in the bedroom" NT - Disneyisme
1:19PM 10/07/2005
and one of the girls asked "uh oh, where's james?" NT - Bilbo
1:20PM 10/07/2005

BB: "Sarah, the bedroom lights must remain on." - Anonymous
1:19PM 10/07/2005

Sarah is in the gold room under the covers. Mike comes and and asks her if she wants him to turn off the light - joannie
1:20PM 10/07/2005

Michael is in the bathroom cutting his own hair. - joannie
1:23PM 10/07/2005

They were all about hair and braids, Ivette finished the thrilling story - Disneyisme
1:24PM 10/07/2005

Michael trying to cut his hair - amIsane
1:24PM 10/07/2005
I guess he did not get help - amIsane
1:26PM 10/07/2005

Eric is talking more about his fabulous swimming pool and solar system, - Disneyisme
1:26PM 10/07/2005
One of the girls has come out and said that BB wouldn't let her clean up the - Disneyisme
1:28PM 10/07/2005

April and Michael make a deal - Zazny
1:31PM 10/07/2005

Eric says he can't compete any more if he has to stay on this diet and - Tambo
1:32PM 10/07/2005

Michael is giving April lessons on how his stylist cuts his hair, he talks - Suzan
1:33PM 10/07/2005
Beau now has the scissors and is going to trim Michaels hair NT - Suzan
1:33PM 10/07/2005

Now April is helping Michael cut his hair. - joannie
1:33PM 10/07/2005

PBJ'ers are complaining, saying they can't eat any more. - Disneyisme
1:34PM 10/07/2005

April can not cut hair - amIsane
1:34PM 10/07/2005

April: "I've got a mustache. I've got to 'Nair' this." NT - joannie
1:35PM 10/07/2005
M: You look like Hitler - Zazny
1:39PM 10/07/2005

Jenn says she is a wet back - amIsane
1:36PM 10/07/2005

Beau pretending to cut Mike's hair - Caribou
1:37PM 10/07/2005

Mike is a Scorpio. Birthday is November 5th. Mike says he's the "ultimate scorpio" NT - Caribou
1:38PM 10/07/2005

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