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BB: Rachel please go to the DR NT - imnotpunk
11:30AM 10/07/2005

James and April are outside, James asking if she is smoking because she is nervous. - Disneyisme
11:32AM 10/07/2005

April is now on the Patio with James and lights up, they discuss - Suzan
11:33AM 10/07/2005

BB: HGs this is a lockdown, please go outside NT - imnotpunk
11:36AM 10/07/2005

"HG this is a lockdown, please go outside and close the sliding glass door!" NT - Disneyisme
11:36AM 10/07/2005
They are speculating that they will get more food. NT - Disneyisme
11:37AM 10/07/2005

Not everyone is outside yet, some are in the BR getting things. Most - Suzan
11:38AM 10/07/2005

BB saying again, "this is a lockdown, go outside and close the sliding glass door!" FISH NT - Disneyisme
11:41AM 10/07/2005

Kaysar Was One of the Last In the House to Get Ready - valentine
11:46AM 10/07/2005

Earlier convo about Northern California - HectorOfTroy
12:02PM 10/07/2005

Kaysar is Still Big Pimpin' - valentine
12:18PM 10/07/2005

K: "I've been dreaming about asparagus...and I don't even like asparagus." (referring to pb&j diet) NT - Zazny
12:22PM 10/07/2005

Ashlea is Craving Mac and Cheese "Real Bad" - valentine
12:25PM 10/07/2005

Maggie and Rachel chat by the pool. Eric comes to say hi. - Alby
12:31PM 10/07/2005

Micheal Thinks BB3 Lisa Was Kind of Beautiful - valentine
12:37PM 10/07/2005

Ivette and April Chatter and Whisper - valentine
12:39PM 10/07/2005
BB: April, Please Put On Your Microphone! - valentine
12:40PM 10/07/2005

Ivette says: "I think Sarah and James would be such a cute couple" NT - Alby
12:43PM 10/07/2005

Ivette to April: I think Sarah Beth and James would be such a cute couple! NT - Suzan
12:43PM 10/07/2005

Sarah is Pouting at the Kitchen Sink - valentine
12:44PM 10/07/2005

April talking about her tatoo. - Alby
12:50PM 10/07/2005

April tells James and Sarah that she already *gone* three times today. - joannie
12:50PM 10/07/2005

April talking about having kids - Alby
12:52PM 10/07/2005

What April wants to name her future children - joannie
12:53PM 10/07/2005

James and Sarah are teasing April about always being on both sides of - Suzan
12:54PM 10/07/2005

April said that she met her husband when he was at Baylor. (That is where Jennifer went) NT - Alby
12:55PM 10/07/2005

Janelle and Ashlea are holding court in the kitchen with Howie, Michael, and Kaysar. NT - joannie
12:58PM 10/07/2005
Tidbits of this convo w/Jan,Ash, Howie - amIsane
1:17PM 10/07/2005

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