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Howie - BigMama
12:39PM 11/07/2005

janelle telling ashlea they're screwed - imnotpunk
12:46PM 11/07/2005

ashlea: there's nothing i can say against him, kaysar is a good guy - imnotpunk
12:51PM 11/07/2005

maggie: i don't want this to be a bad experience for me - imnotpunk
12:56PM 11/07/2005

Feed 3 just had a picture of a room full of workout equipment NT - Chunga
1:05PM 11/07/2005

Eric tries to convince Kaysar he is wrong about pairings - SassyPrncess
1:05PM 11/07/2005

Kaysar must have told Eric he susupects Ivette & Beau are a pair. Eric is vehemently trying to convince Kaysar them coming from the same area doesn't - Augustkm
1:07PM 11/07/2005
Eric even said "how do I know you and Mike arnt together" to Kaysar NT - Gorf
1:09PM 11/07/2005

Fast, Intense Whispers Between Eric and Michael - valentine
1:10PM 11/07/2005
OK. I Think I Just Heard Eric Repeat It. - valentine
1:20PM 11/07/2005

M, Apr and I in the backyard - ccquilter
1:13PM 11/07/2005

Mike: Have Any of You Ever Lived in California? - valentine
1:14PM 11/07/2005

Eric to Ivette - BigMama
1:14PM 11/07/2005

E and I discussion - ccquilter
1:15PM 11/07/2005

Eric is Working Overtime - valentine
1:19PM 11/07/2005

Lockdown in BY NT - BigMama
1:21PM 11/07/2005

Kaysar tells Janelle that he doesn't think everyone in the house has a partner, just certain people. NT - BigMama
1:32PM 11/07/2005

Eric Whispering to James - valentine
1:33PM 11/07/2005

Kaysar & Janelle out in the yard discussing the connections. - Suzan
1:34PM 11/07/2005

James on reason for lockdown.... - SassyPrncess
1:35PM 11/07/2005

kaysar> Eric reacted the way i expected him to react when i told. He cant be trusted. - Hypnotoad
1:37PM 11/07/2005

Kaysar Tells Janelle He Talked to Eric - valentine
1:38PM 11/07/2005

Talking about marriage/divorce laws Jame/Kaysar - Alby
2:04PM 11/07/2005
James says the dixie chicks were wrong for their comment becuase they made them out of america - Mltv
2:30PM 11/07/2005

Lockdown's over. Then fish. Now all feeds are on Janelle and Howie in the pool playing catch. NT - smashedskittles
2:07PM 11/07/2005

Quick view of fish and feeds switch to James & Kaysar playing chess. Can hear some girls (not sure who cuz u cant see them) talking downstairs NT - smashedskittles
2:13PM 11/07/2005

Eric, Maggie, Sarah, Rachel, Ashlea and Jennifer in kitchen. Maggie cutting up some melon and giving out samples NT - smashedskittles
2:22PM 11/07/2005

F1 & F2 on kitchen crew, F3 on April sitting beside pool, F4 on Howie and Janelle in pool. A, H, and Janelle playing catch w/ frisbee. NT - smashedskittles
2:25PM 11/07/2005

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