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Game 4! James 3, Sarah 0. Sarah reminds James he's supposed to be teaching her. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
5:52PM 11/07/2005

All 4 cams on Janelle and Rachel (?) in the BY. Howie says he'll do them both. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
5:55PM 11/07/2005

Back to the Sarah and James Chess-o-Rama. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
5:57PM 11/07/2005
Game 4 seems more serious, with not any trash talk going on. - KinkyLilBlackDress
5:58PM 11/07/2005

Ivette tells April that she will put Jennifer up if she gets HoH, not knowing April is paired with Jennifer. NT - Wayne321
6:01PM 11/07/2005

Ivette, to April: "Janelle, Eric and Kaysar are the oddball group. We go to split them up." - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:04PM 11/07/2005
April: "Ashlea told me she doesn't want to be here more than 2 weeks." "Janelle is a nothing." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:07PM 11/07/2005
Ivette and April gunning for Mike - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:06PM 11/07/2005

Lol, Ivette says - I wonder how many people are talking about us. NT - Wayne321
6:08PM 11/07/2005

All 4 cams swap to Kaysar and Mike on the hammok. - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:10PM 11/07/2005
Kaysar doesn't trust the "Alliance" that they have with Eric. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:12PM 11/07/2005
Kay to Mike: "I wonder what those two are talking about" (Ivette and April). NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:11PM 11/07/2005

Michael says "Theres something up with those two over there" (Meaning April and Ivette) NT - Wayne321
6:10PM 11/07/2005

Mike's Hit List - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:13PM 11/07/2005

Michael does a whisper howard dean "I want april out, jen out" etc through all the HG NT - Mltv
6:13PM 11/07/2005
M and K finally guess they are all on teams NT - Mltv
6:14PM 11/07/2005

Kaysar: "Do you think Howie and Janelle know eachother?" - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:15PM 11/07/2005

Michael and Kaysar in the BY - Wayne321
6:16PM 11/07/2005

Mike, on Eric: "He's been on full battery charge the whole time. That's a bad way to start the game." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:16PM 11/07/2005

Kaysar: "I need her out of here!" - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:18PM 11/07/2005
And now M wanting A out. K: Take it easy! NT - Zazny
6:19PM 11/07/2005

Mike: "She's a f*cking sh*t talker, dude!" - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:20PM 11/07/2005

Rachel denies Mike access to the HoH room. - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:21PM 11/07/2005

Mike and Kaysar's Tag Team Plan - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:23PM 11/07/2005

Michael and Kaysar (Cont. and long) - Wayne321
6:24PM 11/07/2005

Dinner begins! NT - Mltv
6:24PM 11/07/2005

Dinnertime begins on BB6. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:24PM 11/07/2005

Michael and Kaysar chat it up on the hammock - Hypnotoad
6:25PM 11/07/2005

Dinner is a casual affair tonight. - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:27PM 11/07/2005

Grace is said, Eric is complimented. - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:33PM 11/07/2005
ashlea asked that. James asks "does your firehouse still eat without you?" NT - Hypnotoad
6:34PM 11/07/2005

Howie-ism: "Oh this is awesome! I think I'm having a mouth-gasm!" NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
6:44PM 11/07/2005

Howie is enjoying his dinner a little too much >>>> - amyt92
6:44PM 11/07/2005

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