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K - If Ivette or Beau get it (HOH) we're royally f****d NT - ccquilter
1:50AM 11/07/2005

Ashela - Beau doesn't count as a guy NT - ccquilter
1:50AM 11/07/2005

J - if she thinksw everyone is going to throw it for her she's not going to work so hard (Ivette) NT - ccquilter
1:52AM 11/07/2005

J - Holy f*** I'm not dumb NT - ccquilter
1:56AM 11/07/2005

A & J telling K about Michael's inconsistent stories NT - ccquilter
2:04AM 11/07/2005

H - if you stay true to this I'll sleep with you - ccquilter
2:05AM 11/07/2005

H to J - Those are some of the most beautiful boobies I've ever seen - ccquilter
2:09AM 11/07/2005

K – Puts hand on Howie’s shoulder. Says if he doesn’t tell anyone, he will give Howie all the massages he wants. - CougarSpy
2:10AM 11/07/2005

H - Damn its hard to be a man in this world and look at that (J) NT - ccquilter
2:12AM 11/07/2005

FISH UPDATE: The one right in the center is swimming kinda lopsided. Poor fish :( NT - Robnoxious
2:55AM 11/07/2005

Janelle, Kaysar, Howie in bathroom discussing possible pairs - mw1125
2:56AM 11/07/2005
Janelle - That's why they put me in this game, because I would be the one to catch on to Beau and Ivette. NT - mw1125
3:02AM 11/07/2005

Ashlea goes to bed. Gives Howie a kiss on the check. More bathroom chatter with Howie, Janelle and Kaysar. In between strategizing about what to do - CougarSpy
2:56AM 11/07/2005

Kay to Howie: Are you close to Rachel? ... Howie shrugs NT - Robnoxious
3:01AM 11/07/2005
Turns it into a joke... says she talks to her in the kitchen... NT - Robnoxious
3:02AM 11/07/2005

Kay twisting the twist to steer toward Beau & Ivette being "just like the twins" NT - Robnoxious
3:09AM 11/07/2005

K to H--Be careful what you say about my wife.(about J) NT - Anonymous
3:11AM 11/07/2005

Howie to Kay: We need you. You are strong in this game. If $hit goes down we need your back NT - Robnoxious
3:16AM 11/07/2005
Howie: I don't know Rachel NT - Robnoxious
3:17AM 11/07/2005

Howie to Kay (in kitchen): Last year it was twins ... this year is a threesome NT - Robnoxious
3:19AM 11/07/2005
Howie: Rachel I don't know ... April I don't know... NT - Robnoxious
3:20AM 11/07/2005

Kay to How: Lemmie figure out what to do with Rachel. She's a strong player ... Eric won't go down swinging NT - Robnoxious
3:22AM 11/07/2005

Kaysar & Howie alone in kitchen - mw1125
3:22AM 11/07/2005

Howie knows about all couples. Looking at Memory Wall NT - Anonymous
3:35AM 11/07/2005

Howie (to Kaysar) - We've covered all the angles...let's get some sleep and go to bed - mw1125
3:38AM 11/07/2005

[2:57 am BB time -3:38 am BB time ] Kaysar telling Janelle the reason they want her out is because she is to close [Florida connection and might - CougarSpy
3:39AM 11/07/2005
3:44 BB time - Howie walked into kitchen - NT - CougarSpy
3:44AM 11/07/2005

Howie specifically pointed out each pair to himself, ALL 7! - Anonymous
3:43AM 11/07/2005

[3:49 am BB time] Kaysar finished prayer and now is studying memory wall. Michael is up now and both head to bathroom. M uses WC. - CougarSpy
3:55AM 11/07/2005

K and M trying to figure out pairs - BoPeep
4:03AM 11/07/2005
Michael says he saw Eric & James at the hotel before the show; Kaysar says he saw Beau NT - mw1125
4:06AM 11/07/2005

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