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M leaves, E: "It's all 'I have a friend, I have a friend', M pops back in: I was just fooling the camera NT - Zazny
5:02PM 12/07/2005

'i just want to make sure that i'm cool with you' eric to michael - Jewel
5:07PM 12/07/2005

more michael and eric - Jewel
5:10PM 12/07/2005

james made a comment 'in saudi arabia' they are still stoning women and killing them... - Jewel
5:12PM 12/07/2005

eric: if ivette gets HOH, i know for a fact she'd put up janelle and jennifer - imnotpunk
5:15PM 12/07/2005

e- if i gets hoh she will put up janelle and jennifer - Jewel
5:17PM 12/07/2005

Eric/Michael backyard -- M attempts to clear the air (long) - Zazny
5:17PM 12/07/2005

Just for the record (and for Ivette and April's knowledge) I would like to point out that Kaysar is washing dishes NT - RealitySwan
5:23PM 12/07/2005

howie is now massaging rachels and ivettes backs with little massagers NT - Jewel
5:26PM 12/07/2005
and Michael sits outside all by himself. Very deep in thought. NT - mommamia
5:28PM 12/07/2005

BB: Beau, this is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted NT - imnotpunk
5:28PM 12/07/2005

bb- beau this is a reminder that sleeping is not permitted in the living room NT - Jewel
5:29PM 12/07/2005

M outside alone - ccquilter
5:29PM 12/07/2005

Kitchen chatter - ccquilter
5:32PM 12/07/2005

Howie: A friend of mine was on Dr. Phil - Zazny
5:34PM 12/07/2005

More misc kitchen chat - ccquilter
5:35PM 12/07/2005

M & J in bathroom - ccquilter
5:41PM 12/07/2005

Workout room and Michael's song - Zazny
5:45PM 12/07/2005
Karma Police by Radiohead! NT - valentine
5:56PM 12/07/2005

Various updates - ccquilter
5:46PM 12/07/2005

Washroom updates - ccquilter
5:59PM 12/07/2005

Janelle outside smoking...Micheal joins her at the table NT - kelleyblue
6:02PM 12/07/2005

Janelle told Mike something made her uncomfortable - Zazny
6:06PM 12/07/2005

M: I like your eyes. Is it okay if I look at them. - Zazny
6:11PM 12/07/2005

Mike says he knows Kaysar the least out of the guys. NT - kmiracle
6:35PM 12/07/2005

I just came in and everyone is grabbing food, looks like mexican food, taco casserole, burritos etc. NT - Disneyisme
7:08PM 12/07/2005
Howie is saying "everyone that had anything to do with this meal, I am giving - Disneyisme
7:10PM 12/07/2005

The conversation for a couple minutes has been how Howie is not the 'stinky' - Disneyisme
7:14PM 12/07/2005

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