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Topic #1903187
Zazny - M leaves, E: "It's all 'I have a friend, I have a friend', M pops back in: I was just fooling the camera NT 0 Replies #1903187 5:02PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903230
Jewel - 'i just want to make sure that i'm cool with you' eric to michael 0 Replies #1903230 5:07PM 12/07/2005
michael then says 'if you have a problem with me just come to me'

e - 'i have done that everytime'

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Topic #1903262
Jewel - more michael and eric 0 Replies #1903262 5:10PM 12/07/2005
m - after yesterday, i'm not talking about you, but obviously i likes to have control, but i thought to myself that i don't want anyone to be uncomfortable...(they were talking so fast) it's best to do my thing and get along with people.

what i'm repeating to you right now, i don't have anything to hold back.

e- i just want to make sure we're cool

m- we're cool and i will tell you i'm a man of my word...

then they go on to talk about something james said and that he is insecure.
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Topic #1903281
Jewel - james made a comment 'in saudi arabia' they are still stoning women and killing them... 0 Replies #1903281 5:12PM 12/07/2005
and michael tried to explain to him the cultural differences, and then james said michael went off on his soap box.

ed note:michael should be careful about revealing his middle east past...
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Topic #1903299
imnotpunk - eric: if ivette gets HOH, i know for a fact she'd put up janelle and jennifer 0 Replies #1903299 5:15PM 12/07/2005
...not looking to get jennifer out though.
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Topic #1903312
Jewel - e- if i gets hoh she will put up janelle and jennifer 0 Replies #1903312 5:17PM 12/07/2005
michael is trying to manipulate e in to getting i not to put them on the block and reminds him of their strategy to get out the strong players...

then he starts talking about lisa's nominations from (BB2 or 3) and then e starts talking about the 6 finger plan again.
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Topic #1903318
Zazny - Eric/Michael backyard -- M attempts to clear the air (long) 0 Replies #1903318 5:17PM 12/07/2005
M: I've made a decision yesterday and it's (farts)
H/E: ew
M: It's the eggs.

M: I'm not going to add to the tension. I want it honest, simple, and fair.
M: It's silly. It was blown out of proportion. I was asked how I react. I'm a goofball most of the time but I'm also an adult. I've learned when I'm confronted with a particular challenge. I put myself in the other people's shoes. I felt I obviously did something that irritated somebody. Just so you know. It's not a big deal, we're cool. The bringing up the idea of sexual harrassment....
E: ...it was devestating devestating
M: Not devestating. It was completely out of place. Just before you came in, I pulled Jennifer to the side, I said we haven't talked for a few days and asked her if we were okay and she almost started crying, she spilled her beans. She said it's not you, it's me. It had nothing to do with Jen, it was personal issues from other people. They need to face their own personal issues.
E:...demons, yes demons
M: You came to me and told me the women were uncomfortable. You said Jennifer. I thought one of the girls had someone who didn't want me and Jen [flirting].

You are a fireman, you command authority, it's simple for you to come in. Jennifer is the opposite. I'm in this game as an individual. When I see...I'm not the guy powertripping, I do my thing from the corners and watch...I'm not talking about you...obviously Ivette likes to have control
E: Absolutely
M: You are a strong minded guy
E: Right
M: I don't want it uncomfortable...we are good tv, but we are in a house. I am going to try and get along with people. I like to think I have more friends than enemies.
E: I just want to see if we are cool
M: We are cool...my clients say I am late, but I always deliver

M: I will say that I know that you have...we all talk to different people...I've seen you talk to other people. Its none of my business.
E: Just like you, Janelle, Kaysar
M: To be honest, I haven't formed anything.
E: After the chill with James, I was wondering where we were standing
M: For James to make comments the way he makes comments to me tells me he's
J: Don't take it seriously
M: pathetic, insecure. Why would someone say things like that

Mike says James has vague opinions, can't back them up. Brings up discussion about Arabic women still being stoned to death, Mike says he said there were other issues, cultural things, etc.blah blah . James said "you went off on a soapbox." Mike says don't make statements without backing them up...

E: I just wanted to make sure we were fine
M: We are. You command authority...You have that instinctively. You have that going for you. [Mike is big on astrology, says we're both Leos]

E: Don't hang around Kaysar and Janelle soooo much. It looks like you have something. I told Kaysar the same exact thing because I feel that I owe it to you.
M: Talk to Kaysar like we are now. I think a good strategy is to passively, but instinctively, keep an eye on different groups
E: Divide and conquer.
M: You have a jist on the entire group. I'll be doing what I did before...and I know you [think you have Janelle figured out]
E: Janelle's a pawn
M: A pompous ass

M: You told me about some plan...
E: She will put up Janelle and Jennifer
M: It always seemed to me, strategically, the best course of action is to get rid of the problem.
E: She's a threat to me. If she wins HOH, I'll go up
M: That's one vote to how many? Come on
E: People will change their mind. There's no way you can leave unless you're put up.
E: If that original side wins HOH, they have to put up 2 of us. They have a pact.
M: Let's play the game. We are both extremely healthy, athletic guys. We're mentally sharp. There's no reason why [we won't win]. When I was looking at Janelle's butt the other night ...
(Janelle is out with them)
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Topic #1903350
RealitySwan - Just for the record (and for Ivette and April's knowledge) I would like to point out that Kaysar is washing dishes NT 0 Replies #1903350 5:23PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903367
Jewel - howie is now massaging rachels and ivettes backs with little massagers NT 1 Replies #1903367 5:26PM 12/07/2005
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mommamia - and Michael sits outside all by himself. Very deep in thought. NT #1903372 5:28PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903374
imnotpunk - BB: Beau, this is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted NT 0 Replies #1903374 5:28PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903375
Jewel - bb- beau this is a reminder that sleeping is not permitted in the living room NT 0 Replies #1903375 5:29PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903379
ccquilter - M outside alone 0 Replies #1903379 5:29PM 12/07/2005
M outside rubbing his eyes thinking - wearing his holy jeans

Reminder to Beau that sleeping in the living room is not permitted

M - chuckles

M - singing "It is clear to me that I can see" and then just sort of hums along
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Topic #1903392
ccquilter - Kitchen chatter 0 Replies #1903392 5:32PM 12/07/2005
I is cutting up chicken and coughing while she is working on it - she's coughing into her arm - but still

Eric says he has kennel cough

E asks if M has tie dye - picking up on the earlier comment I think Ivette made about M being a hippy
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Topic #1903407
Zazny - Howie: A friend of mine was on Dr. Phil 0 Replies #1903407 5:34PM 12/07/2005
Because they are hyper-worried about their baby, won't leave it with the grandparents, raising it vegan, etc.
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Topic #1903415
ccquilter - More misc kitchen chat 0 Replies #1903415 5:35PM 12/07/2005
Discussing M's vegetarianism

H had a buddy who was on Dr Phil - he's discussing the folks who were on

E saying J's arms are so dark

Comparing who is darker I or J

I says if she starts getting sun they'll think she's B
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Topic #1903458
ccquilter - M & J in bathroom 0 Replies #1903458 5:41PM 12/07/2005
M & J in bathroom

J going through her skin care products and telling him what and when she uses them

M has something burning his eyes

A comes in to use the water closet

M's still trying to clear his eyes and J is still going through her stuff

J - you're so dramatic

M - I feel like I've learned everything I can about skin care

M tries to rub in some of J's skin cream and she says thanks I can do it myself

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Topic #1903472
Zazny - Workout room and Michael's song 1 Replies #1903472 5:45PM 12/07/2005
M: I keep walking by that room and forgetting we haven't been there.
E: I think it's an optical illusion

Eric, Kaysar, Michael, and Ashlea gaze into the room like it's a treasure, discuss the futuristic treadmill machine.

Michael has sang the words "this is what you get" a few times today.

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valentine - Karma Police by Radiohead! NT #1903521 5:56PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903477
ccquilter - Various updates 0 Replies #1903477 5:46PM 12/07/2005
The guys are all looking in the gym and talking about the equipment

J has cut her finger

H is putting a bandaid on her

They're talking about the kinds of band aids they have a home

Now back to the bedroom and K and E are whispering - can't hear them

E looking down the hall to see if someone is doing something

E conveys that we're cool - couldn't hear much else
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Topic #1903533
ccquilter - Washroom updates 0 Replies #1903533 5:59PM 12/07/2005
H - You look really cute Janie

J - thanks Howie

H - looking for reading material - J - man the door for me

E - going for a duece?

H - hope so I think its ready

E - make sure you spray

H - I always spray

J put on mascara and lipgloss - doesn't consider that makeup

FYI - J has abandoned the bathroom H is on his own in the watercloset
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Topic #1903542
kelleyblue - Janelle outside smoking...Micheal joins her at the table NT 0 Replies #1903542 6:02PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903552
Zazny - Janelle told Mike something made her uncomfortable 0 Replies #1903552 6:06PM 12/07/2005
Janelle told Mike to quit doing something as my feeds started. He asked why, she said it made her uncomfortable.

M: We're being stared at!
J: No we're not (see cams) yes we are!

Janelle teaches Mike the game "Island Hopper" in the backyard.

J: I like to be a shark because I like to chase people.
M: (Big Brother voice) Janelle, please do not smoke in the lawn
J: People are telling me what to do all day
M: It sounds like a fun game
M: This is old, you didn't just make it up?
J: Beau made it up.
M: Let's play foosbal..smoker
J: You smoke too
M: I don't smoke, did you see me smoke?
J: The first day [ed: and many others]

M: You smell like something other than that lotion
J: What are you trying to say?
M: No perfume...
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Topic #1903560
Zazny - M: I like your eyes. Is it okay if I look at them. 0 Replies #1903560 6:11PM 12/07/2005
After fooling with the foosball, the head back to the shade of the patio. Janelle takes her sunglasses off and Mike says she has pretty eyes.

M: I look weird today.
J: So do I
M: I look old.
J: *joking* What are you? 30?
M: I'm 24
J: No, you're 28
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Topic #1903639
kmiracle - Mike says he knows Kaysar the least out of the guys. NT 0 Replies #1903639 6:35PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903773
Disneyisme - I just came in and everyone is grabbing food, looks like mexican food, taco casserole, burritos etc. NT 1 Replies #1903773 7:08PM 12/07/2005
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Disneyisme - Howie is saying "everyone that had anything to do with this meal, I am giving #1903788 7:10PM 12/07/2005
massages to tonight. "Jennifer I will take care of your back, Maggie your shoulders, I'll just line you all up."
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Topic #1903810
Disneyisme - The conversation for a couple minutes has been how Howie is not the 'stinky' 0 Replies #1903810 7:14PM 12/07/2005
one in the house. Howie says "Ash thanks for saying that, I am glad I'm not the stinky one in the house." (This was after Howie said he was gonna shower and the girls said "surprisingly you don't stink")

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