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Eric is telling Ivette that the fajitas are awesome, can she come to the firehouse and cook like that? - Disneyisme
7:16PM 12/07/2005
he also said "anytime you want you can come be the firehouse bitch" NT - Bilbo
7:18PM 12/07/2005

Howie, once again tells the girls "I will pay all you back, just not - Disneyisme
7:22PM 12/07/2005

Just so you non feed people know, they are all talking bodily functions while finishing up dinner, it's not pretty ;o) NT - Disneyisme
7:27PM 12/07/2005

Eric is all about the dishes and he tells the girls "cooks don't clean!" - Disneyisme
7:34PM 12/07/2005

Kaysar & Janelle get in a wet towel snapping fight. NT - SassyPrncess
7:39PM 12/07/2005

Janelle and Kay hug each other in the kitchen and apologize to one another - Disneyisme
7:42PM 12/07/2005

So here's what's happening F1 is Eric Sarah and Janelle in the kitchen washing dishes - Disneyisme
7:48PM 12/07/2005

Outside now, Ivette says "Eric I would have loved to be your handler." Howie - Disneyisme
7:54PM 12/07/2005
Howie told him he was going to California to visit his Big Brother. NT - JessicaRabbit
7:58PM 12/07/2005

Eric to April: You're gonna come out of here 20 lbs heavier..... - SassyPrncess
7:55PM 12/07/2005

HG's are outside comparing themselves to past BB HG's - Disneyisme
8:26PM 12/07/2005

F3/F4: HGs playing Island Hopper/Shark game in BY; F1/F2: Maggie, Ivette, April in WC showering NT - Caribou
8:30PM 12/07/2005
If I heard correct, BB told them to "stop that", I guess their island game was to rough. NT - Disneyisme
8:36PM 12/07/2005

Kaysar tumbles during the "shark" game and BB tells them to "stop that". - SouthernBelladonna
8:39PM 12/07/2005
It seems they were using the lazy susan to see who gets the gold room tonight. NT - SouthernBelladonna
8:40PM 12/07/2005

Now all the HG's are sitting around the dining room table, spinning the paper towel holder around and - Disneyisme
8:40PM 12/07/2005

Sarah pointed to the upstairs to James, they are headed up for a game of chess. - Disneyisme
8:43PM 12/07/2005

Jennifer prepares to shave the calluses from Howie's feet. EWWW NT - SassyPrncess
8:52PM 12/07/2005
Howie to Jenn: C'mon you've seen worse (feet).... - SassyPrncess
8:58PM 12/07/2005

Howie starts perving on Rachel, finally. NT - SassyPrncess
8:56PM 12/07/2005

Howie flirts with Jennifer.... LOL - SassyPrncess
9:09PM 12/07/2005
Howie on his new sexy feet.... - SassyPrncess
9:28PM 12/07/2005

At the end of the chess game... Sarah whispered to James.."love you" NT - BenSparks
9:14PM 12/07/2005

Michael and Kaysar whisper on the lounge chairs about mike as target - Hypnotoad
9:19PM 12/07/2005

Jannelle just exposed the Ivette/Beau pairing to Michael in the BY NT - BenSparks
9:26PM 12/07/2005
J mentioned the Cafeteria restaurant connx as well as Iv's drums comment and B's dodgy hometown info as proof NT - Lucinda
9:34PM 12/07/2005

[9:15 pm BB time - 9:38 pm BB time] Michael and Janelle (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) - CougarSpy
9:39PM 12/07/2005
[9:40 pm 9:50 BB time] Michael and Janelle still in hammock (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) - CougarSpy
9:51PM 12/07/2005
[9:50 pm 9:54 BB time] Michael/Janelle/Jen/Kaysar Howie feet (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) - CougarSpy
9:56PM 12/07/2005
[9:55 pm 10:05 pm BB time] Michael//Kaysar/Ashlea on hammock (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) - CougarSpy
10:06PM 12/07/2005

Mike and Janelle finally talk strategy! discuss B+I and locked gold crates (long) - Hypnotoad
9:45PM 12/07/2005
now they discuss eric and his attack on janelle - Hypnotoad
9:48PM 12/07/2005

Mike and Kaysar talk strategy and are interrupted by ashlea who horseplays with mike - Hypnotoad
10:05PM 12/07/2005

Mike and Beau - Anonymous
10:27PM 12/07/2005

Sarah is getting pissed off at the attention James is getting from Jenny!!! NT - Anonymous
10:28PM 12/07/2005

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