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Disneyisme - Eric is telling Ivette that the fajitas are awesome, can she come to the firehouse and cook like that? 1 Replies #1903826 7:16PM 12/07/2005
Then he says "then we expect something special after dinner."

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Bilbo - he also said "anytime you want you can come be the firehouse bitch" NT #1903845 7:18PM 12/07/2005
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Disneyisme - Howie, once again tells the girls "I will pay all you back, just not 0 Replies #1903881 7:22PM 12/07/2005
economically." The other guys all thanked the girls that cooked."
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Topic #1903941
Disneyisme - Just so you non feed people know, they are all talking bodily functions while finishing up dinner, it's not pretty ;o) NT 0 Replies #1903941 7:27PM 12/07/2005
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Disneyisme - Eric is all about the dishes and he tells the girls "cooks don't clean!" 0 Replies #1903996 7:34PM 12/07/2005
"But it's okay if you bring the dishes to the sink."

Howie seems to have just sat down with his meal as every single person got finished with dinner and left the table.

Michael is leaning over Howie whispering something in-audible.
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Topic #1904031
SassyPrncess - Kaysar & Janelle get in a wet towel snapping fight. NT 0 Replies #1904031 7:39PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904052
Disneyisme - Janelle and Kay hug each other in the kitchen and apologize to one another 0 Replies #1904052 7:42PM 12/07/2005
for towel whipping each other, I mean hard too! Everyone is goofy, Ivette got out the fruit salad for dessert and she is teaching the kitchen spanish. Mike and April are outside smoking.
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Topic #1904096
Disneyisme - So here's what's happening F1 is Eric Sarah and Janelle in the kitchen washing dishes 0 Replies #1904096 7:48PM 12/07/2005
F2, showing Mike and Kaysar wondering around in the kitchen, F3 & 4, hot tub, with Beau & April in it, Ivette dangling her feet, Rachel & Maggie and James and Jennifer on a lounge chair.
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Topic #1904120
Disneyisme - Outside now, Ivette says "Eric I would have loved to be your handler." Howie 1 Replies #1904120 7:54PM 12/07/2005
says on the plane ride out here that he sat next to someone that asked him where he was going, Howie said California and the guy mentioned something about Big Brother.
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JessicaRabbit - Howie told him he was going to California to visit his Big Brother. NT #1904152 7:58PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904131
SassyPrncess - Eric to April: You're gonna come out of here 20 lbs heavier..... 0 Replies #1904131 7:55PM 12/07/2005
Because your workouts consist of 5 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of smoking. LOL
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Topic #1904260
Disneyisme - HG's are outside comparing themselves to past BB HG's 0 Replies #1904260 8:26PM 12/07/2005
April says she's Tonya, Howie yells to Eric "Eric you are Gerry!" Eric says "yea right, I'm Gerry" Eric says James is like Roddy, Beau says he thinks Michael is more like Roddy. Then someone says Howie is like Jase, Sarah is like (looks?) Chiara, and Sarah says "why do I have to be Chiara?". Sarah says "Jase thought he was all that." Ash says "Beau is to loud to be Marcellus." Howie says "who'e cuter Beau or Marc?"

Someone says Kaysar is like Jason and Howie chimes in "He's playing for a higher power."

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Topic #1904274
Caribou - F3/F4: HGs playing Island Hopper/Shark game in BY; F1/F2: Maggie, Ivette, April in WC showering NT 1 Replies #1904274 8:30PM 12/07/2005
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Disneyisme - If I heard correct, BB told them to "stop that", I guess their island game was to rough. NT #1904295 8:36PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904303
SouthernBelladonna - Kaysar tumbles during the "shark" game and BB tells them to "stop that". 1 Replies #1904303 8:39PM 12/07/2005
They all move inside and sit around the table. They're going to play a game using the spinning lazy susan.

"It" lands on Beau...and my feeds freeze...
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SouthernBelladonna - It seems they were using the lazy susan to see who gets the gold room tonight. NT #1904306 8:40PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904305
Disneyisme - Now all the HG's are sitting around the dining room table, spinning the paper towel holder around and 0 Replies #1904305 8:40PM 12/07/2005
whoever it spins to a stop in front of - oh now I get it, they get the beds in the gold room? It was Howie and Beau...
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Topic #1904315
Disneyisme - Sarah pointed to the upstairs to James, they are headed up for a game of chess. 0 Replies #1904315 8:43PM 12/07/2005
She tells him "you gotta let me win though." Well I thought they were gonna talk game, but they are not saying a word, just playing chess (right now anyway).
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Topic #1904334
SassyPrncess - Jennifer prepares to shave the calluses from Howie's feet. EWWW NT 1 Replies #1904334 8:52PM 12/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Howie to Jenn: C'mon you've seen worse (feet).... #1904348 8:58PM 12/07/2005
Jennifer: Actually, no I haven't.

Sarah walks into HoH bathroom: What's that smell?

Jennifer has yellow kitchen gloves on and is picking at Howie's feet. NASTY!
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Topic #1904343
SassyPrncess - Howie starts perving on Rachel, finally. NT 0 Replies #1904343 8:56PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904378
SassyPrncess - Howie flirts with Jennifer.... LOL 1 Replies #1904378 9:09PM 12/07/2005
Howie: Do you think your mom would like me?
Jennifer: No, you'd scare her.
Howie: If there weren't safety issues, do you think she'd like me?

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SassyPrncess - Howie on his new sexy feet.... #1904442 9:28PM 12/07/2005
Howie: Do I have sexy feet now that they aren't dirty?
Jennifer: Everything about you would be nicer if you weren't so dirty.
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Topic #1904394
BenSparks - At the end of the chess game... Sarah whispered to James.."love you" NT 0 Replies #1904394 9:14PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904407
Hypnotoad - Michael and Kaysar whisper on the lounge chairs about mike as target 0 Replies #1904407 9:19PM 12/07/2005
kaysar> im trying to beat these people in their own game
michael> im going to play the best way i can
kaysar> they are targetting you
michael> who in particular
kaysar> eric told me people were talking about you. a little thing happened and he talked to you about it.
michael> ask him tommarow how things are
kaysar> im not going to bring it up, i dont want to raise suspicions
:long pause:
michael whispers> f*ck
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Topic #1904437
BenSparks - Jannelle just exposed the Ivette/Beau pairing to Michael in the BY NT 1 Replies #1904437 9:26PM 12/07/2005
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Lucinda - J mentioned the Cafeteria restaurant connx as well as Iv's drums comment and B's dodgy hometown info as proof NT #1904469 9:34PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1904486
CougarSpy - [9:15 pm BB time - 9:38 pm BB time] Michael and Janelle (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) 3 Replies #1904486 9:39PM 12/07/2005
[9:15 pm BB time - ] Michael and Janelle (bits and pieces, not direct transcription)

M - Eric says Michael I got to talk to you

They are getting really insulted and offended around you.

Says Jennifer was feeling very uncomfortable around you. Michael said it came from April of people all people.
Then it became this big issue.

So basically I saw Jennifer and hadn’t talked to her for a few days. So we went into te gold room. She was crying. She said it has nothing to do with you. They were going on about you having a boyfriend and stuff and making her feel bad.

Eric and Ivette getting on her case.

Janelle told Rachael that Beau and Ivette know each other from South beach….They finish each other sentences.

Michael saying her two best friends are gay. J – says Beau and Ivette are roommates.

If you want to talk tactic here, wouldn’t you want to team up with a lesser player. Michael saying in next…

Janelle saying they want her out because she has figured out the twist. Saying Beau came over to her saying he lived in Penbrook Pines. Jan tells Mike about the apple crisp story and Beau telling g

Mike saying he, Maggie and ??? all live in California.
Janelle lives a block from Ivette. James lives in Florida too.

Jan going on about Ivette likes to hang around so she’s getting the guys, and Beau is working the girls.

Michael…they are going to burn themselves out.
M- Are you sure about this?
J – Yes, and how about Beau is trying cover up by saying he lives all over the world.

Michael &Jan – Talking about the punk guy at the hotel that they were hoping would be on the show. That he looked like Tommy Lea.

Jan – Ivette and Beau are telling everybody in house that James and Jan know each other. Mike – I thought James was from Georgia
J – He is

Mention something about the twin season.

Now talking about the golden glitter key and map.

M – Let them bicker amongst themselves
J – Something about Howie saying we won’t see that again (referring to Ashlea’s butt in bathroom earlier)

Mike now talking about Eric and their conversation. That Mike saying he wanted to play fair and wouldn’t be playing his games.

[Still going but I can’t keep up]
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CougarSpy - [9:40 pm – 9:50 BB time] Michael and Janelle still in hammock (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) #1904505 9:51PM 12/07/2005
[9:40 pm – 9:50 BB time] Michael and Janelle still in hammock (bits and pieces, not direct transcription)

Talking about how sweet Rachel is. Michael is not sure if Rachel likes him. Talking about listening to music in HOH. Asked

M – I’m just going to keep to myself and play the game. Honesty is what?
J – Honesty is the best policy….
M – Humming
J – I think it’s pretty discussing when people fart in the kitchen
M – yeah

M – I have to tell you about the Napoleon complex when things calm down
J – Tell me know

Mike talks about when he first saw her at the hotel how she was always done up. Comments that she looks better now, not looking so much like a tart.

J – Saying how much she liked the punk rocker Tommy Lee guy.

Michael saying he got a vibe on James. That he’s very bitter. Janelle says a woos. M saying when the first came into the house James looked at him like a Hawk

M - Cowardly little Fellow
J – Hope James doesn’t go along with Eric’s plan to get her out. Doesn’t understand why E feels she is such a threat. Talk about how she’s single, but J says she has a boyfriend. J asks M, and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it. It was bad, but he did say he broke up with a girl about a year ago.

Michael and Janelle joking about getting playful to throw off that they are talking seriously. M says he likes looking in her eyes and if it makes her uncomfortable. J says yes, she has to turn away. M said he’s like to purse her eyes even more. J calls him a jerk and calls him discussing.

Jenny comes over and says you have to see Howie’s feet.
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CougarSpy - [9:50 pm – 9:54 BB time] Michael/Janelle/Jen/Kaysar – Howie feet (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) #1904511 9:56PM 12/07/2005
[9:50 pm – 9:54 BB time] Michael/Janelle/Jen/Kaysar – Howie feet (bits and pieces, not direct transcription)

Jenny comes over and says you have to see Howie’s feet. More chat about Howie’s disgusting feet. Jen says she itches all over.

Kaysar comes over and says they look a lot better. Janelle says she has to get up.

Kaysar takes Jan’s place on Hammock. Ashlea walks by and says Howie farts more?

Kaysar and Michael talk.

[Can’t type for awhile – have a cat that wants some loving. I better do it before she claws me apart]
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CougarSpy - [9:55 pm – 10:05 pm BB time] Michael//Kaysar/Ashlea on hammock (bits and pieces, not direct transcription) #1904538 10:06PM 12/07/2005
[9:55 pm – 10:05 pm BB time] Michael//Kaysar on hammock (bits and pieces, not direct transcription)

M – Honesty…honesty…
K – Honesty is the best policy.
Michael going on about if people respect you, they will eventually become your pawns. Says a great example is Rachel. Won both competitions but is honest and doesn’t bicker about anyone.

K- There’s a camera right on you
M – She looks like a blonde Angela Joli
Ash – Who?
M – Janelle
[cat interruption again…but something about her good looks]

Ash jumps in hammock on Michael, Kaysar gets up and leaves…Ashley screaming…saying her dad has a big baseball bat at home…her mom sharp claws…mike says you farted on me…Ash – I did not…more screaming…finally gets off Mikes lap….now she is back on him on the hammock…someone he picks her up and they are standing on lawn…fight maybe…Ash still has boxing gloves on…

[Thankfully that almost ended…for real…break time for me]

Beau/April/Jenn in hottub? Mike and Kaysor in chaise loungers by them
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Topic #1904498
Hypnotoad - Mike and Janelle finally talk strategy! discuss B+I and locked gold crates (long) 1 Replies #1904498 9:45PM 12/07/2005
mike> how do u figure about the behind back gossip
jenne>im sick of it
mike> its so high school, just play the game and be honest
jennelle> someone told me you were flirting with all the girls
mike> it is redicilous and disrespectful
mike> i was fooling around and it was harmless, i would never joke around if i wasnt comfortable at the thought the other person. Its not like i asked a girl how many times she masterbates
janelle> i know and howie doesnt get anything
mike> eric comes up to me and says "michael come here i need to talk to you, the thing with the girls has to end. They are getting insulted and really uncomortable around you."
mike> at first i thought maybe i really am, anyway basically they said jennifer was uncomfortable about me
mike> jennifers been all over me...not all over me but sweet
mike> i knew wehre it came from april off all places
mike> this is somewhat of reverse pshycology. sometimes someone cant do something and get mad at someone else
janelle> she wants people who are possibly couples out first
mike> so she made this big issue out of it, i started feeling...i said "ok eric ok"
mike> yesterday we had an argument, and so...i took her to the siad jennifer tell me what i did wrong and she almost started crying...she said "im really sorry it has nothing to do with you" i said what are you talking about she said "they were making me feel like ***** you have a boyfriend this and that"
mike> i looked at her and said "you are an individual and independant just like anyone in this house" if you want to ally yourself do it honestly. I made a harsh decision im going to play as hard as i can. They are a bunch of wankers. Apparently im being targetted
janelle> i told rachel that bo and ivette know each other
mike> what? know each other know each other
janelle> its the twist of the show
janelle> have you noticed that they finish each others sentances
mike> yessterday they did something, my 2 best things...my best best friend is gay
janelle> she lives with bo
mike> eric is talking about teaming up with these people, he goes "im teaming up with bo and ivette" if u want to talk tactic dont you think tis smarter to team up with someone whose less of a threat
mike> when the time comes to do this next challange, i will do the best i can. I have no patience for ***** talkers and i will push the button
janelle> they hate me because i know. he was slipping (saying stories)
michael> thats the twist of the show you caught on it fast
janelle> bo was like ivette wroks at cafeteria he want "this pie is good just like in cafeteria"
janelle> thats why they put me and james in so we figure out the twist
mike> where is james from
janelle> maimi
mike> its so odd, kaysar and i and maggie are from miami buts its far apart
janelle> they put me a block away so i can figure out stuff like that
mike> i wonder if u can reveal it now or wait
janelle> im in a shithole now
mike> fight for hoh
janelle> ivette allied herself with the strongest guys in the house and of course bo is gay he has all the girls
janelle> and at the end they will ditch eric
mike> they will rattle each other out until they go crazy
mike> one of the episodes hed go around making up ***** (evil dr will)
mike> what a trip are you sure about this
janelle> you know whats ***** up they want me out of this
janelle> he said something like im from southbeach but hes from penbrook pine. Thats why he says hes from all over the world but he lives where ivette works
janelle> one more thing, (tells drum story)
mike> oyu know whats wierd...were not supposted to talk about this...there was this one guy who was a character who looked like tommy lee
janelle> i wanted to talk to him! the punk rocker
janelle> he had a maxim magazine with him
janelle> the ***** up thing is bo and ivette i caught on to them they are telling everyone in the house me and james know each other
mike> how would you and james know each other...
janelle> i dont think after all this drama goes out they wont let them stay in the house together its not fair
mike> thats smart of you
janelle> did u watch last season, the twins were in the twist
janelle> when they put the twins there was 2 other people who were twins
mike> it was odd when we came in here when all these people were from miami
er..totally wrong
mike> ive been spending so much time trying to find the safes when noone is looking
janelle> you think the golden key is in there?
mike> i took the map off the wall
janelle> you think the golden key is in there, i dunno what the combination is
michael> let them bicker among themselves
janelle> i dont like how people boss each other around. you heard what he said about ashlea
mike> what
janelle> he said "you have a nice ass ashlea" bo said "your not going to see that for a long time"
mike> i get alot of respect from the work i do, i looked at eric. we get along but his character is a bit overbearing
mike> he looked at me and i said "listen im not a fireman, but i know you hold a certain authority, you hold alot of respect from guys. in a similar manner i work with my own people" but its slightly different i dont have a power trip. i think "you brouth alot of that with you" all these bickering games im not going to be part of them if thats a threat to you...bottom line is when it times to pull the plug the right time...
janelle> what if someone follow him around and be stupid
mike> people are stupid
janelle> i told rachel to put up eric...i guess that didnt go well with him
mike> i dunno who i will put up...
janelle> i wouldnt put you, ashlea, kaysar, rachel,
janelle> it sucks 2 of my friends are on the block
janelle> i always talk to them, and one will laeve it makes me infuriated and mad and i want to get even
commentary> yay i can relax
:random bug talk:
michael> im not sure if rachel likes me or not
janelle> she does
michael> shes a sweetheart but it seems like she got cooler
michael> she said u can listen to my music...(tells rachel rejects sleeping with her story)
michael> now everyone thinks im some pervert
janelle> laugh
michael> i said nothing bad about it, i said ok alright nevermind and i went down stairs
mike> but i do like her though
janelle> im sure she has to hear all the lies that go around too
:talking about mints and cuts and frisbees:
mike> where would the world be without chapstick...a sad lonely place perhaps
janelle> i think its disgusting when people fart in the kitchen
mike> its pretty awful
janelle> what do they call it the napoleon complex?
mike> yes...ill tell you this story, we were kept pretty seperate...i had had a glimpse of others
mike> i dont ever look at you though stare at you... You were done up, i like it when you are natural like this
mike> you look like a tart
janelle> your so old fasioned
janelle imitates mike> You look like a tart
posting no more strategy just flirting
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Hypnotoad - now they discuss eric and his attack on janelle #1904500 9:48PM 12/07/2005
mike> i was right about james, i dont like him...its not like i dont like him he seems to me as a bitter person
mike> like he was beat up as a kid...like a wuss
mike> the second i walked in the house i knew he thought of me as a threat...like how a duck looks at a hawk...thats an interesting analogy
janelle> or a worm looks at a bird
mike> i make one comment and hes like "im such a defensive"...hes such a cowardly little fella
janelle> i hope he doesnt go around with erics plan to sabotage me
janelle> hes really scared of me
mike> hes like "shes got it in for me"
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Topic #1904537
Hypnotoad - Mike and Kaysar talk strategy and are interrupted by ashlea who horseplays with mike 0 Replies #1904537 10:05PM 12/07/2005
mike> so im under the gun am i, how seriously...what has been said...
kaysar> i told you everything i know
mike> you said to me that i was now a target...what was said to make you say that
kaysar> eric said you would put him up if your hoh
mike> i told him no, he was scared shitless today he was so nice to me
mike> i ***** up with <something> dude
kaysar> you are so slipping dude
mike> im getting better though
mike> im good im good
mike> in the next week or so we should make a scenerio we should make an argument or buttin heads a little bit
mike> like a reason you wouldnt like me so much
mike> we will think about it, we will be like the brothers in oceans 11...when they start arguing "like i like the fish they like the fish its my feeding turn"
kaysar> these people are dumb man
mike> they annoy the ***** out of me, thats why we must destroy them
mike> seriously i will gurantee you one thing, when you are an honest person people will try and try and try aigan and they will respect you and look up to you and they will become your pawns
mike> rachel is an example, shes honest shes great shes a great competitor...i havent seen her once bickering...shes a great example dude
kaysar> damn shes rediculous
mike> you mean looks, shes hot huh
mike> you should marry her
was janelle?
commentary> i think they wer taling about janelle
mike> she looks like a blond angelina joe lee????
kaysar> like a cameron diaz
kaysar> AJL is like an artist found all the best features in a women and stuck them together, they dontlook together
mike insults ashlea, ashlea jumps on him and they are playing
ashlea> my dads watching he has big guns
she is randomly yells
ashlea> my dads got a big baseball bat....rodney king or something...its abuse
mike hits her with a pillow
she hits mike back
he hit her with a pillow she says you son of a bitch i dunno if this is can be portrayed as sexual harrasment ...
someone in the background goes> he is very dangerous
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Topic #1904620
Anonymous - Mike and Beau 0 Replies #1904620 10:27PM 12/07/2005
Beau tells Mike he was told that Mike would put him up. Mike got mad and said he is not part of the rumor stuff, and is going to say something. He then went into the bedroom where Sarah, Eric, and I am not sure who else and announced he likes everyone and doesn't like the he said she said stuff and that he has not even started thinking about who he would vote out.
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Topic #1904625
Anonymous - Sarah is getting pissed off at the attention James is getting from Jenny!!! NT 0 Replies #1904625 10:28PM 12/07/2005
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