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SassyPrncess Ivette & James gossip in kitchen 0 8:07PM 13/07/2005
Hypnotoad Rachel comes out of the DR with a bandage.. 0 8:11PM 13/07/2005
SassyPrncess Rachel's cut finger heavily bandaged NT 0 8:12PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Janelle told Mike he had the smile of a can opener. This, after he told her that her doctor did such a bad job 0 8:30PM 13/07/2005
straightdave Mike shavinf off his mustach NT 0 8:49PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Mike is shaving off his goatee. His blog said he'd do it to prove the blog was real. Coincidence? NT 0 8:50PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Eric likes Mike's look now. Says it's much better with a clean shaven face. Also said he "has an ass chin too" NT 0 9:03PM 13/07/2005
Caribou F1/F2: Mike and Janelle on patio smoking 0 9:13PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Mike - do you know who the freemasons are? 0 9:16PM 13/07/2005
Caribou F1/F2: LR game with (coasters?) F3/F4: Eric & Ivette chitchat. NT 0 9:22PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Ok people. Mike just told April he's been bored for a couple of days and that's "probably why i did this" (shaved his goatee) NT 0 9:33PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Mike tells April one thing he won't do in the game 0 9:35PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Mike to April - I'm just thinking about winning, being honest, and doing my best (and Mike's take on the women) 0 9:42PM 13/07/2005
Hypnotoad April drags away the ashtray to her side. Mike says can you please bring back the ashtray. 0 9:47PM 13/07/2005
Hypnotoad April was called Olive Oil in highschool. NT 0 9:50PM 13/07/2005
Disneyisme Outside, April says to Beau "if you have a kid, do you want a boy or a girl?" 0 9:54PM 13/07/2005
Caribou 4 Feeds all on patio - mike, april, beau discussing music NT 0 10:01PM 13/07/2005
Disneyisme Darn, Eric appeared on F2 and F3 in the DR, no audio (on Q), then feeds went back to the BY. NT 0 10:01PM 13/07/2005
Disneyisme BB: Yelled : "Stop saying..." 0 10:10PM 13/07/2005
Caribou April and Beau started discussing sex, gay and straight. Kaysar pretended to vomit following Beau's comments and then 2 10:11PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar says he'll take away everyone's cigs and ration them out to help them limit or stop smoking 2 10:14PM 13/07/2005
Disneyisme April says "maybe I will get a cigarette ad out of this." NT 1 10:19PM 13/07/2005
Caribou Mike: I have so many domains registered (internet website domains) NT 0 10:21PM 13/07/2005
Anonymous Howie: "Nothin personal but im putting up Michael and Eric because I can't beat Michael in foosball and i can't beat Eric in coasters." LOL NT 0 10:23PM 13/07/2005
madmax131 Howie finally beat Michael in foosball.... manically celebrating LOL NT 1 10:27PM 13/07/2005
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