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Caribou Ashlea going inside to bed. She offers her sweater to kaysar. 0 2:46AM 13/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar trusts James, for whatever reason. Ashlea returns with a blanket for Kaysar. 0 2:55AM 13/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar - POV will be interesting. But they don't know we are a camp. It's not apparent what we're doing or what our strategy is. 0 3:08AM 13/07/2005
Hypnotoad Janelle says she pretends to be dumb. Asked eric "do they have a veto every week" and fooled april into thinking she cant make coffee NT 0 3:20AM 13/07/2005
Hypnotoad Kaysar "rachel is easy shes looking for a guy to give her attention" NT 3 3:26AM 13/07/2005
straightdave It is after 4am and Jan&Kay are still up talking NT 0 4:16AM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Janelle and Kaysar are finally off to bed. As they are walking into the house 1 4:22AM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Eric uses the bathroom and washes his hands. Kaysar then goes into the 0 4:30AM 13/07/2005
straightdave 4:25am 0 4:35AM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Kaysar gets up from the table and puts his prayer mat down and starts his praying. NT 0 4:41AM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Kaysar is done praying. While watching F3 you could hear a zipping noise. NT 0 4:43AM 13/07/2005
CuTiE_069 Kaysar does his praying and finally heads to bed NT 0 4:43AM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Ashlea is up and in the bathrooom. She looks through some of her stuff 2 5:20AM 13/07/2005
amIsane Eric's doings 4 7:15AM 13/07/2005
amIsane Has not been much to tell. E has started the coffee and now cleaning the stove NT 0 7:33AM 13/07/2005
amIsane Mike up..grabbed a towel...threw it over his shoulder and went into WC NT 1 7:37AM 13/07/2005
amIsane Mike went back to bed. E outside washing towels NT 1 7:42AM 13/07/2005
sarabb6 Ugh! Wish my DH was more like Eric!! Wakes up and starts Cleaning!!! NT 0 7:58AM 13/07/2005
amIsane Eric just got up..put his hat on backwards(for those that do not know..he told his kids when he put his hat on that way..he was thinking of them) NT 0 8:01AM 13/07/2005
amIsane Eric complaing to Rach as soon as she gets to the kitchen 2 8:11AM 13/07/2005
CougarSpy Rachel/Eric in kitchen Eric saying this place was a mess. See all those dishes, they were all in the sink. [Note. The dishes were done last night. 0 8:13AM 13/07/2005
listex Rachel cut her finger with a knife... 1 8:19AM 13/07/2005
CougarSpy Maggie/Rachel in kitchen Maggie up now. Rachel asked if Maggie can help her with finger that she sliced doing oranges this morning. 0 8:34AM 13/07/2005
Anonymous April, James, Maggie and Rachel 0 8:35AM 13/07/2005
SassyPrncess James outside to April, Mag, Rach "Some people have played their cards too early." NT 0 8:37AM 13/07/2005
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