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ISmileICrazy Updates on all feeds 0 11:11AM 13/07/2005
nascargirl Janelle waxed Howie's back in the kitchen. GROSS! NT 0 11:22AM 13/07/2005
nascargirl Beau is saying which of his friends he wants to hook each of the houseguests up with NT 0 11:28AM 13/07/2005
JillinTx 14 people in the house... 0 12:08PM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Michael laying by the pool ... 2 12:18PM 13/07/2005
ACNutz13 Howie & Rachel figure out the pairs. NT 0 12:27PM 13/07/2005
lacycatherine Howie paces in the HOH bathroom on F3. He picks up the remote 1 12:30PM 13/07/2005
ACNutz13 Howie plays with the video monitor in HOH room. NT 0 12:30PM 13/07/2005
ISmileICrazy Howie and Rachel plotting in HOH Bathroom 2 12:31PM 13/07/2005
Alby Rachel and Howie in HOH bathroom 0 12:32PM 13/07/2005
Anonymous Beau teaching Sarah how to model walk in the kitchen NT 0 12:35PM 13/07/2005
ISmileICrazy Feed Report: Feed 1 - Janelle tanning. Feed 2 - Sliding door. Feed 3&4 - Model walk with Beau and Sarah. NT 0 12:41PM 13/07/2005
amIsane Janelle F2 0 12:45PM 13/07/2005
ACNutz13 BB: This is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted. NT 1 12:48PM 13/07/2005
ccquilter Howie comments that one of Ashlea's bathing suit bottoms looks like a carwash 0 12:50PM 13/07/2005
amIsane Jenn, Jan and mike at pool 2 1:06PM 13/07/2005
Hypnotoad Rachel gets HOH camera. She is taking photos of houseguests. She probably will also make blog post tonight NT 0 1:25PM 13/07/2005
JulesAna Rachel walks outside with a camera and snaps of picture of Jan & Ash. 0 1:26PM 13/07/2005
JulesAna Mike tells Jan that the first girl he ever had sex with (implied) was Greek and looked exactly like Jan. NT 0 1:27PM 13/07/2005
amIsane Jan and Mike ...more at pool 0 1:30PM 13/07/2005
joannie Rachel is taking pictures of the gang in the kitchen. NT 0 1:31PM 13/07/2005
amIsane BB VERY STERN "Janielle...Michael...put on you microphone!!! " Janelle "Sorry!!!!" (ed. no wonder it has been so hard to hear these 2!!!) NT 1 1:33PM 13/07/2005
Disneyisme BB MAD: "Janelle, Michael put on your microphone!" NT 1 1:33PM 13/07/2005
JulesAna Michael to Janelle: I miss [pause] driving down the streets [pause] in Italy. *heavy sigh* 0 1:34PM 13/07/2005
Disneyisme Janelle and Michael have come back inside and went up to HOH, 2 1:37PM 13/07/2005
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