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BB: Kaysar, please go to DR NT - imnotpunk
9:44PM 15/07/2005

The Lemming Alliance: Cappy wants them to be his eyes and ears NT - birdiebogie
9:45PM 15/07/2005

BB: Kaysar.... - Zazny
9:45PM 15/07/2005

The Lemming Alliance: Now Cappy is telling them all not to make eye contact with Mike and/or Kaysat NT - birdiebogie
9:46PM 15/07/2005

BB: Ivette, please go to DR NT - imnotpunk
9:48PM 15/07/2005

Ivette positions herself in the alliance, Eric wonders about Summer of Secrets - Zazny
9:51PM 15/07/2005

Eric's order for noms - Zazny
9:53PM 15/07/2005
last was kaysar, april was second to last NT - imnotpunk
9:54PM 15/07/2005

Maggie reporting to the "DON" and I that Michael confronted her and Jennie about molesting them NT - Gothicjade
10:01PM 15/07/2005
So Maggie went directly to the DR to tell BB. Says she lost her cool with BB NT - Caribou
10:04PM 15/07/2005

Ivette calls janell a money hungry whore. NT - Mltv
10:02PM 15/07/2005

Ivette is ranting. She says if he says anything to her (about stuff he did) she's gonna 'drop her *****' right there. She doesn't care about the - Augustkm
10:03PM 15/07/2005

Lemming Leader - Am I fanning the Flames?? (ed note umm yes!!!) NT - birdiebogie
10:09PM 15/07/2005

All feeds on HOH - Eric, Maggie, Ivette. Eric backtracking to save face - Caribou
10:10PM 15/07/2005

Eric - I want to make sure that I am not fanning these flames (to women in HOH room) NT - Caribou
10:11PM 15/07/2005

Crowd in HOH - Eric, James, Rachel, Jennifer, Ivette, Maggie, Sarah - Caribou
10:12PM 15/07/2005

F1 - Beau and janelle on hammock - Caribou
10:16PM 15/07/2005

Jan asks B point blank if he knows Ivette(from before BB). He lies and says no then asks her about Ashlea and Jan says no. NT - Mltv
10:17PM 15/07/2005

Janelle just said to Beau that Ashlea told her that he & Ivette knew each other. He says know, just some of the same people, just like they do. - Augustkm
10:18PM 15/07/2005

Beau to Janelle - do you know Ashlea, Janelle - No. - Caribou
10:18PM 15/07/2005

James - HOH room is not on the internet. BB said. NT - Caribou
10:20PM 15/07/2005

All feeds on HOH room again. They debate when lights out happens NT - Caribou
10:22PM 15/07/2005

All feeds switch to Beau and Janelle on Hammock NT - Caribou
10:22PM 15/07/2005

Beau and Janelle on hammock, Mike and Howie play-acting in BY - Caribou
10:32PM 15/07/2005

More Beau and Janelle - Caribou
10:42PM 15/07/2005

Kaysar and Howie working out in the BY (push ups etc.) NT - Caribou
10:43PM 15/07/2005

Beau and Janelle trying to discover who voted extra for Kaysar - Caribou
10:48PM 15/07/2005

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