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Howie's Dead Dog Story - KinkyLilBlackDress
3:59PM 15/07/2005

"There was vomit in the glass!" - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:01PM 15/07/2005

"If her cooter looks like clam? Boom! I'm gone. She'll have to pleasure herself." -Howie NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:03PM 15/07/2005

Eric was a total ham! - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:04PM 15/07/2005

Houseguests compare themselves to the Bulls - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:07PM 15/07/2005

Howie: "They are taking BB and Fear Factor, and mixing it all together." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:08PM 15/07/2005

Howie: "Jenny, my little snake eater." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:10PM 15/07/2005

More reminicing of Food Comp. Howie wins grossest item contest. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:14PM 15/07/2005

Gentleman Howie gives April his chair, April thinks she viewed "public information". - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:16PM 15/07/2005

"I will give Beau a rim job before I eat those clams again!" -Howie - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:18PM 15/07/2005

HGs discuss how they swear so much, nothing will get shown in CBS. Then, FISH! NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:19PM 15/07/2005

HGs return to inside the house, head straight for the kitchen. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:20PM 15/07/2005
Looks like they are prepping for either dinner, or Nomination ceremony. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:22PM 15/07/2005

More perverted jokes involving Jenn and snakes come from Howie, Kaysar, and Mike. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:24PM 15/07/2005

HGs discuss changing clothes vs. not; looks like Nom Ceremony coming up. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:25PM 15/07/2005

Howie: "I'll be in the shower if anyone wants to join me or watch me." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:26PM 15/07/2005

Janelle and Mike playing foosball. Janie's kicking is @ss. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:27PM 15/07/2005
Mike scores a few, Janie whines and pouts. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:28PM 15/07/2005
Mike looks over his shoulders several times. Looking to see if anyone is watching? NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:30PM 15/07/2005

Mike makes fun of Eric. - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:31PM 15/07/2005

Janie: "I figured out something. They don't like the smart people here." (referring to herself and Mike) NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:31PM 15/07/2005

Cams change to Beau cleaning up the last Coaster's game. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:34PM 15/07/2005

Howie invites Beau to shower with him, Beau declines, continues to clean. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:34PM 15/07/2005

more "cappy" stories from eric about how great he is or great things he's done. NT - mynismrh
4:36PM 15/07/2005

Eric tells Fire Academy stories, nothing too exciting. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:37PM 15/07/2005

"If you pull out a piece of fish, I swear to God, I'm throwing it over the BB fence... - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:40PM 15/07/2005

Yet again, back to Food Comp "Woe is me" stories, w/ Eric, Kay, and Ivette. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:41PM 15/07/2005

BB: "HGs, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:46PM 15/07/2005

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