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April & Eric complaining about Janelle all ready. - rockabye
8:46AM 15/07/2005

E: I'm going to make Kaysar sweat right up until the nominations. - Tyburn
9:03AM 15/07/2005
Note: James specifically told Eric he was going to vote to keep Ashlea just to cast doubt among the others. James told Eric must not tell even their - Augustkm
9:23AM 15/07/2005

Eric watching HOH spy screen with James & Maggy NT - straightdave
9:07AM 15/07/2005
Discussing Mikes punching the bathroom wall NT - straightdave
9:10AM 15/07/2005

gross there is audio of eric taking a poo NT - nascargirl
9:09AM 15/07/2005

big slip. maggie talking about a trip she took with her parents and eric said is that the car you still own NT - nascargirl
9:11AM 15/07/2005
james and kaysar were in the room NT - nascargirl
9:12AM 15/07/2005

Kaysar to James, a girl (Maggie? Not on the feed and I dont recognize all their voices yet) about Michael - Tyburn
9:13AM 15/07/2005

Howie to Janelle "I love your body, I love your body...I'm going to have to jerk it tonight" NT - Crys
9:17AM 15/07/2005
Howie's questioning of Janelle - Tyburn
9:21AM 15/07/2005

Mike is telling Janelle how all the people in this house are followers. They agree they hate followers. Mike: One says 'hey', they all say 'hey'. - Augustkm
9:31AM 15/07/2005

mike and jan - Anonymous
9:43AM 15/07/2005

Beau and Mike and "Frodo" - Anonymous
9:49AM 15/07/2005

Michael to April: Come over here and rub my earlobes. - rockabye
9:53AM 15/07/2005

April crying, "I hate him" NT - Anonymous
9:55AM 15/07/2005

All of the BB girls sitting around, bashing Mike. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:00AM 15/07/2005

Mike's got something for April's feet? - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:01AM 15/07/2005

"Capi's been gone for a while. Something's going on." NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:02AM 15/07/2005

Maggie: It's nice that we have the first coupla weeks covered (evictions) NT - SassyPrncess
10:16AM 15/07/2005

Birthday Discussions - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:16AM 15/07/2005

all heading to backyard and then fish NT - Anonymous
10:22AM 15/07/2005

Food Challenge time? Fish NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:22AM 15/07/2005

The BY is decorated like a desert: cacti, barrels, sand. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:23AM 15/07/2005

BY is set up as a desert with cacti, old car, barrels, sand NT - SassyPrncess
10:24AM 15/07/2005

Ivette: "I see pepperoni!" NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
10:24AM 15/07/2005

Gross food challenge .. called the Snack shack from HELL NT - lacycatherine
10:27AM 15/07/2005
Beau and Janelle are playing for breads & cereals. NT - LadyeJayne
10:36AM 15/07/2005
They choose pepperoni pizza, which turns out to be pepper only pizza. NT - LadyeJayne
10:36AM 15/07/2005
James picks Ice Cream Sundae. Eric tells him they are out but have Ice Clam Sundae NT - lacycatherine
10:29AM 15/07/2005
Howie is not doing well. He keeps hacking up his clams into a bucket. NT - LadyeJayne
10:34AM 15/07/2005
James and Howie are on a team. Ivette and Sarah are on a team too. NT - lacycatherine
10:31AM 15/07/2005
Maggie and Jennifer are a team. NT - LadyeJayne
10:34AM 15/07/2005
Michael and Kaysar are a team. NT - LadyeJayne
10:33AM 15/07/2005

Howie & James puke it up, Howie: I want peanut butter right now! NT - SassyPrncess
10:34AM 15/07/2005
They had "Beverages" and couldn't do it. NT - SassyPrncess
10:35AM 15/07/2005

Howie has thrown up in the bucket after about one bite. James does the same. - lacycatherine
10:35AM 15/07/2005

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