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Caribou Mike and jan makeout and laugh session. Jan on ground now. Mike on hammock leaning over 0 10:20PM 20/07/2005
Anonymous end of april and iv convo about what michael said to april 0 10:26PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike and Janelle have very cute and long play/makeout session in BY. Flipping each other off hammock. 0 10:27PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie reappeared in BY. Mike and Jan say hi! Howie says hey i'm working out. No interest in girls now. I gotta focus. He watches anyway NT 0 10:30PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie - see i don't like women that strong. i like to use them and throw them against the wall after i'm done. you're too strong for me janie. NT 0 10:31PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike bit Janelle. She pretends she's mad and goes and sits on patio 0 10:33PM 20/07/2005
Anonymous jan and mike kissing on ground 0 10:33PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie to Mike - think it's gonna be a tough comp tomorrow? 1 10:40PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike - when you win, do that whole "oh guys i love you" they'll eat it up. it's b.s. you know it and i know it but do it anyway NT 0 10:41PM 20/07/2005
ihateeric Mike to Howie: I know it's all an act, it's your best strategy NT 0 10:41PM 20/07/2005
Caribou MIke - if you get rid of people in order the house will self-destruct. Howie agrees. 0 10:42PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 Eric talks about an altercation between Maggie and Janelle 0 10:42PM 20/07/2005
Anonymous mikes advice to howie on strategy 0 10:43PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 April thinks Maggie is Mike's partner NT 0 10:43PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Janelle reappears and she's dancing with Mike. Howie comes over and warns her 0 10:43PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike and Janelle agree this whole BB game is stupid. NT 0 10:48PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 HOH convo 0 10:49PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike - my sisters are gonna be really opinionated about this one. they're also gonna say i'm a good guy 0 10:49PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 Janelle lives on 6th street near Ivette FISH NT 1 10:49PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 April: Mike is going to do something on the live show NT 0 10:53PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Janelle is kissing and biting Mikes' neck and he's making really funny faces 0 10:54PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 April gave away her pair to the HOH group 0 10:54PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 Beau: Janelle isent from Miami because I haven never seen her before NT 0 10:55PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 Beau just threatened Mike 0 10:58PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Janelle went for a smoke because she got mad that Mike did something on camera 0 11:00PM 20/07/2005
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