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bennyb89 Eric: Mike coward downs before me NT 0 11:01PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike asks Janelle if she'll go with him if he goes to Greece to do his masters. She's not ready to go back to college she says NT 0 11:01PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 Eric: No one has called him a sexual predator NT 0 11:02PM 20/07/2005
bennyb89 Ivette in bedroom talking about calling out Janelle for... 0 11:04PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike now has said he wants to go back to Greece about 4 times. Now he's working out how to go, what to study. 0 11:04PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie arrives again. 0 11:06PM 20/07/2005
Caribou BB: Good evening HGs the lights will go out in one hour NT 0 11:06PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie telling Jan he knows she wants to stay up with Mike but they've got a contest tomorrow and not to put cock before the comp. NT 0 11:06PM 20/07/2005
Anonymous april and eric - about what mike said to april 0 11:07PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie asked Jan if she's going to Greece too. Now she says no. She has her own life. Mike says he thought she was 0 11:09PM 20/07/2005
Justin Mike And Howie Talk Stratagie! (The whole convo) - A must read situation - (15 Mins Ago) 0 11:10PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie - i'm greek russian polish. can i come visit you in greece? Mike - anytime NT 0 11:10PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Mike leaves to go to bed. We see April and Beau on patio smoking. Mike calls out goodnight to them. Jan 0 11:12PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Beau - I wonder if i made the right decision to come here. i could be in 0 11:17PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Janelle and Beau talking about people they know. April returned to table, trying to talk too but they ignore her NT 0 11:20PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Cameras switch, leave the patio crowd (DAMN!) Now on HOH room 0 11:22PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Maggie and Eric alone in HOH now. Maggie - was that too obvious? 0 11:28PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Maggie can't wait till James and Sarah start acting married because "we know they're married" anyway NT 0 11:29PM 20/07/2005
Caribou F1: Kaysar and Howie in BY strategizing NT 0 11:31PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie clues Kaysar in that having April AND Jenn up together is pointless. No one would care. Split 2 pairs. 0 11:34PM 20/07/2005
Caribou kaysar - if it's me you and janelle left standing in a comp, we'll give it to her cuz she will put up people we can't put up NT 0 11:35PM 20/07/2005
Caribou Howie pissed now because lately people get quiet when he's around. He says you treat me like that, i'm gonna bust it wide open NT 0 11:36PM 20/07/2005
Caribou IF a competition comes down to Kaysar and Howie, they don't care which one of them gets it. They'll both put up same people 0 11:38PM 20/07/2005
sportsgrrl Eric and April just emerged from the downstairs toilet together (no audio) NT 0 11:43PM 20/07/2005
BenSparks janelle is getting "diddled" under the covers.. out of breath, and can't concentrate... NT 0 11:45PM 20/07/2005
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