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Topic #1952416
Caribou - Mike and jan makeout and laugh session. Jan on ground now. Mike on hammock leaning over 0 Replies #1952416 10:20PM 20/07/2005
kissing her and making her laugh.

(ed. note: SOMEONE please post convo details of April/Ivette thingy going on!!!)
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Topic #1952457
Anonymous - end of april and iv convo about what michael said to april 0 Replies #1952457 10:26PM 20/07/2005
april: michael in my eyes is very revengeful. but now that he knows he is going he is trying to start some sh** again. aparently he is still pissed that cappy started the sexual harrasment thing.
iv: i never said sexual harrassment, i just said he is groping on girls.
ap: now maggie and janelle are talking....
iv: [guessing that mike will say that people know each other.]
ap: he could even say you and i know each other. ive been decent to the guy since he apologized. now im thinking back, and it might not even be me that he is talking about. but i dont hang around him enough
iv: i think he is doing it to make every one cr*p in their pants.
ap: should i forewarn cappy? i dont know what he is doing but he is about to stir up some sh**.
iv: we should forewarn cappy that michael doesnt seem to want to be part of this house.
ap: i dont want him to know that i told someone. also i said im assuming people wont come up to you...he knows he wont be in the house so he is doing something thru janelle now.
iv: F it.
ap: i just wanted to forewarn someone. i have a feeling he is going to do somethig crazy before he leaves.
iv: you cant stress over stuff..
ap: listen to me.

they go downstairs.

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Topic #1952473
Caribou - Mike and Janelle have very cute and long play/makeout session in BY. Flipping each other off hammock. 0 Replies #1952473 10:27PM 20/07/2005
Biting each others necks. Kissing.

And it looks like April has appeared at the patio table in the BY, smoking away. Mike and Janelle kissed deeply while standing in BY right in front of April. April not saying anything to them so far.
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Topic #1952496
Caribou - Howie reappeared in BY. Mike and Jan say hi! Howie says hey i'm working out. No interest in girls now. I gotta focus. He watches anyway NT 0 Replies #1952496 10:30PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952510
Caribou - Howie - see i don't like women that strong. i like to use them and throw them against the wall after i'm done. you're too strong for me janie. NT 0 Replies #1952510 10:31PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952520
Caribou - Mike bit Janelle. She pretends she's mad and goes and sits on patio 0 Replies #1952520 10:33PM 20/07/2005
leaving Mike on the grass. (they've been biting and play fighting with each other for a while now) Janelle goes inside the house. Mike stays on the grass, laying down, talking weird stuff to Howie about his childhood imaginations. Howie just listening.
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Topic #1952521
Anonymous - jan and mike kissing on ground 0 Replies #1952521 10:33PM 20/07/2005
jan was laying on mike kissing, then mike bit her and she says ow and he said but i didnt think it would hurt. jan got up.

howing making comments, im getting a woody, do you think you guys will consummate tonight.

jan went inside acting like she is mad.

howie farted.

mike going into story about laying on ground wondering if gravity would reverse itself into the sky.

howie standing over him listening.

by ferrekiss
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Topic #1952552
Caribou - Howie to Mike - think it's gonna be a tough comp tomorrow? 1 Replies #1952552 10:40PM 20/07/2005
Howie wants to break up the crowd. Mike says Eric and Ivette are strongest/biggest threats. Howie says he can't put Eric up next week cuz he wouldn't put Howie up.

Mike - either put up E/I or put up...Ivette trying to make up for lack of ability by being conniving and dishonest and deceitful. PUt up Eric or James or

Howie - take eric out of equation... i want strategic players...giving me your drunk opinion

Mike - i'm not drunk...ivette or...april
Howie - they're harmless
Mike - they're not harmless, they got me out
Howie - i see, they pull the punches and get someone else to throw them
Mike - exactly. get them out of here dude
Howie - thats' really what you would do?
Mike - i would get eric and ivette and then april and jennifer. Ivette has no skills, she couldn't win *****. Her whole game play is to try to win by deceitfulness and dishonesty. She's a c***. Eric is a somewhat strong player but weak player at same time. Get rid of Eric you get rid of this whole ***** that's going on.

Howie - here comes Kaysar

Mike - you wanna win? watch me. Eric. Get rid of him. Ivette. Get rid of her. April, ivette...i'm telling you in order. Then sarah, james, then keep rachel and maggie till last. But don't underestimate them. I only say keep them till last cuz at least they're honest players.

Howie - that strategy isn't gonna work but i can see what you say about ivette

Mike - i know that you do know somebody in here but it's ok, you dont' wanna tell me. if you really wanna play honestly, do it for yourself. do you think everybody in here doesn't know somebody? dude, win for yourself. go after it, you deserve it. you're flying under the radar. you dont' have an ego you have no shame. you have nothing to defend but everybody loves you for it. you're a great guy. nobody sees you as a threat because they never take you seriously. that's your biggest benefit. nobody will ever see you coming. i'm telling you dude, the way to win is get rid of dishonest mofo's. get rid of the people who ***** everything up. ivette, eric, sarah, james

HOwie - james competitive tho
Mike - no hes' not. get rid of him anyway

Howie needs the bathroom so he's going in.
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Caribou - Howie - i agree with you. the mindset of the house is get rid of us hanging with you. so i gotta win HOH now NT #1952557 10:40PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952560
Caribou - Mike - when you win, do that whole "oh guys i love you" they'll eat it up. it's b.s. you know it and i know it but do it anyway NT 0 Replies #1952560 10:41PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952561
ihateeric - Mike to Howie: I know it's all an act, it's your best strategy NT 0 Replies #1952561 10:41PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952567
Caribou - MIke - if you get rid of people in order the house will self-destruct. Howie agrees. 0 Replies #1952567 10:42PM 20/07/2005
Mike - i want you to win because you're a great guy. i dont' care who your buddy is.

Howie - thanks bro. i love you

Mike - love you too
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Topic #1952570
bennyb89 - Eric talks about an altercation between Maggie and Janelle 0 Replies #1952570 10:42PM 20/07/2005
but Eric also says it is none of his business. He is telling the story to April, Beau and Ivette in the HOH room. April also says it is none of her business, but keeps on digging for more information.
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Topic #1952572
Anonymous - mikes advice to howie on strategy 0 Replies #1952572 10:43PM 20/07/2005
mike giving howie a lot of advice.

first, that iv is evil and a dirty player
second, the order to evict. starts with eric then ivette then april then jen. keep maggie and rachel til last because they are honest.
third, you have a great strategy you fly under the radar, you have no shame.
fourth, play for yourself, dont worry about the pairs, [also says everyone has a pair and howie pretty much admits it.]
fifth, get kayser on your team.
sixth, get hoh next week, you can do it.

mike: i dont care who your buddy is, i want you to win because you are a great guy. and everyone will take you seriously because you win.

howie; now i gotta go take a sh**. (slaps hands)

by ferretkiss
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Topic #1952574
bennyb89 - April thinks Maggie is Mike's partner NT 0 Replies #1952574 10:43PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952575
Caribou - Janelle reappears and she's dancing with Mike. Howie comes over and warns her 0 Replies #1952575 10:43PM 20/07/2005
not to get too drunk tonight because of comp tomorrow.

Mike tells Howie - go take a dump

Mike and Janelle back to playing. Dancing, joking, etc.
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Topic #1952611
Caribou - Mike and Janelle agree this whole BB game is stupid. NT 0 Replies #1952611 10:48PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952621
bennyb89 - HOH convo 0 Replies #1952621 10:49PM 20/07/2005
Eric is upset because Janelle's nose is not up his ass far enough (his own words).
Ivette and April are planting the seeds that Mike is going to do something drastic before he leaves.

My feeds froze for a second, but April is talking about Mike telling her a secret.

Now Eric is analyzing the game, trying to figure out the partners, he is convinced that everyone is related, due to Howie knowing Eric's relatives. Now Maggie is from Boston and knew Mike before moving in the House. Eric is going a great job confusing them.
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Topic #1952622
Caribou - Mike - my sisters are gonna be really opinionated about this one. they're also gonna say i'm a good guy 0 Replies #1952622 10:49PM 20/07/2005
Mike and Janelle are back on the hammock joking around.

A bit before this Janelle was trying to teach Mike dirty dancing. He didn't want to do it because he said it's not his thing. They did do the salsa and looked great! Altho Janelle said Mike moved a little too fast for her.
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Topic #1952628
bennyb89 - Janelle lives on 6th street near Ivette FISH NT 1 Replies #1952628 10:49PM 20/07/2005
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valentine - 6th and Collins Avenue. NT #1953565 4:53AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1952662
bennyb89 - April: Mike is going to do something on the live show NT 0 Replies #1952662 10:53PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952670
Caribou - Janelle is kissing and biting Mikes' neck and he's making really funny faces 0 Replies #1952670 10:54PM 20/07/2005
He keeps telling her to be gentle and says she must have been a vampire in a past life.
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Topic #1952676
bennyb89 - April gave away her pair to the HOH group 0 Replies #1952676 10:54PM 20/07/2005
She said her and Jennifer were in the same sorority.
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Topic #1952690
bennyb89 - Beau: Janelle isent from Miami because I haven never seen her before NT 0 Replies #1952690 10:55PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952718
bennyb89 - Beau just threatened Mike 0 Replies #1952718 10:58PM 20/07/2005
"If he does anything on the live show, I will ***** him up"
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Topic #1952746
Caribou - Janelle went for a smoke because she got mad that Mike did something on camera 0 Replies #1952746 11:00PM 20/07/2005
He stuck his finger in her top to play with you know what.

Mike called to her and asked her to bring him a smoke too. She did but said she's still mad at him. Mike said "how can you mad at someone who cares about you".

Janelle says he's never told her that before. He says he does care about her.

Now Mike telling how he moved to Athens when he was 18 and college there. He spent a year there. Now says he might reapply there, go back to college.

Janelle thinks that would be exciting.

One of mike's best friends there was 33. His wife was his english teacher. Mike loved him.

Janelle - you weren't ever a drug dealer were you?
Mike - you're kidding right? i barely did any drugs ever.

At Rubber, Mike drank Zambuka and only drug he did was E.
Now espousing the benefits of Zambuka. Janelle thinks beer is disgusting, she likes champagne. Mike says it's a byproduct of fine wine. Janelle thinks it's just perfect.

Mike - i think i will apply to go to Greece next semester.

They're on the hammock together, swinging, with the ever present loud creaking. Smoking and talking.
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