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Topic #1952748
bennyb89 - Eric: Mike coward downs before me NT 0 Replies #1952748 11:01PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952759
Caribou - Mike asks Janelle if she'll go with him if he goes to Greece to do his masters. She's not ready to go back to college she says NT 0 Replies #1952759 11:01PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952762
bennyb89 - Eric: No one has called him a sexual predator NT 0 Replies #1952762 11:02PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952787
bennyb89 - Ivette in bedroom talking about calling out Janelle for... 0 Replies #1952787 11:04PM 20/07/2005
having big tits, lots of makeup and fake body parts.
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Topic #1952791
Caribou - Mike now has said he wants to go back to Greece about 4 times. Now he's working out how to go, what to study. 0 Replies #1952791 11:04PM 20/07/2005
Mike - i couldnt' stay before because i was studying Architecture. But i can go back and study Art History. Tomorrow when i leave i'll talk to Claire about it (his sister). It'll be perfect. I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it. I mean essentially I .. you know? yea i can do it

Janelle says now she would like to go with him.
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Topic #1952800
Caribou - Howie arrives again. 0 Replies #1952800 11:06PM 20/07/2005
Mike tells him his plans to go to Greece to go back to college. Janelle looks a bit sad at this decision from Mike.
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Topic #1952805
Caribou - BB: Good evening HGs the lights will go out in one hour NT 0 Replies #1952805 11:06PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952808
Caribou - Howie telling Jan he knows she wants to stay up with Mike but they've got a contest tomorrow and not to put cock before the comp. NT 0 Replies #1952808 11:06PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952812
Anonymous - april and eric - about what mike said to april 0 Replies #1952812 11:07PM 20/07/2005
i just typed a big post and it got lost, but the gist is that april went to eric about what mike said to her. april getting pretty freaked out about it, thinks he is going to do something on the live show. says if its about her husband she will walk out. eric saying over and over that michael doesnt have the ba**s to do anything. april talking a mile a minute about it, and eric repeatedly interrupting her to say that mike doesnt have the ba**s to do anything.

by ferretkiss
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Topic #1952826
Caribou - Howie asked Jan if she's going to Greece too. Now she says no. She has her own life. Mike says he thought she was 0 Replies #1952826 11:09PM 20/07/2005
going with him. She says yea on vacation.

Howie now says hot women are never satisfied. YOu always want mr. moneybags. Janelle - yea see? power sometimes is different than money so screw you howie
Howie - see that? what'd you say to me?

She repeats

Howie - but very influential with each other. they live off each other (money and power)
Jan - how would you know what i want howie?
Howie - with money you get the house and the car and with that you get the woman and then you get the power
Jan - what would that have to do with me?
Howie - you always have an m.o. out there.

Howie just spouting stuff ... words and junk.

Jan - you know howie you're making all this up and none of it's true of me and i've never done that
Howie - but all of a sudden mike is the man for you but he's going to greece so
Jan - i don't live in greece. why can't he move to florida?
howie - it's difficult for me to attain you if he lives in florida
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Topic #1952831
Justin - Mike And Howie Talk Stratagie! (The whole convo) - A must read situation - (15 Mins Ago) 0 Replies #1952831 11:10PM 20/07/2005
M: Win it tomorow!

H: Who do you think are the strongest players!

M: Eric and Ivette!

M: Honestly Ivette is a ***** player, she couldnt win enything.

H: Eny one is capable of winning something sometime.

M: What could she win? She has no talent.

H: I cant put Eric up because he kept me safe this week.

M: Dude if you want a honest opininon on who to put up, well Eric and Ivette, or put up...ill tell how Ivette is trying to makeup her actualability, she is trying to makeup for by being dishonest, and that has its roll in the house. So with that said you could put up Eric and Ivette, or you could put up Eric and James, or you could put up...

(Howie Interupts)

H: Take Eric Out of The equasion I am not putting him up.

M: Ok, Ivette and Jen, or Ivette..

(Howie Interuppts Again)

M: Stop, Liscen to me, Do you want my opininon or what.

H: yes, ur drunk opinion

M: I am not drunk, Ivette and April, or Aril And Jen

H: There There There, Harmless!

M: They are not harmless they got me out didnt they?

H: They pull the punches but they dont through them.

M: Exactly, One of them is a red neck and the other one doesnt even know who the F**k she is.

M: Get em out of here, Do you want my honest opinon.

H: Is that what you would do.

M: I would get Eric and Ivette out, and the second week id get April and Jen out.

H: You realy think there that big of threats in the game?

M: its not that there threats, Ivette has no...

(Howie Interuppts Again)

M: Dude, Liscen to me! Ivette has no skillz whatsoever

H: I Agree with you!

M: She couldnt win *****!

H: I Agree with you!

M: Her whole gameplay is not to win eny games cuz she cant

H: Right!

(Howie Farts)

M: Uhh..

H: Did I Hit You With That!?

M: Her whole gameplay is to win by dishonesty!

H: Yes I Agree!

H: So ill put up either Eric,Ivette or Jen or April

M: Yes!

H: Good now ill go take my *****!

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Topic #1952835
Caribou - Howie - i'm greek russian polish. can i come visit you in greece? Mike - anytime NT 0 Replies #1952835 11:10PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952843
Caribou - Mike leaves to go to bed. We see April and Beau on patio smoking. Mike calls out goodnight to them. Jan 0 Replies #1952843 11:12PM 20/07/2005
sits at table. April gives her the eye. Howie in BY joking with people a bit.

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Topic #1952862
Caribou - Beau - I wonder if i made the right decision to come here. i could be in 0 Replies #1952862 11:17PM 20/07/2005
switzerland, st. tropez

Janelle asks when he found out he could be on the show

Beau - I was in London and flew into LA and was told he got it. So he went back to miami. Settled all his ***** and his clients and stuff. Left them high and dry. You know when somebody depends on you? it's like...

Janelle - i have two dogs. i know

Beau - hmmm Had a dream about my mom and my sister
Jan - huh?
Beau repeats. Jan asks what happened. He repeats story he told James earlier.

Meanwhile, Kaysar had come into BY and April left table to go to dryer as it was beeping. April tells Kaysar she washed and dried his clothes for him. He thanks her and tells her she's sweet. CAn hear Kaysar and April in background.

Now Mike in the BY again, massaging Beau's head, then sits down. Beau recounts his dream to Mike.
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Topic #1952886
Caribou - Janelle and Beau talking about people they know. April returned to table, trying to talk too but they ignore her NT 0 Replies #1952886 11:20PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952905
Caribou - Cameras switch, leave the patio crowd (DAMN!) Now on HOH room 0 Replies #1952905 11:22PM 20/07/2005
Ivette freaking out and saying if Mike does anything to her in her sleep...winding themselves up. She's afraid to go to bed she says because no one else is in bed in the barracks. They're all in HOH except for the few on the patio.

Eric says Mike is stirring up ***** and don't let anything Mike says affect them as a core. Eric tells James to walk Ivette downstairs because she's scared.
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Topic #1952945
Caribou - Maggie and Eric alone in HOH now. Maggie - was that too obvious? 0 Replies #1952945 11:28PM 20/07/2005

eric - no but we have to come up with something. Ivette noticed that you were hanging around kaysar. i can tell them all that's what you wanted to talk to me about

Eric - he knows about april and jennifer (mike does)

Maggie - janelle said to me tonight i need to start watching for coincidences

Eric repeats what mike knows and mike's request to go into DR. eric says Mike is the only one who called him a sexual predator. Now i know for sure that april and jenn are together and he knows. When april starts throwing out names and you and me... i said i wasn't even in boston when you were there in school.

Eric telling maggie how he tried to play off april's efforts to connect eric and maggie. Now eric saying producers did this deliberately.

Maggie wants to know if they should start working with someone as a 4some.

Eric says no
Maggie says april will let the cat out of the bag
Eric says april is throwing stuff out without thinking of what she's saying. Eric tells maggie remember i said lie lie lie deny deny deny

Maggie thought when she hung out with kaysar it would help her and eric deflect possibility of their pairing.

Eric says when people find out about the correct grouping that's when the big prize is null and void.

Eric - april was freaked out cuz she konws he's gonna come after her.
maggie - so she better not have told mike about me and you. she may have told beau. beau will tell ivette and she will tell james.
eric - no
Maggie - yes. ivette told me she likes james. she is all over james
Eric - if i have to pull that trump card i will do it. if she goes to james i am *****.
maggie - i know so dont' use it. yea but she may also think oh he did that for game purposes
Eric - not when she finds out that he went to kaysar

These two are just spinning about who knows about their pairing, how to cover it up and how scared they are. Both wound up.
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Topic #1952950
Caribou - Maggie can't wait till James and Sarah start acting married because "we know they're married" anyway NT 0 Replies #1952950 11:29PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952965
Caribou - F1: Kaysar and Howie in BY strategizing NT 0 Replies #1952965 11:31PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952982
Caribou - Howie clues Kaysar in that having April AND Jenn up together is pointless. No one would care. Split 2 pairs. 0 Replies #1952982 11:34PM 20/07/2005
Put one person from two different pairings up to break everything wide open.

Kaysar - NICE howie! thanks

Kaysar - what do you think about janelle if she gets hoh putting up eric and james
Howie - good cuz they can't defend each other at the competition. i can't put eric up cuz of the deal i have with him.

Howie - janelle is tough. you underestimate her....
Kaysar - why do you think i have her close to me?
They talk about how she's kicking ass in events
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Topic #1952986
Caribou - kaysar - if it's me you and janelle left standing in a comp, we'll give it to her cuz she will put up people we can't put up NT 0 Replies #1952986 11:35PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952990
Caribou - Howie pissed now because lately people get quiet when he's around. He says you treat me like that, i'm gonna bust it wide open NT 0 Replies #1952990 11:36PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1953000
Caribou - IF a competition comes down to Kaysar and Howie, they don't care which one of them gets it. They'll both put up same people 0 Replies #1953000 11:38PM 20/07/2005
Howie wants to bust the core wide open.

Kaysar not worried at physical comps because Eric fell apart on ropes and on the swing thing. Howie agrees but says you never know cuz he won HOH a week earlier and where was James until he won the other day. Never underestimate anyone from week to week you never know.

Kay talks about the games and how BB picks which game for each comp at which point in the game.

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Topic #1953030
sportsgrrl - Eric and April just emerged from the downstairs toilet together (no audio) NT 0 Replies #1953030 11:43PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1953046
BenSparks - janelle is getting "diddled" under the covers.. out of breath, and can't concentrate... NT 0 Replies #1953046 11:45PM 20/07/2005
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