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gymborebel James just told Kaysar that he was SUPPOSE to come on the show with a friend, but the guy had to back out NT 0 9:19PM 21/07/2005
Caribou James, Ivette, Sarah, Maggie in barracks (verbatim mostly) 0 9:19PM 21/07/2005
Awesome_Possum James is being totally honest with Kaysar. 1 9:19PM 21/07/2005
Zazny James claims to be partnerless to Kaysar 0 9:21PM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl James is trying to convince Kaysar that MIKE was the one who voted for him when he was on the block 0 9:23PM 21/07/2005
Awesome_Possum The hook 0 9:30PM 21/07/2005
Zazny J: Mike voted against you (and you can't trust Jan) 0 9:31PM 21/07/2005
Zazny James likens their relationship to Danielle/Jason from BB3 NT 0 9:32PM 21/07/2005
Zazny K counts off the couples 0 9:35PM 21/07/2005
Anonymous James is lying to Kay's face saying he isn't with sarah NT 0 9:36PM 21/07/2005
Anonymous Kaysar has James figured out! 0 9:37PM 21/07/2005
Anonymous K says his strategy is that if he does not have trust, he doesn't have anything NT 0 9:37PM 21/07/2005
Anonymous James selling hard to have k detray Janelle NT 0 9:38PM 21/07/2005
Awesome_Possum K to James: You are going to look me straight in the eye and ... 0 9:39PM 21/07/2005
kevinf42 James and Kaysar in hoh.. james is holding on that he came in the house alone. 0 9:39PM 21/07/2005
Anonymous K is trying to be honest and say he is with J and How - James won't listen though NT 0 9:39PM 21/07/2005
Zazny K to James: I'm not gonna put you up NT 0 9:39PM 21/07/2005
Zazny K: I was gonna put you and Maggie because that would cause chaos NT 0 9:39PM 21/07/2005
Anonymous K said he isn't putting up James even though others want him to NT 0 9:40PM 21/07/2005
luvthemfish Kaysar tells James that he won't put him up but that.. 0 9:40PM 21/07/2005
Caribou James claims he has never made any deals with Eric (telling Kaysar) (almost verbatim) 0 9:40PM 21/07/2005
Zazny J: Eric's fumbled in the last 2 physical competitions... 0 9:41PM 21/07/2005
Chunga As James leaves HoH 0 9:42PM 21/07/2005
callmejenn Ivette: I know that it is 90% chance that I'm going on the block. NT 0 9:44PM 21/07/2005
Zazny BB interrupted Ivette to tell her to fix her mic NT 0 9:54PM 21/07/2005
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