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Topic #1960063
gymborebel - James just told Kaysar that he was SUPPOSE to come on the show with a friend, but the guy had to back out NT 0 Replies #1960063 9:19PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960068
Caribou - James, Ivette, Sarah, Maggie in barracks (verbatim mostly) 0 Replies #1960068 9:19PM 21/07/2005
I - you think he'd put up janelle?
J - of course he wouldn't
I - it would save him a bunch of weeks here
J - i wonder if someone approached him with that....like, he'd be FORGIVEN
I - if he put up janelle, there's not one person here who wouldnt' vote her off
J - and then the game would start fair next game
I - and because he took one for the team, like cappy did...cappy's bought himself a lot of weeks over what he did for everybody. cuz it could have completely backfired and bit him in the ass.
Maggie - yep
I - kaysar would win himself a lot of weeks
J - i wonder if that would be an option? i wonder if he'd do it?
I - who knows. because she didn't give a rat's ass about saving him the first week
J - no. she voted against him
I - and neither did michael. and again, they wouldnt' have given a ***** about him
J - wow. wouldnt' that be a twist?

J - you would have to promise him that you and him are neutral then
James says Ivette has to promise not to put him up if he agrees to that.

Ivette would offer to be the pawn, put her up with Janelle. She thinks everyone would vote off Janelle over Ivette. James says that's an impressive strategy. Yet Ivette worries that everyone would kiss Janelle's ass.

They wonder about saying to Kaysar go for strategy, not for getting even.
Sarah speaking but can't hear. Sarah seems to be supporting this idea.

Ivette says it was going to be Janelle out this week anyway. She was planning to give the house a break and put up Janelle and a pawn if she got HOH. Ivette really wants Janelle out.

They believe Janelle would have turned on Kaysar if he hadn't won HOH. James gives his word that he would vote Janelle off. James will do POV for Ivette if she gets nominated.

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Topic #1960072
Awesome_Possum - James is being totally honest with Kaysar. 1 Replies #1960072 9:19PM 21/07/2005
James was supposed to come into the house with a good friend, but the friend got sick and had to back out. He feels very close to Kaysar as a result of playing chess with him and so trusts him and can tell him the truth.
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Anonymous - The above post is sarcastic, of course. NT #1961102 10:15PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960099
Zazny - James claims to be partnerless to Kaysar 0 Replies #1960099 9:21PM 21/07/2005
K: I was upset with myself because there was stuff that was happening...he was close to me and it made me look bad
J: I went on a limb. With that Ivette and Beau thing. I could have thrown your name out then. I enjoy our chess games, etc. I love having you in this house for my sanity
K: What's this strategy
J: I know about this tandem thing because I was supposed to come with a friend but he had to back out due to medical reasons. I could have lied to you and said do you trust me da-da-da-da but I couldn't lie
K: Honestly, I don't know where this will take us in this conversation, but I think you do have a partner here
J: Okay, but I don't. And I know you have a partner here between one or two people.
K: It makes a difference
...I have a feeling that the partners are working in collusion. Beau and Ivette
J: That was obvious
K: Jen and April are supporting them now.
J: I'm not worried about partners working as groups, but as partners working separately. Rachel and Howie

(James has him put on HOH cam)

this is why I can't make deals. Your backdoor excuse to get rid of me was through Michael. Rachel's excuse is to get rid of Howie
K: You honestly want me to believe that you're the only one in this house
J: Yeah! Though there's gotta be one other person or there's a threesome.
K: I'm starting to think Eric and Maggie
J: Exactly!

(talk about their slip ups)
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Topic #1960131
sportsgrrl - James is trying to convince Kaysar that MIKE was the one who voted for him when he was on the block 0 Replies #1960131 9:23PM 21/07/2005
geez louise
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Topic #1960228
Awesome_Possum - The hook 0 Replies #1960228 9:30PM 21/07/2005
James is bonding with Kaysar. BFF. There is just one little thing . . . Not a big thing. Kaysay, you have to stab Janelle in the back. Nobody in the house likes her . . .
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Topic #1960250
Zazny - J: Mike voted against you (and you can't trust Jan) 0 Replies #1960250 9:31PM 21/07/2005
K: We're both men. We'll play this with integrity We're either going to be [close] or polar [opposites].

J: My strategy with you...I had to keep my friends close, my enemies closer [so I got closer to Beau/Ivette].

K: In back of my head, I'd done the same thing. What would they do if you hung out with me.

J: Only 2 people voted for you to leave: Who was Ashlea with?

K: Janelle

J: And who was the other? We think Mike

K: Why would Mike vote against me?

J: We think it was Mike because it wasn't one of us.

J: Everybody here groups you with Janelle and not one person likes Janelle.

K: Besides you, the only person I can trust is you, because she's smart and [I figured her out]. I can't trust Eric -- when I with you, he talks ***** about Michael; when I was with Mike, he talked ***** about you.

J: When I figured out him and Maggie I told him about the tandems.
K: I didn't trust you because you were superclose to Eric
J: Eric is *the* alpha male in the house. He'll make the biggest noise, the biggest stink...he's strong, but doesn't have a lot of willpower
K: That's why we're in the current situation.
J: If you keep Howie and Janelle, all it will take is someone else to get HOH
K: I have no other choice
J: Janelle came up with another idea. I'm gonna let her give you this idea. It will swing the house to a even playing field
K: I will tell you: I am basing my decision based on people's character before today. A lot on character. That way I can think with logic and not emotion. I can see who's transparent, and I can say that you have been very transparent with me.
J: Really? Give me examples
K: I meant it positive -- crystal clear; I can see what you're doing and why you're doing it.

K: You let glory get to your head when you won veto. [This was the only time you showed emotion]

K: James I don't want to beat a dead horse, I like you as a guy, as a player.
J: You don't want to make a decision today that hurts you next week
K: Ideally, I want you to work with me, because I think we can tear through this house
J: Because you don't have a tandem, I don't think there's a problem with that. But you can't stay with Janelle. Janelle has no self esteem, she's very insecure, do you see the thing she lets Howie say to her. She clung to Mike when everyone ran away. Her self respect is low

J: When her friend left, she ripped her apart. Her only loyalty is herself.

J: Nobody likes her
K: Do you think people like me?
J: [There are some that I don't know]
K: I know Beau doesn't like me. Jennifer and April when they knew I was on to them, they know I'm smart, they don't like me. They would put me and Janelle on the block, they get rid of Jan. Then Me & Howie and I'm gone.

K: Although we're friends, we're on opposite sides of the fence. I have to play the game differently. You see game differently than I do because of circumstances. This is a critical point ...it's telltale of where we're headed in the future.
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Topic #1960264
Zazny - James likens their relationship to Danielle/Jason from BB3 NT 0 Replies #1960264 9:32PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960322
Zazny - K counts off the couples 0 Replies #1960322 9:35PM 21/07/2005
K: There's only 2 people left; you and Sarah
J: I think Sarah was put in because when I describe ideal women, she was my ideal woman. The moment I saw her. This was the test subject. They put in this many couples and one potential couple
K: You're telling me to my eye
J: I'm telling you to your eye, I'm not with anyone in this house. You have to do what's best for you.
K: 14 people, 12 know each other...?
J: It's the Summer of Secrets, dude, it could be anything! It could be 4 couples and the rest not
K: I'm positive the rest of the people know each other
J: Me too
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Topic #1960333
Anonymous - James is lying to Kay's face saying he isn't with sarah NT 0 Replies #1960333 9:36PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960357
Anonymous - Kaysar has James figured out! 0 Replies #1960357 9:37PM 21/07/2005
He just said that there is 6 other couples....and that left him and Sarah. He asked James if he expected him to believe that he and Sarah wasn't partnered...James said yes. Kaysar asked James to look him in the eye and tell him he wasn't with someone....and he did!
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Topic #1960359
Anonymous - K says his strategy is that if he does not have trust, he doesn't have anything NT 0 Replies #1960359 9:37PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960367
Anonymous - James selling hard to have k detray Janelle NT 0 Replies #1960367 9:38PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960383
Awesome_Possum - K to James: You are going to look me straight in the eye and ... 0 Replies #1960383 9:39PM 21/07/2005
tell me you and Sarah are not a couple? James replies with something I can't figure out (and I have an advanced degree in figuring out what people are trying to say :0} ) Something about how James never did this or never does that. Remarkably, it seems to satisfy Kaysar.
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Topic #1960388
kevinf42 - James and Kaysar in hoh.. james is holding on that he came in the house alone. 0 Replies #1960388 9:39PM 21/07/2005
J-"i was sopposed to come with a partner, but he backed out for medical reasons."

then kaysar questions him not having a partner, and that he must have a partner, it wouldn't work if he didn't.

K-"you want me to believe everyone has a partner but you?"
J-"yeah, well there must be another person without a partner"

they talk about maggie and eric slipping up, and that they talked about a car that eric had.

james says that ivette has an idea, and he'll let him run it by him.. and that the deal will make the house level playing fields.

k tells james that he wants him to work with him, and that they could tear through the house. but james says that he doesn't trust janelle.

james mentions ashlea and calls her "horse chin" lol

kay saying that ivette and beau and april and jennifer dont like him now because he is on to them.

kay tells james that howie wants him to put james up.. james says 'of course he does'. kay thinks that howie is working with rachel even though howie told him he wasn't.

kay says that theres only two people left that don't have partners.. "you and sarah".. james denies it.. says that sarah is his ideal woman for him, and that they put in all the couples and him and sarah must be a "test couple" because they are perfect for eachother? lol
kay still doesn't believe him but james goes on to say "it's the summer of secrets, dude"

james says they will continue later, because he doesn't want to make it look like they're talking too long.

kay won't use james for veto, because he doesn't want to expose james.

* sorry if this is useless info *
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Topic #1960393
Anonymous - K is trying to be honest and say he is with J and How - James won't listen though NT 0 Replies #1960393 9:39PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960395
Zazny - K to James: I'm not gonna put you up NT 0 Replies #1960395 9:39PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960403
Zazny - K: I was gonna put you and Maggie because that would cause chaos NT 0 Replies #1960403 9:39PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960414
Anonymous - K said he isn't putting up James even though others want him to NT 0 Replies #1960414 9:40PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960417
luvthemfish - Kaysar tells James that he won't put him up but that.. 0 Replies #1960417 9:40PM 21/07/2005
He had planned on putting him up against Maggie because Eric wouldn't know who to side with.
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Topic #1960419
Caribou - James claims he has never made any deals with Eric (telling Kaysar) (almost verbatim) 0 Replies #1960419 9:40PM 21/07/2005
James getting Kaysar to divulge the partnerships he knows about. Kaysar shares then asks James what he knows about possible partnerships.

James telling Kay that everyone here groups him with Janelle. There isnt' one person who does not like Janelle he says. Kaysar says besides James, Janelle is the only one he can trust. Kaysar figured her out right away. Kaysar can't trust Eric because he talks ***** about people from person to person, says it was foul. James agrees.

James shares that he approached Eric about tandems in here and says Eric lied because he figured out about Eric and Maggie. Kaysar shares that he became wary of James a bit when he got close to Eric. But he understood it. James says Eric is the alpha male...they both agree about how Eric is and how he influences the house.

James says Ivette came up with an idea but he's going to let Ivette present it to him.

Kaysar tells James he makes his decisions based on people's character before what happened today - a lot on character. Thats' why he can think logically and not by emotion. Kaysar trusts James, feels his actions have been very transparent in a positive way. That makes Kaysar feel comfortable with James. James is glad to hear this.

Kaysar tells James he let it go to his head when he won POV but that's the only time he saw James get emotional. James doesn't agree. Kaysar trying to reinforce his viewpoint and says he wants James to work with him because they can work through this house. James says there shouldnt' be a problem with that except for Janelle. James doesn't trust Janelle at all because she has no self-esteem; she lets Howie carry on with her while all the other women ran from Mike. Kaysar tells James he knows Mike was attacked because he was close with Janelle and showered her with attention. James trying to tell Kaysar that it's dangerous for him to be close to Janelle because nobody likes her.

Kaysar - do you think anyone likes me?
James - the fact that they hate her more is a step in the right direction

Kaysar says who doesnt' like him - beau, ivette, jennifer, april. They know i'm onto them. They know i'm smart. I know they were gonna put me on the block with Janelle and get her out. Then me and howie the next week.

James asks if Howie told him that to build trust. Kaysar denies Howie told him anything.

James threatened by Rachel and HOwie. Kaysar says not to him.

April heard outside the door. kay yells just a second.

Kaysar says although we're friends, we are on opposite sides of the fence. We see things differently due to circumstance. James says conditioning. Kaysar again says circumstance.

Kaysar says this dictates how they progress in the future. They can't continue to have a symbiotic relationship with a berlin wall sort of between them. James asks about Danielle and Jason in season 3, says he didn't see it but has heard about it. So James thinks it will work with Kaysar, they can talk over the chess game.

Kaysar glad James came forward with Howie/Rachel info. He trusts James even more for that. Kaysar telling James that Howie told him he wanted James up becuase he's strong, but Kaysar now believes Howie is working with Rachel. Kaysar thinks it would be dangerous with James (in a good way). James says nobody would expect it.

Kaysar reviewing pairs. 2 people left, you and sarah, and you're telling me (that you don't have a partner). James says they put SArah in just because she's his ideal woman. Thinks it's a test to set up a romance for the show. Kaysar says look me straight in the eye. James does and further says he's never shaken on agreements with anyone. James tells him he has to do what he has to do. Kaysar trying to reason this out, whether to believe James story about not having a partner.

They do agree on all the other pairs though. Sticking point seems to be James swearing he's in alone vs. Kaysar believing he's with Sarah, which James completely lies about and denies.

James wants to continue later so as not to be in there too long.
Kaysar tells him he continues to trust him.
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Topic #1960434
Zazny - J: Eric's fumbled in the last 2 physical competitions... 0 Replies #1960434 9:41PM 21/07/2005
James saying he doesn't need Eric for veto. They talk about Eric's character

J: He's a punk. You don't lead by telling, you lead by example
K: He is very insecure.
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Topic #1960462
Chunga - As James leaves HoH 0 Replies #1960462 9:42PM 21/07/2005
He screams "MY ASS HURTS!"
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Topic #1960492
callmejenn - Ivette: I know that it is 90% chance that I'm going on the block. NT 0 Replies #1960492 9:44PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1960678
Zazny - BB interrupted Ivette to tell her to fix her mic NT 0 Replies #1960678 9:54PM 21/07/2005
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