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Caribou Howie - this whole place is just like the real world. it's a gov't within a gov't, dictators enacting laws, 0 12:00AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar on hammock quiet as Howie works out with weights. Then, Kaysar says "wow, they're all up now. look at them in there" 0 12:04AM 21/07/2005
Caribou April, Maggie, Ivette, Sarah at dining table 1 12:07AM 21/07/2005
Caribou After Mike walked by, the table crowd scattered and went back to bed. Kay in bathroom. Jan in WC in there 0 12:11AM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl Michael and Janelle emerge to use the bathroom. . . 0 12:11AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Mike and Jan back in bed in GR. Howie in GR too. He makes sure they're not drunk. Tells Jan, prepare for tomorrow NT 0 12:12AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Mike and Janelle in bed in GR - convo 0 12:14AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Janelle starts kissing Mike and he tells her "let's be good. turn around. tell me more about miami" they are back to back now NT 0 12:17AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Janelle can't stand that Mike is going to sleep. She turned around and is wrapped around him now. 0 12:21AM 21/07/2005
Chunga M/J 0 12:22AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Mike - we can meet up in a week when you get out of here. Jan - you still wanna see me after this? 0 12:23AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Loud laughter coming from barracks can be heard in GR. No feeds on barracks tho. NT 0 12:25AM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl Janelle to Mike. . ."tell me another story". . .ugh NT 0 12:27AM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl Howie and Kaysar taking a shower NT 1 12:29AM 21/07/2005
Caribou F1/F2: Barracks. All tucked in and going to sleep. F3/F4: M/J sharing childhood stories NT 0 12:30AM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl Howie was hacking away at his chest hair with a razor at about 90 mph NT 0 12:30AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Howie exits shower. Puts on same dirty clothes. Kaysar exits shower and goes into WC to dress. No talking so far. NT 0 12:39AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Mike told Janelle about a make-up artist he dated and then broke up with. They're not friends now NT 0 12:40AM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl Howie doing his nightly floss routine. .. STILL no talking (surprisingly) NT 0 12:41AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Mike - my ideal girl doesn't exist. Look at you, you're practically perfect. NT 0 12:41AM 21/07/2005
Caribou April appears in bathroom, with stacks of clean towels NT 0 12:42AM 21/07/2005
sportsgrrl April comes in with some more clean towels NT 0 12:48AM 21/07/2005
Chunga Howie in the gold room 0 12:49AM 21/07/2005
Caribou F1/F2: Kay praying in dining room. F3/F4: GR, M/J in one bed near sleep, Howie in other bed NT 0 12:51AM 21/07/2005
Caribou Kay done praying and gets into a cot in the barracks to sleep. Everyone down for the night now. NT 0 1:00AM 21/07/2005
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