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Topic #1953132
Caribou - Howie - this whole place is just like the real world. it's a gov't within a gov't, dictators enacting laws, 0 Replies #1953132 12:00AM 21/07/2005
people talking about each other

Howie - i'm pretty pissed off right now
K - what made you so mad
H - just the way they started excluding me the last couple days. and i asked them am i ok and they said you're ok for a couple weeks. so am i gonna wait a couple weeks to worry about it? i'm like yea you guys got a couple weeks, till tomorrow!!

Kaysar bursts out laughing - they messed with the wrong almost pro handsome white guy. do they know you're almost pro?
howie - waht?
K - football
H - laughs, yea i was almost pro. i had a 1 in a million chance. i was right there

H -anybody who thinks they got a cakewalk to the final 4 is living in a friggin bubble, is living in the house

Kaysar can see women in the house from his place on the hammock
K - look at them they're still having meetings. i think it's good to keep ivette around cuz she just confuses the hell out of everyone. what do you think?
h - yea. they don't seem comfy as a family. and they shouldn't cuz it's a game. what's a better time to start breaking it up than tomorrow. you me or janie for HOH
K - yep either way. if any of us gets it we're in good shape. so i take it you trust me now
h - pretty much
k - damn homie. what's it gonna take?
h - well yea pretty much. you can't ever trust anyone completely.
k - i'll earn your trust over the game how bout that
h - ummm you're starting to get it a lot more
k - thanks howie

Howie farts loudly. Kay laughs.

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Topic #1953157
Caribou - Kaysar on hammock quiet as Howie works out with weights. Then, Kaysar says "wow, they're all up now. look at them in there" 0 Replies #1953157 12:04AM 21/07/2005
Howie - look at us working out, me and you

Kaysar is going to spot Howie
Feed switches to Ivette and April
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Topic #1953171
Caribou - April, Maggie, Ivette, Sarah at dining table 1 Replies #1953171 12:07AM 21/07/2005
April - Mike said, well we'll see what happens next week
They say he's trying to stir up ***** before he leaves

April - i could assume it's about me but i dont' think it is. he said i've been listening to people and their stories don't match up.
Maggie - that's true of everyone
april - yea, so come on and bring it on

James - there's nothing none of us have to be worried about

Howie inside now saying lights out
Mike walked by a towel...was in WC i think and on his way back to bed

(ed. note- yet they're ALL awake and some dressed fully and yakking at table about Mikes' convo with April and how freaked they all are)
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tntaangela - a few more things said at table #1953241 12:25AM 21/07/2005
Here is what I got, which is only a piece of it...BB chose not to show us this late night meeting until it was almost over.

Attending: April, Sarah, James, Maggie, and Ivette (who was quiet for a change). Not sure if Beau was there or not. Eric asleep in HOH.

April: I assume it's me and Jennifer
April: so come on and bring it on
James: nothing for you to worry about
April: sad thing is all he is doing is screwing his two friends that are here

Howie and Kaysar come in and they all get up from table and scatter. About that time we also see Mike come through to go to bathroom.

Feeds go to empty living room, empty kitchen, and Mike/Janelle in bed.
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Topic #1953187
Caribou - After Mike walked by, the table crowd scattered and went back to bed. Kay in bathroom. Jan in WC in there 0 Replies #1953187 12:11AM 21/07/2005
Ivette comes in and waits for WC. As janelle exited WC, Ivette runs in WC. AFter she closed the door Janelle gave her the finger. lol
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Topic #1953189
sportsgrrl - Michael and Janelle emerge to use the bathroom. . . 0 Replies #1953189 12:11AM 21/07/2005
as soon as Janelle is done, she gives the finger and mouthes "bitch" to Ivette, who is going into the bathroom
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Topic #1953192
Caribou - Mike and Jan back in bed in GR. Howie in GR too. He makes sure they're not drunk. Tells Jan, prepare for tomorrow NT 0 Replies #1953192 12:12AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953198
Caribou - Mike and Janelle in bed in GR - convo 0 Replies #1953198 12:14AM 21/07/2005
Mike says he can't be a shithead on national tv when he leaves. then he asks Janelle to tell him about Miami

Janelle telling him about her favourite places to eat ranked 1-5 and up.
They discuss restaurants, clothes, etc.

Howie exited after he reminded Jan about tomorrow. Howie back in kitchen briefly.

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Topic #1953207
Caribou - Janelle starts kissing Mike and he tells her "let's be good. turn around. tell me more about miami" they are back to back now NT 0 Replies #1953207 12:17AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953224
Caribou - Janelle can't stand that Mike is going to sleep. She turned around and is wrapped around him now. 0 Replies #1953224 12:21AM 21/07/2005
Way over on his side of the bed. Mike opened two drawers to block camera seeing their faces.

Janelle harping a bit on Mike's plan to go to Greece. She doesn't seem happy about it. They whisper so quietly it's impossible to hear. Mike clearly doesn't want to have sex on tv and he's displayed massive self-control tonight.

Janelle - are you worried about tomorrow?
Mike - no because i know the outcome. it's obvious they don't like me they don't want me
Janelle - i want you. i like you i want you
Mike laughs - have you not noticed everyone's opinion of me

Mike comfortable that Janelle likes him. She says she's happy. He says he likes her too.
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Topic #1953228
Chunga - M/J 0 Replies #1953228 12:22AM 21/07/2005
J: "Do you think you are going tomorrow?"
M: "Yes. No one likes me. No one wants me here."
J: "I like you. I want you."

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Topic #1953231
Caribou - Mike - we can meet up in a week when you get out of here. Jan - you still wanna see me after this? 0 Replies #1953231 12:23AM 21/07/2005
MIke - yes i still want to see you after this. trust me. either way you make me excited when you look at me.

Janelle - you make me excited too just looking at you

Now they're laying face to face in bed staring at each other. Oh, spoke too soon, she turned away finally.
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Topic #1953239
Caribou - Loud laughter coming from barracks can be heard in GR. No feeds on barracks tho. NT 0 Replies #1953239 12:25AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953252
sportsgrrl - Janelle to Mike. . ."tell me another story". . .ugh NT 0 Replies #1953252 12:27AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953266
sportsgrrl - Howie and Kaysar taking a shower NT 1 Replies #1953266 12:29AM 21/07/2005
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Caribou - separate stalls...lol...not together in one. no talking between them so far NT #1953279 12:31AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953268
Caribou - F1/F2: Barracks. All tucked in and going to sleep. F3/F4: M/J sharing childhood stories NT 0 Replies #1953268 12:30AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953273
sportsgrrl - Howie was hacking away at his chest hair with a razor at about 90 mph NT 0 Replies #1953273 12:30AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953333
Caribou - Howie exits shower. Puts on same dirty clothes. Kaysar exits shower and goes into WC to dress. No talking so far. NT 0 Replies #1953333 12:39AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953336
Caribou - Mike told Janelle about a make-up artist he dated and then broke up with. They're not friends now NT 0 Replies #1953336 12:40AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953339
sportsgrrl - Howie doing his nightly floss routine. .. STILL no talking (surprisingly) NT 0 Replies #1953339 12:41AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953341
Caribou - Mike - my ideal girl doesn't exist. Look at you, you're practically perfect. NT 0 Replies #1953341 12:41AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953349
Caribou - April appears in bathroom, with stacks of clean towels NT 0 Replies #1953349 12:42AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953366
sportsgrrl - April comes in with some more clean towels NT 0 Replies #1953366 12:48AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953375
Chunga - Howie in the gold room 0 Replies #1953375 12:49AM 21/07/2005
He's done showering and cleaning himself up. So much for any romance now.
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Topic #1953384
Caribou - F1/F2: Kay praying in dining room. F3/F4: GR, M/J in one bed near sleep, Howie in other bed NT 0 Replies #1953384 12:51AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953414
Caribou - Kay done praying and gets into a cot in the barracks to sleep. Everyone down for the night now. NT 0 Replies #1953414 1:00AM 21/07/2005
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