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Beau spells asparagus RIGHT! NT - JessicaRabbit
10:00AM 22/07/2005

Eric spells marshmallow RIGHT! NT - JessicaRabbit
10:01AM 22/07/2005

Maggie spells papaya RIGHT! NT - JessicaRabbit
10:03AM 22/07/2005

Howie spells rhubarb WRONG! NT - JessicaRabbit
10:05AM 22/07/2005

sarah passes on jalapeno NT - madmax131
10:07AM 22/07/2005

Sarah passes on jalapeno. Spells cauliflower WRONG! NT - JessicaRabbit
10:08AM 22/07/2005

The got 7 right and 4 wrong. NT - JessicaRabbit
10:08AM 22/07/2005

Sarah's word is jalapeno. She freaks out. "Can I pass it? Will you guys get mad at me?" - joannie
10:09AM 22/07/2005

They decide Kaysar spins for the group. And he gets......... - JessicaRabbit
10:10AM 22/07/2005
LOL They thought they'd won food NT - futumtch
10:11AM 22/07/2005

Kayar asks who should spin. Eric shouts out, “You’re our good luck charm, come on Kas.” Kaysar spin results in PB & J for the week. NT - CougarSpy
10:11AM 22/07/2005

Kaysar spins the wheel and it lands on PB&J!!! NT - joannie
10:11AM 22/07/2005

I LOVE IT, they got PBJ NT - NSGirl
10:11AM 22/07/2005

Howie staying positive everyone else complaining. - JessicaRabbit
10:15AM 22/07/2005

Eric being diplomatic. "We win as a team, and we lose as a team." NT - joannie
10:16AM 22/07/2005
and then goes on to complain ...how can you mess up rhubarb? whine whine whine then - seezall
10:27AM 22/07/2005

Howie says, "But we get milk, and cereal." Eric, "Just PB & J!" NT - JessicaRabbit
10:17AM 22/07/2005

Howie: "Scott Peterson is eating better than us right now!" NT - joannie
10:17AM 22/07/2005

Everyone just sitting in the shade in the backyard upset. NT - JessicaRabbit
10:18AM 22/07/2005

Kaysar just sitting there listening to everyone complain with a little grin on his face. NT - JessicaRabbit
10:20AM 22/07/2005

Howie: "Girls, I'll make it all up sexually to you, if you want." NT - joannie
10:23AM 22/07/2005

Lockdown over, the kitchen now has all the PB&J with bread they can handle. NT - ktan
10:38AM 22/07/2005

Rachel and Kay going up to HOH to finish their talk. NT - JessicaRabbit
10:46AM 22/07/2005

Jennifer talking to Eric, “I stepped up to the plate. I knew you’d kick my ass if I didn’t.” NT - CougarSpy
10:46AM 22/07/2005

Rachel to K: I think Michael got a raw deal. I was under pressure. NT - SassyPrncess
10:48AM 22/07/2005

Rachel people are gossiping here and there but I wont be the one telling ppl what anyone said about anyone else... - Anonymous
10:53AM 22/07/2005
To Kayser NT - Anonymous
10:54AM 22/07/2005
Rachel to Kay: I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings - Anonymous
10:58AM 22/07/2005
Kay to Rach: btw I want you to know that April and Jenn know eachother - Anonymous
10:59AM 22/07/2005
Rachel to Kay in HOH: Each of you (Kay, Howie, Jan) got me! - Anonymous
11:12AM 22/07/2005

R to K: Honestly, you have me, too.... - SassyPrncess
10:56AM 22/07/2005

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