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Kaysar: So you are telling me that you are not with James? Sarah: NO I am not with anyone NT - gymborebel
2:12PM 22/07/2005

Kayser to Sarah...."Not everything is as it seems." - CeiggeP
2:12PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar says to Sarah, "theres something weird going on, there is some sort of connection - Disneyisme
2:13PM 22/07/2005
Sarah asks Kay "how long before we came here did you find out you were coming?" - Disneyisme
2:15PM 22/07/2005

Sarah asks Kaysar if he was ith Michael and he says NO NT - gymborebel
2:14PM 22/07/2005

Kayser to Sarah "I'm not going to put you up" NT - Anonymous
2:16PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar: "No one from my end wants you gone." - joannie
2:18PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar: "You could be sitting here playing me right now, - joannie
2:21PM 22/07/2005

Sarah and Kaysar hugs. You can hear their hearts beating on the microphone. - joannie
2:22PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar and Sarah Embrace - valentine
2:23PM 22/07/2005

Now Howie and Jan are in HOH with Kay...Kay says what he understands so far - Disneyisme
2:24PM 22/07/2005
Kaysar says they (HG's) know that he doesn't do as he is told, he does his own thing. - Disneyisme
2:26PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar in HOH room having meeting with Janelle and Howie - joannie
2:25PM 22/07/2005

Howie is Happy About the PBJ - valentine
2:25PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar tells Jan and Howie - "this is only the beginning, it's been less than 24 hours and - Disneyisme
2:27PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar: We Are In Control - valentine
2:27PM 22/07/2005

Kay to Howie and Janelle: "Keep it clean and straight. No trash talking anyone" NT - CeiggeP
2:28PM 22/07/2005

Kay and Howie are laughing at the sight of James and Eric in the gym talking and waving their arms. NT - Disneyisme
2:30PM 22/07/2005

Now Jen is Laying in James' Bed - valentine
2:31PM 22/07/2005

Howie: Sarah Must Have Been a Mess in Here - valentine
2:34PM 22/07/2005

Kayser: They took me for a fool. Now they are going to learn a lesson! NT - CeiggeP
2:36PM 22/07/2005

Kay is going on about Eric and the deals he made with everyone. Kay says he will - Disneyisme
2:37PM 22/07/2005

BB: Ivette to DR NT - SusanM18
2:39PM 22/07/2005

Howie: "Worse case scenerio. James wins veto, takes himself off..." - joannie
2:40PM 22/07/2005

James/Sarah Bathroom whispering - SusanM18
2:42PM 22/07/2005

sara whispering to james in bathroom - erniebert
2:42PM 22/07/2005

James is now lying down in the bedroom, looking quite bothered by whatever Sarah - Disneyisme
2:43PM 22/07/2005
S told James that Crappy, Iv, Beau, and someone else wanted James and Sarah up. NT - mommamia
2:44PM 22/07/2005

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