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Eric: "James is a scheming son of a b**ch!" NT - Anonymous
8:02PM 22/07/2005

Ivette demanding Maggie and Beau to compete in the veto competition and keep it as is like a lunatic NT - Anonymous
8:05PM 22/07/2005

The Hammock Gang (Er/Iv/Ap) asks Jenn who she would vote out right now.. - Peachy720
8:08PM 22/07/2005

8:09PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar and James planning against Eric - RN007
8:12PM 22/07/2005

Hammock Gang discusses veto... - Shereebie
8:15PM 22/07/2005

Sarah tells Kaysar and Janelle in GR that James is her strength. Admits he's her b/f NT - Caribou
8:17PM 22/07/2005

It's out! Sarah telling Kayser and Janelle how much James means to how, he is her strength after her ex-boyfriend NT - Anonymous
8:17PM 22/07/2005

S starts crying again - Zazny
8:18PM 22/07/2005

For POV, Kaysar just said he may pick Howie or Rachel, and Janelle said she would play for James. NT - Sunflake
8:18PM 22/07/2005

In GR on F1 and F2, Jan, Sarah, and Kay... - Shereebie
8:19PM 22/07/2005

Sarah: "I wasnt supposed to be here [on BB6].. James was supposed to be here with..." FISH! NT - Anonymous
8:19PM 22/07/2005

Few minutes ago on the hammock, April asked Jen what Kaysar told her. Jen say "i dont' want to say". Ivette was there too - Caribou
8:20PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar, Janelle and Sarah planning to remove James and put up Eric... - RN007
8:22PM 22/07/2005

On F1/2, the GR group splits... - Shereebie
8:22PM 22/07/2005

S: This was a stupid [twist] idea because it's falling apart in week 3! NT - Zazny
8:23PM 22/07/2005

Eric working hard to put fear into Jenn. "if james stays we are all in trouble i'm telling you right now" - Caribou
8:24PM 22/07/2005

Rachael going to HOH with Kaysar NT - gymborebel
8:24PM 22/07/2005

F1/F2: Rachel arrives in HOH with Kaysar NT - Caribou
8:25PM 22/07/2005

Hay tells Rach all of the pairs, she asks if he is sure that Sarah and James arent bro and sis NT - gymborebel
8:29PM 22/07/2005

Kaysar speaking extremely cautiously to Rachel. - Caribou
8:30PM 22/07/2005

K: I'm sure you know what's going on around here. R: Big move! - Shereebie
8:30PM 22/07/2005

Jennifer arrived to tell Kaysar she doesn't need to talk to him now. Rachel assumes this is because she's in the room. - Caribou
8:32PM 22/07/2005

F1/2: Kay and Rach talking. F3/4: LR and table, tonight's stars of the show. NT - Shereebie
8:33PM 22/07/2005

K and R in HoH...K telling R everything. - Shereebie
8:36PM 22/07/2005

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