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ShannanCGC K BB has a surprise for us NT 0 4:39PM 24/07/2005
Chunga PIZZA PARTY FOR SARAH! NT 0 4:39PM 24/07/2005
Disneyisme They all head to the SR..they are screaming...they have cake, cheese pizza, drinks etc. and....then Sarah started to cry...she is reading 0 4:40PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC All acting like 1 group decorating and having fun NT 0 4:42PM 24/07/2005
Peachy720 Sarah (in SR): "There are no cameras in here." James: "Uhh..I think there are." NT 0 4:42PM 24/07/2005
imnotpunk all the HGs pretending to play nice with sarah, I giving sarah a hug right now NT 0 4:42PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC H puts on a birhtday hat, and looks at himself in a mirror to make sure he looks good NT 0 4:43PM 24/07/2005
ktan Howie says the PB&J diet is temporarily lifted until midnight. NT 0 4:44PM 24/07/2005
imnotpunk Sarah crying as she reads her bday card outloud NT 1 4:45PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC S reading her bday card and getting emotional, E doesn't look like he cares at all NT 2 4:46PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC S opening her present NT 0 4:47PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC She got nail polish and it looks like lotions and things she is not sure if it is from her family or BB NT 0 4:48PM 24/07/2005
Caribou After staying in a corner of the kitchen, Maggie and Eric, stuffing their faces and being rude and ignoring Sarah 1 4:52PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC E just said 0 4:53PM 24/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar explained they're not allowed to sing Happy Birthday but can sing For She's a Jolly Good Fellow so they do, to Sarah NT 0 4:55PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC They are allowed to sing she a jolly good fella, so they do, except for E, yet BB still goes to fish NT 0 4:55PM 24/07/2005
Disneyisme They all sang "For she's a jolly good fella..." then we went to FISH until they were done. NT 0 4:55PM 24/07/2005
Caribou Eric and Maggie sitting at the table and really not looking happy - sulking, angry, self-absorbed NT 0 4:56PM 24/07/2005
Disneyisme Howie says to Sarah: "You better get ready for Julie on Thurs., she's gonna ask you about this." NT 0 4:58PM 24/07/2005
DebbieInc Not sure if it was posted already, but Sarah is dressed up today in 0 4:58PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC A is the only one not at table she is outside smoking NT 0 4:59PM 24/07/2005
Caribou April outside smoking by herself. NT 0 4:59PM 24/07/2005
Disneyisme April is outside having a cigarette, everyone else sitting around the table. Talk about cutting the cake. NT 0 5:00PM 24/07/2005
Peachy720 And April is the first one to leave--went outside to smoke NT 0 5:00PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC R "I like the sporting good theme" S "My mom could have very well picked this stuff out" NT 0 5:03PM 24/07/2005
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