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imnotpunk sarah talking about how she thinks her mother probably picked out the party favors NT 0 5:04PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC Kill Joy (Eric) left the party, no one seems to care or notice NT 1 5:04PM 24/07/2005
Disneyisme Sarah is joking that her mom could have picked out the party favors and streamers, that's her style. 0 5:04PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC E walks by and grumpily says happy birthday s and then heads to fitness room NT 0 5:06PM 24/07/2005
Caribou Everyone at the table chit chatting. Maggie sitting there still but not talking and looking very ticked NT 1 5:09PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC Everyone picking at cake and A says when she leaves she is going to watch to see what H says about her NT 0 5:10PM 24/07/2005
Caribou Ivette brings convo back to her and her lesbianism NT 0 5:11PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC someone asked I if she likes guys at all, and she says she finds them attactive but... and H says so you look at me and say he is a hot guy and ... 0 5:12PM 24/07/2005
DebbieInc Ivette, since coming out as gay, cannot stop talking about 0 5:13PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC I talking to Jan about knowing someone named Melissa NT 1 5:13PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC A is shower, E still working out, rest still at table NT 0 5:13PM 24/07/2005
Caribou Maggie declines having any cake but remains seated, still pissy looking and not talking. April in the shower. Eric pounding the treadmill NT 0 5:15PM 24/07/2005
DebbieInc Iv actually having a friendly convo w/ Janelle NT 0 5:15PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC M is now in the hottub NT 0 5:19PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC Minimal a 34B for women to get in and a Howie Wowie... 0 5:21PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC A came out in her towel and whispered something in K's ear and walked away NT 0 5:24PM 24/07/2005
ciaobella76 A comes by and whispers something in K's ear, he nods NT 0 5:24PM 24/07/2005
Caribou F3: Beau out at hottub with Maggie NT 0 5:24PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC I heads to the hottub saying I am done with that conversation, and said something like she made nice for a minute NT 0 5:26PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC Jen is now at the hottub also NT 0 5:27PM 24/07/2005
Caribou f3: Ivette comes out to hottub and announces "i'm done with that convo" Maggie says 0 5:27PM 24/07/2005
ShannanCGC A is smoking NT 0 5:28PM 24/07/2005
Zazny M: Today was supposed to be the veto ceremony; A: They prob. postponed because it's her birthday...which is fair cus hopefully her ass is going up NT 0 5:29PM 24/07/2005
imnotpunk sarah: if there's a lockdown, we're bring the pizza outside! NT 0 5:31PM 24/07/2005
imnotpunk april in the HOH room with kay now NT 0 5:33PM 24/07/2005
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