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Caribou Kay and HOwie in HOH. Agree the 6 are the only ones they care about. The last 2 are just for emergency in case they need them 0 3:32AM 24/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar and Howie chatting again about how they accomplished this turn of the house. Laughing and having a fun talk. 0 3:43AM 24/07/2005
thatgirI H to K: LIsa from season 3 won, playing a clean game. NT 0 3:48AM 24/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar asks Howie what he thinks of April/Jenn and that agreement. 0 3:51AM 24/07/2005
edinboro H asked K if he remembers Battlestar Galactica, K says, I heard of it NT 0 3:55AM 24/07/2005
edinboro K explaining to H the physical activities of placing the keys in the Nom wheel NT 0 3:58AM 24/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar and Howie talk about how BB does the nomination thing 0 4:01AM 24/07/2005
Caribou Howie finally leaves HOH. Kaysar gets right into bed. Rest of HGs alseep. NT 0 4:04AM 24/07/2005
CougarSpy Kaysar and Howie are talking about retiring, yet they continue to chat. Kaysar asks Howie to go to the gold room and get the black zipper bag that 0 4:11AM 24/07/2005
edinboro H in the shower, it looks like K has gone to sleep NT 0 4:24AM 24/07/2005
edinboro H finishes his shower... 0 4:31AM 24/07/2005
edinboro H wandering around the backyard flossing his teeth NT 0 4:36AM 24/07/2005
edinboro H has now come back into the house, still flossing, and watching the fish 0 4:41AM 24/07/2005
edinboro He's finished flossing......... 0 4:46AM 24/07/2005
CougarSpy Howie heads outside. He is walking around and flossing his teeth with one of those floss combs. He looks in deep thought as he stands in the yard. 0 4:47AM 24/07/2005
edinboro All four feeds are of HG in bed, maybe Eric will be awakening soon NT 0 4:49AM 24/07/2005
straightdave James just woke up and roused Sara... then he pointed to something across the room and she got out of bed. 1 6:02AM 24/07/2005
straightdave Maggie has been tossing and turning off and on 0 6:44AM 24/07/2005
straightdave Howie was snorring like a lumberjack but finaly quit(thank the gods), Ivette talking in her sleep...totaly uninteligable NT 0 6:54AM 24/07/2005
straightdave Rach up and putting on mic. 0 7:14AM 24/07/2005
edinboro Rach is up and geting ready to work out NT 0 7:24AM 24/07/2005
edinboro R has choosen the treadmill NT 0 7:26AM 24/07/2005
straightdave Now she's in the gym 2 7:28AM 24/07/2005
Anonymous R is talking to herself. (is anyone catching what she is saying?) NT 0 7:30AM 24/07/2005
straightdave Rach is done with her very brisk walk and then did a quick set of crunches NT 0 7:46AM 24/07/2005
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