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Topic #1993323
NMFireman - Maggie says Gods ganna do what Gods ganna do 0 Replies #1993323 12:37PM 25/07/2005
and if that means I get HOH than so be it
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Topic #1993404
NMFireman - Eric to Maggie and Evette... Game on guys, game on NT 0 Replies #1993404 12:45PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993429
Anonymous - Eric: "Cocksmokers!" NT 0 Replies #1993429 12:48PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993451
Anonymous - Eric, Ivette: When you think about how good life is outside of this, 500,000$ is not that much - Ed-Do they know? NT 0 Replies #1993451 12:49PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993463
Denise - Eric says game on 0 Replies #1993463 12:50PM 25/07/2005
(a wee bit late for eric though)

eric is glad he was in the house not that long so hopefully he wouldn't have to be sequestered

eric says to april when they announce he's gone to follow eric, he doesn't want to seperate crappys crew from the rest of the house, he wants to say bye to the people important to him @ @

ivette saying she wouldn't do this again

eric thought it was going to be a lot more fun, he said he didn't think it was going to be that bad

sorry, i can't take it any more, LOL, I sooooooo want to type something so different then what they're saying but I don't want to get going so I better shut up .

before I shut up eric calls out to jen, I guess he's going to give her the same speech he gave to april.............yep that's what it is @ @.

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Topic #1993500
thatgirI - Rachel to Howie 0 Replies #1993500 12:54PM 25/07/2005
Rachel stated she thinks that they need to make a move before they get to final 6.

Howie says he thinks that's dangerous.

Rachel stated she thinks that Janelle more dangerous than Kaysar.
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Topic #1993530
thatgirI - H: There's no one here I like. Right now if M and E were HOH they would be walking around with head in air. NT 1 Replies #1993530 12:57PM 25/07/2005
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TheAntiHamster - Correction: H: THere's no one here I DON'T like (personally). NT #1993552 1:01PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993559
Anonymous - F1/F2-LR couch W/Beau, Howie and Rach - F3/F4 Br with Ivette, Eric and Jenn NT 0 Replies #1993559 1:01PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993611
CruiseCritic - Feed One with Howie and Rachele 0 Replies #1993611 1:07PM 25/07/2005
Howie asking if he was being checked out when he had a red bandana on his head. James is now sitting enxt to Howie on couch with his arm around H shoulder. Rachele laying on couch. Talking about Americas Choice. Kaysar now leaning over the back of the couch talking to them. Talking about getting a movie - The American Pie Series is what Rach just asked for. All talking about movies - Jack Nicholson, "SOmethings gotta give" Howie blowing kisses to Rachele - she told him he had to stop. Now he has a hard-%% Srah must be there now too as she is laughing - he is just walking around with a woddy sticking out...someone just said that. Ivette just walked in. rach just told him to go take a shower
They are just talking in LR on couch - Howie
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Topic #1993630
CruiseCritic - Bored? Kaysar says to James. Howie doesnt want to hear anyone talk about being bored. 0 Replies #1993630 1:09PM 25/07/2005
Talking now about gardening. SOmeone just said how old are you really to Rach and she said 33. It sounded like Howie asked her. James asked H if he ever bought Rach flowers. He said no, but he HAS sent them to many bimbos.
Sarah just sneezed, noone said "God bless you"
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Topic #1993657
JAK420 - movie talk 0 Replies #1993657 1:12PM 25/07/2005
kayser:i like as good as it gets with nicholson
rachel:oh i have that movie keanu reeveswas so good in it
howie:oh did he learn how to act in that one
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Topic #1993670
CruiseCritic - Sarahs ex would leave her flowers on her dash board all the time..she says this 0 Replies #1993670 1:13PM 25/07/2005
in front of James. Jenn asking for bubblegum - Howie says he had some. She walked away. Talking about soy milk - thye have regular and chocolate. James said he and eric requested something, but dont know what it is. sarah requested a deck of cards. Howie asking someone to play coasters. they dont have them. sarha told howie to go ask for the coasters back. he said he should since HE is the champion. trying to figure something else to play. Aprils bathing suit is from Old Navy.
quiet now....kaysar sitting next to Sarah. Howie asked them if they are getting married (sarah&james)
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Topic #1993689
CruiseCritic - F1/F2- LR crew. F3 and F4 Ivette doing something in kitchen..getting some bread.... NT 0 Replies #1993689 1:14PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993734
CruiseCritic - April and Beau in BY sitting at table 0 Replies #1993734 1:19PM 25/07/2005
A- the deal is, as much as i thought i was giving it my all and playing, I wasnt
B- Me neither
A- I really wasnt - i let myself be weak, i let myself not be strong. I knew others aroudn me were strong. we had a plan. If i didnt win HoH i knew someone else in our clan would so I never said Ive got to win this. I knew that i was protected by Cappy, maggie, you, sarah. Now its time to play the game
B- mmm-hmm
Ivette comiing out and walked by and now sitting enxt to Beau. April smoking a cig. Ivette she says she is not going to pretend to be a friend with someone she hasnt been friends with so far in the house.
April says she will
I - says she will talk to K, but she knows they both would put eachother up in a heartbeat. Talkig about his beliefs (since he DID promise Eric he would NOT put him up)
The 3 of them are talkign about them now and How Kays said somethng in speech about eric and maggies relationship. talking about suspecting the TWIST and partnerships. Quiet now.
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Topic #1993762
CruiseCritic - Talking about votes now and who si going to vote for Eric 1 Replies #1993762 1:22PM 25/07/2005
Someone said Kay may vote for Eric and April corretced them that he cant vote. Talking about turning the game around and hoping. Ivette just burped and said excuse me. APril said she said in DR that this is BS and they laughed at her. SHe said everyone will know its not fair.
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Sharky - April was talking about POV and she must have been announcer. When she went into the DR and started to read the instructions from the sheet of paper, #1993825 1:28PM 25/07/2005
she saw it was "Knight Moves" and said aloud "This is *****" (meaning James will have an advantage because he is a good chess player and it's not fair to all players, especially those who don't know chess) She said after she said "this is *****" a few times, the DR people just laughed at her.
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Topic #1993780
CruiseCritic - APril going to lay in sun, Beau asks her if she has sunscreen on her face- she says she. 0 Replies #1993780 1:24PM 25/07/2005
never wears any. Ivette says she would lay with her if she could have the float. April says only if they rotate...Ivette wants it to herself and FISH
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Topic #1993795
CruiseCritic - Erifc on treadmill and Maggie lifting dumbells in gym on F1 and F2 NT 0 Replies #1993795 1:25PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993813
CruiseCritic - Eric walking on treadmill and Mags is wiping 0 Replies #1993813 1:27PM 25/07/2005
down a peice of equipment and now gets on the stepper. She is talking about a stroy about some friends of hers. They are both walking/stepping away.
Maggie wanted someone to move o=in with her but she oculdnt tell her. she had cat.
Maggie is allergic to cats.
(going to another feed)
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Topic #1993829
CruiseCritic - Ivette speaking in SPanish that she likes girls NT 0 Replies #1993829 1:29PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993836
CruiseCritic - F1&F2- Gym with Maggie & Eric and now FISH NT 0 Replies #1993836 1:30PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993851
lemonred - Beau singing April one of his favorite club songs in the backyard... 0 Replies #1993851 1:31PM 25/07/2005
They didn't cut to FISH tho!

He was talking about Avenue D's "Do I Look Like A Slut?"
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Topic #1993865
CruiseCritic - Ivette and Beau doing some sexy??provocative dance moves for April by pool 0 Replies #1993865 1:33PM 25/07/2005
APril is now in the pool and Hear Ivette in background tlkaing about taking off their clothes. Now Miami talk and hard to hear with eric and mags on other feeds. Eric says he achieved what he wanted - he did not want to be the first person out - and he wasnt the first or second. Its all good he says.
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Topic #1993876
CruiseCritic - Only ones on fees right now are:Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Beau and April NT 0 Replies #1993876 1:34PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993891
CruiseCritic - Eric telling Mags to relax - she looks like she is going to cry NT 0 Replies #1993891 1:36PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1993929
CruiseCritic - Talking about movie stars in the backyard 0 Replies #1993929 1:40PM 25/07/2005
and how some are not good actresses but they are cute. Ivette sayign drew barrymore and Paris Hilton - she said who would look at paris hilton on the streets.
Maggie and eric still in gym - backyard now GONE and LR on F3 & F4 with jenn and kay on couch and cant tell who is on other couch...looks like Howie and sarah? Now in GR see james in GR and getting into bed - i think sarah is ther with him. must have neen rachele in LR next to howie on couch.
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