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Topic #2008578
Disneyisme - Beau is laying down on the grass with the camera and the HG's that are still outside are looking down at him for a picture of them. NT 0 Replies #2008578 3:05PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008603
Disneyisme - Howie was kissing Janelle for a photo opp, he says "send this one to Mike." 1 Replies #2008603 3:10PM 27/07/2005
Now Janelle is draping her leg over Howie - (Janelle is wearing very short shorts and a bathing suit top).

James, Sarah, Jan, Kay and Howie are still outside. Eric, Jenn and Beau are in the kitchen adn I *think* Mag and Ivette are in the br laying down.
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Disneyisme - Now Kay and Howie are on either side of Janelle, each are going to kiss her in a picture NT #2008615 3:12PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008634
Anonymous - Eric looking at pool, hands on hips, Ivette is starting up again on cam 1 NT 1 Replies #2008634 3:15PM 27/07/2005
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Anonymous - Maggie in bed, said she would not wish this stomach on anyone, Ivette said "Anyone?" Maggie: Well..... NT #2008642 3:17PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008641
Disneyisme - Maggie is in the BR asking Ivette "what's wrong girl?" Ivette says she is just tired of not knowing anything, like what 0 Replies #2008641 3:17PM 27/07/2005
about tomorrow, she doesn't know what is going to happen next. She says that's why being home is nice because you know what is happening tomorrow. Maggie says it's all part of the game, you just never know. Maggie still has an upset stomach, but seems to be getting better. She said "I don't wish this on anyone, it was horrible."
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Topic #2008656
Disneyisme - Feeds keep switching, James is in the WC brushing his teeth, Ivette in there now too, 0 Replies #2008656 3:20PM 27/07/2005
washing her hands after using the bathroom. Most others outside.

Ivette is telling James that "my g/f told me that when it comes out in it's entirety it is better than it coming out a little at a time. And did you know there is a difference as to whether it floats or not?" James: "I didn't know that."
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Topic #2008662
Disneyisme - Sarah was whispering to James inside saying it took every ounce of strength 0 Replies #2008662 3:21PM 27/07/2005
for her to take those pictures with them. Janelle walked up, they broke it off and James and Jan headed upstairs to the chess table.
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Topic #2008676
Disneyisme - Sarah came up to the chess table, Janelle says "he's yelling so much downstairs.." James says "after tomorrow 1 Replies #2008676 3:25PM 27/07/2005
we'll never have to hear it again." (Janelle is eating while playing and you can hear her stomach growl through her microphone - alot.)
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Disneyisme - Janelle and Sarah whisper too low to hear, but Janelle hears Eric's voice and again makes a comment about his loudness. NT #2008679 3:25PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008683
Anonymous - Kay and Jenn sitting outside with his arm around her. 0 Replies #2008683 3:27PM 27/07/2005
Then Rachel takes a picture of Jenn sittong on one of Kay's knees and April on the other one.

Jenn says to Kay, 'have I told you lately that I love you?" Then Kay starts singing it, but there were no fish.

Jenn just yelled to Howie to come make out with her. Now Howie is kissing her for the picture, but April is blocking the camera.

They call Howie the camera whore for the week. He was trying to grab Jenn's boobie, but she put's her hand in front of them so he can't. (lol)
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Topic #2008686
valentine - Photo Shoot Continues 2 Replies #2008686 3:28PM 27/07/2005
Kaysar takes one of Howie and Jenn. Howie kept trying to kiss her, and she kept pulling back.

Kaysar: Howie, I want to get one of you looking in the mirror.

Meanwhile, James and Janelle are deep into their chess game, with Sarah silently looking on.

Janelle makes a move: How was that?

James: That was perfect. You could've moved the bishop, though.

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valentine - Kaysar is Enjoying This #2008699 3:32PM 27/07/2005
Jenny gets under the foosball table for a picture looking up at Kaysar.

Kaysar: Nice....Jenny fits into tiny places. Jenny's on time out.

Now Kaysar is trying to shoot Howie and Howie's reflection in the outside windows. He's having a hard time getting what he wants. Now they both think it's perfect.

Kaysar: You've got to admit I take good pictures. I take good pictures.

April: You're a graphic designer.
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valentine - Kaysar: I Think That's It #2008703 3:34PM 27/07/2005
Howie: Go in the house, there's no house pictures.

April: We only have an hour with it.

Kaysar: I think everybody's over it.
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Topic #2008688
Disneyisme - Maggie went to the WC and Sarah said to James and Jan something like 0 Replies #2008688 3:29PM 27/07/2005
"what is she doing?" James says "who gives a f***, tomorrow she is alone."

This conversation is barely audible, so clarification is welcome
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Topic #2008707
Anonymous - Ivette fina;;y starting to strategize for next week, figuring out the numbers. ? nominate Rachel (not sure) NT 1 Replies #2008707 3:35PM 27/07/2005
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Anonymous - ^ finally. Iv with BEau in the bedroom, trying to plan for different competitions, about house, "who said what" game..they hope they get it NT #2008718 3:36PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008713
Mareenie - April asks Rach if she's mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. 0 Replies #2008713 3:36PM 27/07/2005
Rach tells her "pretty much."

Jenn sits down by April at the table. The girls are all looking through the pics that Kay took.

Kay gets up to take a picture of April and she says, oh no, don't take a picture of the Buddha belly. Everyone says, what are you talking about, you have no belly. Rach tells her she's in proportion to her body, and that she has a belly too.

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Topic #2008716
valentine - Ivette Tries to Put a Plan Together 0 Replies #2008716 3:36PM 27/07/2005
with Beau, whispering in the barracks.

Her plan includes one of the two of them getting HOH.

Meanwhile Kaysar snaps a few more photos outside, of April sitting in a patio chair. She complains that he is getting her "buddha belly".

Kaysar: Are you kidding?
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Topic #2008721
CalicoSkiesNC - Jen and April were @ front door, playin w/Jen's key...BB voice says "STOP THAT!" very funny!!! NT 0 Replies #2008721 3:38PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008726
Mareenie - Sarah whispered to Kay & April saying that Eric said it took every inch of fiber in his butt (?) 0 Replies #2008726 3:40PM 27/07/2005
To take pictures outside. Sarah says f'n a$$holes.

Now April put on a shower cap and stood in front of the shower for a picture. (I thought Howie was the camera ho!)

Kay just pointed to the WC and mouths "Maggie" to Sarah. She just said "oh well." (lol)

Feed switches to Jan and James playing chess.
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Topic #2008729
JulesAna - Jen takes out her key from wall and her and April pose like their opening the door with it. 0 Replies #2008729 3:41PM 27/07/2005
BB says "Stop that!".

Jen: Stop what?! Howie plays with my key all the time! <pause> I hate Big Brother.
April: And they hate us. Believe me!
Jen: This show sucks. I hope it flops.
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Topic #2008735
lacycatherine - Beau makes a comment to Ivette that Janelle is smart. 0 Replies #2008735 3:42PM 27/07/2005
I- you really think she is smart? I think it's luck.
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Topic #2008744
lacycatherine - BB: Maggie, Please put on your microphone. Maggie: But I'm not talking to anyone NT 0 Replies #2008744 3:44PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008745
lacycatherine - BB: Houseguest this is a lockdown. Please go inside. NT 0 Replies #2008745 3:45PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008748
lacycatherine - Someone is knocking. Howie says: I told Julie to stop by. Maybe it's her NT 0 Replies #2008748 3:46PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008749
Mareenie - Howieism "I hate chicks, but I love pu$$y. NT 0 Replies #2008749 3:46PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008754
Mareenie - Feeds - Iv making PB&J, two on Jann and James playing chess and the dining room table (sigh) NT 0 Replies #2008754 3:48PM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2008762
lacycatherine - Iv-Is Jen working out? Howie- no she is sitting on her big butt. 0 Replies #2008762 3:52PM 27/07/2005
A few minutes later Howie shouts - In about 26 hours there is a new HOH. In about 26 hours we will have a new landlord.
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Topic #2008765
Mareenie - Kay taking more pictures of Jenn & Howie, now on the couch. 0 Replies #2008765 3:54PM 27/07/2005
Jenn is laying down with coasters covering her face for a picture. <?>

Jenn says she is so bored. Howie asks her if she wants to make sex. She says no, with no hesitation.

Jenn says she wishes it was this time tomorrow. Rach says, you mean getting ready? Jenn says she wants something about to happen now, within minutes or hours, not lots of hours.
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Topic #2008782
Mareenie - Kay now taking pictures of Jann, James and Sarah at the chess table. 1 Replies #2008782 4:01PM 27/07/2005
He took one of Jann and says nice, that is so wrong. (I missed the pose)

Kay sets the camera on a timer to take a picture of himself at the chess table.

Jann suggests they take one of them standing in front of the city skyline on the wall. Kay is working on taking another timer picture of himself.

Jann took Kay's FBI hat and says now take one of the "female body inspector" hat (on her). She's posing with her hair to one side and posing like she's a secret agent. Kay says they aren't head shots they aren't going into your portfolio, then it turned out blurry. (lol)

Jann just called James a fudge knocker for messing with the chess pieces when she gets back to the table (after her photo shoot).

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RealitySwan - The pose Janelle did that Kaysar said was so wrong, was her looking like she was biting the head off the knight chess piece #2008797 4:05PM 27/07/2005
It looked a bit sexual lol
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