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Topic #2004507
knifey_spooney - More Janelle and Howie (and then Beau) 0 Replies #2004507 2:02AM 27/07/2005
Talking about how Janelle flew to Minnesota (from LA) before she moved to Florida and then drove down. Howie also drove from Chicago.

Howie wonders about any hurricanes that may have hit Florida. He hopes his car is ok. Janelle hasn't been through a hurricane, she hasn't been in Florida long enough.

Howie asks Janelle how many smokes she smokes in the real world a day. Janelle says not that many.

Janelle says she was annoyed by Eric on the first HOH competiton, when he was running around, she was like "ew go away" (or something)

Beau walks in, says he can't sleep and he has been counting all the tiles on the wall. Janelle says how many were there? Beau says 276.

Howie asks who has the smallest boobs in the house? Maggie? He says all these boobs in the house and he can't have any. Beau says why don't you ask? (talking about Maggie) Howie says no, she wouldn't let me, she has a boyfriend.

Howie then talks about Jens boobies, and says "stupid bitch" (ed. note: lol, not sure why)

Howie and Janelle want a midnight snack. PB&J. They hate PB&J. Howie can't wait until he can have M&Ms

They talk about BB waking them up tommorrow. Say that they were not woken up today. Howie says "Thank you big brother"

They talk about being woken up for voting tommorrow. Howie says to Beau "You voting for Maggie to stay?" Beau says yeah (I think) and changes the subject. I think he was asking about Janelles skin care products. She says its Doctor (???) much better than doctor brants (?)

They leave the bathroom.
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Topic #2004510
Anonymous - Beau: "What is that?" Janelle hands him her tube of stuff. Beau studies it and says, "Why does this sound familiar?" 2 Replies #2004510 2:03AM 27/07/2005
Janelle says that it is Dr. Morai [sp?]. Better than Dr. Burand [sp?].
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jettheadpb - Dr. Brandt skincare line. I think the other was Dr. Murad that Janelle preferred. NT #2004526 2:08AM 27/07/2005
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Anonymous - Yes. Those names are correct, I think. I wasn't sure how to spell them. NT #2004532 2:11AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004520
Anonymous - Kasar's now visiting with Howie, Beau and Janelle in the bath room. NT 1 Replies #2004520 2:06AM 27/07/2005
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Anonymous - Kasar leaves, and half a minute later, Howie gives "Beau Beau", as he calls him, a kiss--but just out of view of F1. NT #2004540 2:12AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004542
Anonymous - Howie keeps talking about being so tired, but he has been chatting for a few minutes with Beau in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #2004542 2:13AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004547
Anonymous - Beau just told Howie something about cameras in the sequester house. "How do you know?" Howie asked. "A little birdie told me," Beau replied. NT 0 Replies #2004547 2:14AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004551
CougarSpy - Jan What am I going to be portrayed as? K My sidekick. [laughter] NT 1 Replies #2004551 2:15AM 27/07/2005
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Anonymous - Jan: I am going to be portrayed as the princess b!tc# and Ivette is going to be the ghetto b!tc#. NT #2004556 2:16AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004555
Anonymous - Kaysar and Janie in BY K: sometimes i think i'm crowding you 0 Replies #2004555 2:16AM 27/07/2005
Kaysar says whenever is Howie is being gross to J, K steps in and says "dont say that to my partner" and that he thinks well maybe its not my place to step in. Janelle asks him to explain better (LOL)
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Topic #2004561
Anonymous - Feed switches to Kasar and Janelle sitting outside on round lounger. 0 Replies #2004561 2:17AM 27/07/2005
Janelle: "My biggest thing coming into this house was I don't want to be... like... the dumb girl... that people pick on."

Kasar assures her that that is not the case.

She tells him, you never know, because they might show that she couldn't spell "spaghetti".
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Topic #2004567
Anonymous - Janelle & Kaysar sitting in the BY 0 Replies #2004567 2:19AM 27/07/2005
J: I'm a princess bitch!
J: She's (Ivette) more like the ghetto bitch!
j & K: giggle and laugh.
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Topic #2004568
Anonymous - Janelle: "What about April? She's the married chick that freaks out about everything." NT 0 Replies #2004568 2:19AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004575
Anonymous - Convo in backyard b/w Kaysar & Janelle 0 Replies #2004575 2:21AM 27/07/2005
Kaysar: Jennie is like the sneeky little girl...
Janelle: Jennie are you vietnamese...
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Topic #2004580
Anonymous - Howie and Beau in Bath 0 Replies #2004580 2:22AM 27/07/2005
Howie: If I want to date someone who's 5'10" 5'11, I might as well just date a man.
Beau: You're funny...
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Topic #2004585
knifey_spooney - Howie, Kaysar and Beau, Kaysar and Janelle (long) 1 Replies #2004585 2:25AM 27/07/2005
I changed feeds, not sure where Janelle is.

Kaysar stading against the wall, Howie fauning over his little "Beau-Beau"

Beau is saying how Howie has gross feet. Howie says he had fungus (or something)

howie using Calgon. Beau asks why he uses it? Howie says to take him away. Smelly enough for a woman, strong for a man.

Janelle outside. Kaysar comes out, she says it smells like burning trees, it smells like a wildfire. Howie comes out. Goes back in.

Kaysar asks what is on her mind. She says whats up? He says there is always something on his mind. Kaysar says sometimes he defends her against Howie, and he wonders if he should step in. He says who is he, maybe she doesn't want him to step in. She says of course I do, I like it. If ever you want to rip on Howie for hitting on me please do.. (paraphrased but I tried to be accurate)

Kaysar then says he wonders about how he is being portrayed. She says not to worry about it. She says if she worried about that she would be a wreck.

Kaysar is wondering how they are going to edit this. He wonders if it will be good side VS the bad side etc. Janelle wonders if she is the bitch. Kaysar said no, they will show the sweet side of you. Janelle says no, I am the bitch. They will make her the princess bitch. She says there isn't many options for the bitch, except for Ivette. She says Ivette is the ghetto bitch, and she is the princess bitch. Kaysar laughs and says at least you are the princess bitch.

He asks Janelle how she would like the be ideally portrayed. Janelle says she just doesnt want to be shown as the dumb girl that everyone picks on. She says they probably will, they will show her mispelling spaghetti. They wonder how Ashlea will be portrayed. Janelle says the bimbo..she was always going off the handle.

They talk about how Michael will be portrayed. They think they would portray his crazy eyes... they thinkn he will be crazy. Janelle says poor Michael, he's so nice.

They move on to April. They say crazy married chick who is always smoking (Kaysar makes puffy puffy noises) Janelle says the crazy married chick who can't handle anything

Now Howie... Kaysar says he can't even begin to imagine how they will portray Howie. They laugh about him shaving his head (all good natured)

Kaysar says the crazy thing is they will label their group as one thing. And they are all so different in the group.

Now Jenny, the sly quiet chick..

Janelle says they hope that they didn't portray Michael too crazy. KAysar says we can control the story.. he hopes that with him getting HOH this week, hopefully he threw Micahels name out enough to make it so that americas opinion is changed. He says that before Michael left, he told him that he can take it all the way, he said that Michael got a poor deal, it wasn't fair. Janelle agrees. Kaysar says he wants to clear Micahels name , he feels awful about what happened to him.

Kaysar says he likes to stick up for the little guy (paraphrased) and thats why he wants to be a cop He says he tried to be a cop and he didn't make it.

Janelle hopes they didn't portray her as too crazy. She says they could. Kaysar said they could....she did some trash talking, she was selective about who she talks too, she can be a little snooty.. Janelle breaks in and says she still is selective about who she talks too, and she was trash talking everyone with Micahel. Kayar points out the differences between their two ways of dealing with people.

Janelle says she hopes Ivette is the villian of the girls. She is always bitching and yelling at people.

Kaysar says he has never heard her say anything normal, she never makes sense, she is always talking ***** about something.

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Anonymous - Earlier, while Janelle and Howie were both taking showers at the same time (standing in each others' dirty shower water), she #2004609 2:35AM 27/07/2005
asked Howie -- with sudden realization and alarm -- if he had athlete's foot. He firmly said that he did not. So, Janelle was relieved and kept showering. And now they are talking about Howie's foot fungus problems....
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Topic #2004589
Anonymous - Cont. of convo b/w Kaysar & Janelle 1 Replies #2004589 2:27AM 27/07/2005
J: she's miami (ivette)...cubans are loud...i can't stand it.
K: is that how miami is...
J: she's so miami
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Anonymous - Cont. convo Kaysar & Janelle #2004595 2:29AM 27/07/2005
J: Ivette is just ghetto...she was raised that way.
K: I know.
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Topic #2004599
Anonymous - Kay and Jan in B/Y 0 Replies #2004599 2:30AM 27/07/2005
Kaysar: I try to stay away from people who are classless.
Janelle: Me too!
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Topic #2004602
Ric_LaGuardia - Howie just went to bed in the GR NT 0 Replies #2004602 2:32AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004613
Anonymous - Convo Kaysar telling Janelle: "We should have a groupd meeting." 0 Replies #2004613 2:36AM 27/07/2005
Kaysar: We should come out every wednesday...i did it with howie...and have a pep talk...
Janelle: a group meetin.
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Topic #2004617
Anonymous - After listening to Janelle talk about what she would be doing right now if she was outside the house (looking at Internet, waiting for food to be 0 Replies #2004617 2:37AM 27/07/2005
delivered, etc), Kaysar says, "You're not cool, are you." She laughs and says, "No. I wish I was."
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Topic #2004619
Anonymous - Kaysar just said that he and Mike live in "la siento", or something like that. Then he cringed and looked at the camera and sheepishly said, "I just 0 Replies #2004619 2:40AM 27/07/2005
told people where I live...." Janelle responded that she has said where she lives too and "will probably have stalkers".
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Topic #2004621
knifey_spooney - Janelle and Kaysar BY (long) 0 Replies #2004621 2:40AM 27/07/2005
More talk about Ivette...

Kaysar: where do they get these people?

Jan: Miami, she is so totally Miami

They talk about how loud and abrasive Ivette is, how Kaysar can't stand it when people are too loud, he just walks away. Janelle says its crazy with her and Eric cause Eric is kinda white trash.

They talk about how the games reflect peoples personalities... they say for Howie the competition would be all balloons that you have to pop that represent boobies... they giggle some more at the thought...

Kaysar said he thought Miami was so classy, Janelle says there is parts where she hangs out.

Kaysar says Ivette always says that her mom is way more ghetto than her, more loud then her. She calls her mom "The worm" In the movie, Friday, the guy who drives the drug van is called the Worm, and Ivette apparently says that her mom looks like that.

Janelle is incredulous, and they giggle about why anyone would compare their mom like that.

Janelle is going to have one of Aprils cigarettes.
Kaysar says right now?
Janelle: did you think I was going to quit? Im so bored.
Kaysar: you get bored so easily
Janelle: how so?
Kaysar:I think you would get bored so easy, if you had the same dog for too long, I bet you redecorate your apartment all the time.
Janelle: I do redecorate frequently, but I'm actually very boring, I like all the same things.
Kaysar: Do you think I'm boring?
Jan: No! Why?
Kay: cause I am boring
Jan: I must be so boring
Kay: no.


Kay: So takl to me about something
Jan: Like what?

They laugh. Idle chat about when they woke up, why they get tired so early.

Kaysar says he has such as weird sleeping cycle, how he sleeps all the time, he says something is wrong

Janelle: Are you stressed?

Kay: Yes, I feel like there is alot going on ,and I don't want anyone on our team to leave, I don't want it screwed up, I don't want any of you to leave. I don't want it to be because I over looked something, didn't think things through.

Jan: There is nothing we can do, we have to accept it.

Kay: You are going to get it. I told Howie we should have a pep talk in the BY every wednesday.

They giggle

Kaysar asks Janelle what she would be doing right now, well in the evening on a tuesday.

Janelle: Tuesday evening, probably sitting at home, alone, surfing the internet, waiting for food to be delivered. I am so boring.

Kaysar: laughs You aren't that cool are you

Janelle: Neither are you. laughs

Kaysar: So what are your goals?

Janelle: I don't like to talk about it, my goals are stupid. laughs. Real estate, I am going into real estate. She is going to get herself her first condo. They run about $300. Janelle says Miami real estate is cheap, thats why its good to live there. She has a 2000 sqft apt, says it would go for 275K

Kaysars apartment is 1150sq ft. Janelle asks about how him and Micahel live in the same building, did they plan it? Kaysar said he knew Michael for awwhile and then Michael was like, I'm moving into your apartment, Kaysar says the apt. name, and Janelle says, ooh I wouldn't say where you live, you might get stalkers. Kaysar pauses, said he didn't think of that, *****.

The feeds cut to the gumball machine.
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Topic #2004625
knifey_spooney - Janelle on her life in LA 0 Replies #2004625 2:44AM 27/07/2005
Janelle is talking about her life in LA, she hated her job (I had to switch feeds, I think she was talking about hating modeling)

She says the hours are so long for the money you make, and she hates it, seh really hated it.

She left because her boyfriend at the time was cheating on her. She found out from another model and discovered that he bought this russian model a car and an apartment. The feeds cut to the table and then the bedroom.
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Topic #2004656
Anonymous - Janelle: "Damn!" [Hits herself on the head] "I just thought of something. The guy who I was dating in New York... I left a fur coat at his house. Now 0 Replies #2004656 2:55AM 27/07/2005
he's probably going to keep it."
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Topic #2004659
Anonymous - Janelle: "I'm not even that messy. I'm just not that clean." NT 0 Replies #2004659 2:57AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004661
Anonymous - Kaysar: "You dated a guy that tried to look prettier than you." Janelle: "That was in high school." NT 0 Replies #2004661 2:59AM 27/07/2005
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Topic #2004668
Anonymous - Janelle says that her LA boyfriend would go to work, and she'd sleep till noon, eat cereal all day, and leave the bowls lying around. 0 Replies #2004668 3:01AM 27/07/2005
The guy would come home and wouldn't be able to believe that she had done nothing. He said that since she's a woman she should be vacuuming and doing dishes. He was always saying that she should do such things because she's a woman. And she hated that. She hated being told what to do.
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