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Kaysar asks Howie to go ask James and Sarah if they want to practice. Jennifer still sitting out there watching and being quiet NT - Caribou
12:48AM 28/07/2005

Jennifer going inside -- neither Jennifer or K&J say goodnight NT - BHnoah
12:50AM 28/07/2005

Maggie and Ivette strategize about the game - Caribou
12:51AM 28/07/2005

Sarah and James up and dressing to come outside and practice. All others in bed. - Caribou
12:52AM 28/07/2005

Howie comes out and Kaysar asks what they say - BHnoah
12:52AM 28/07/2005

Eric has now came back outside-- James and Sarah are back in BY too NT - BHnoah
12:55AM 28/07/2005
Note: He had to get re-dressed to go back outside and "intimidate" NT - SassyPrncess
12:56AM 28/07/2005

Cappy saw James and Sarah go out to BY... followed.. lol NT - Gothicjade
12:55AM 28/07/2005

Now Beau is in BY at the table NT - BHnoah
12:57AM 28/07/2005

Beau up again and at patio table. Jennifer cleaning up in bathroom NT - Caribou
12:57AM 28/07/2005

Howie whispers something to James and he agrees... Cappy watches.. NT - Gothicjade
12:58AM 28/07/2005

Howie and James whisper so Eric can't hear and James keeps saying "mm hmmm" and "Exactly" while Kaysar can be heard continually - Caribou
12:58AM 28/07/2005

Jan practices the game NT - bennyb89
12:59AM 28/07/2005

Jame sstepped over to speak to Beau-- talked about some razor, and then Beau talked about when he and the girls practiced (12 out of 12) - BHnoah
1:04AM 28/07/2005

Jennifer went to bed a bit ago finally, if anyone cares. NT - Caribou
1:05AM 28/07/2005
She got up, went into GR, looked at stuff, then back out and back in bed (???) NT - Caribou
1:06AM 28/07/2005

These HGs evidently able to perform without constant "Monies"..Sara munches and watches, H rolls back balls, Beau buffs nails. NT - Anonymous
1:09AM 28/07/2005
Beau seems +11 comfortable in cooler, more sophisticated, group without Eric's angry presence. LOUD Heli? goes by NT - Anonymous
1:11AM 28/07/2005

Eric Watch: 3 hours, 11 minutes, with minor breaks. NT - SassyPrncess
1:11AM 28/07/2005

A helicopter is almost dive bombing the BY. They all look up and laugh. It's real loud. Passed twice already. NT - Caribou
1:11AM 28/07/2005

Plane flying over the house right now NT - bennyb89
1:11AM 28/07/2005

James, with Kay's coaching, now also in perfect form. Kaysar tells him just keep working on consistency of form. NT - Caribou
1:12AM 28/07/2005

Howie whispering to Janelle a few times. Eric can't stand it so now he's whispering to Beau NT - Caribou
1:14AM 28/07/2005
Howie whispered about whispering and changing up how Jani is tossing ball NT - SassyPrncess
1:16AM 28/07/2005
Eric whispers about aiming the ball, form. (That's all Icaught) NT - SassyPrncess
1:15AM 28/07/2005

Kayser: (as James misses one slightly) don't worry about it, dude. Focus! James: Settle down. Kay: Good job. - Anonymous
1:16AM 28/07/2005

Howie whispering in Janelle and James ear-- then Eric starts whispering into - BHnoah
1:16AM 28/07/2005

Janelle yells out "Howie is smart!" Eric trying to yak at Beau that he knows some grey line is it or something. Janelle goes inside to make PBJ for - Caribou
1:16AM 28/07/2005

Eric goes inside - BHnoah
1:22AM 28/07/2005
Eric Watch: 3 hours, 22 min, then went to his bed. For now. NT - SassyPrncess
1:25AM 28/07/2005

The S6 are alone in BY now. They all talk freely. They say Eric et al was pretty sad to have to sit and watch others play to copy their method instead - Caribou
1:28AM 28/07/2005

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