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Kaysar, Janelle, Howie at the counter - luvthemfish
6:19PM 28/07/2005

Kay wondering about what other secrets are in store and Jan says she hopes they bring Michael back NT - Rdhedtxn
6:21PM 28/07/2005

Maggie and Ivette discuss nominations in storage - luvthemfish
6:32PM 28/07/2005

Iv to Maggie: I want you to go play chess. I'll give you my brown skirt! NT - SassyPrncess
6:35PM 28/07/2005

Beau to Naggie: In the name of Caps! M: Yah! NT - SassyPrncess
6:35PM 28/07/2005

Maggie tells Beau that Cappy really loved him, Beau feels he will win the next HOH NT - Zazny
6:37PM 28/07/2005

Jen: Rome wasn't built in a day. NT - SassyPrncess
6:43PM 28/07/2005
This was a fortune cookie that Jen had before entering the house - Zazny
6:44PM 28/07/2005

I: I wanted Maggie to win. It wasn't my week...it's not my "business" NT - Zazny
6:44PM 28/07/2005

Ivette: We're not shady and I don't care. NT - SassyPrncess
6:47PM 28/07/2005

Ivette to Beau - Who do you want to get rid of first. Beaus says - Suzan
6:57PM 28/07/2005

Food restriction changed Kaysar's diet too - Zazny
7:01PM 28/07/2005

Cappy's Crew head to the BY - Zazny
7:03PM 28/07/2005

M: It really does do something to your nerves being on the block - Zazny
7:06PM 28/07/2005

K, Howie, James, and Sarah whispering in living room - Zazny
7:10PM 28/07/2005

James: It's either me and Janelle or me and Kaysar NT - Zazny
7:14PM 28/07/2005

Janelle: They can only get rid of one of us. they still have to deal with 5 of us NT - Anonymous
7:16PM 28/07/2005

James: If I'm going BB needs to give me a night alone with no cameras, looks at howie, Not foryou Howie. NT - Suzan
7:16PM 28/07/2005

Janelle: We'll can only lose one of us; James joking BB voice: "Double eviction this week!" - Zazny
7:18PM 28/07/2005

James: I don't want to hear the cheer of 'Cappy's Crew' from anyone in this group - Zazny
7:20PM 28/07/2005

A shout out from James to the web bloggers - Chunga
7:23PM 28/07/2005

James says the truth is on the web (and maybe not on tv) - Zazny
7:25PM 28/07/2005

Janelle: Butch Lesbians never like me NT - luvthemfish
7:25PM 28/07/2005

Typical Janelle statement: They asked me what aggravates/scares me worse. I answered 'butch lesbians.' NT - Peachy720
7:26PM 28/07/2005

James: If I get nominated & don't get the veto, can I terrorize them, please? NT - SassyPrncess
7:27PM 28/07/2005

James asks for permission to terrorize "certain people" if he loses the veto and can't be saved NT - Zazny
7:27PM 28/07/2005

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