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James says "who won the first round?" April says "Howie", April lost to Howie. - Disneyisme
2:32PM 28/07/2005
You can hear Ivette in the background "I have to pee too Howie, so...." he tells her to go first NT - Disneyisme
2:32PM 28/07/2005

Howie asked Kay "when you moving out of your room?" Kay: "I'm out." NT - Disneyisme
2:34PM 28/07/2005

Rachel beat Kay at coasters, now Sarah will play Rachel and Sarah has joined the LR group. NT - Disneyisme
2:35PM 28/07/2005

Eric to maggie, Im so glad I picked you to play this game with me, god is so good to me... - PinkPanther
2:35PM 28/07/2005

Howie says April may have found a new career for herself in coasters. - Disneyisme
2:37PM 28/07/2005

F1/F2 James: "eric is definately one hell of a manipulator, I give him credit for that"... NT - PinkPanther
2:38PM 28/07/2005
James, I cant believe Ivette doesn't realize that eric would have sold her out... - PinkPanther
2:45PM 28/07/2005

And the winner is Rachel! Howie heads to the bathroom again and this time, April - Disneyisme
2:42PM 28/07/2005
Kaysar is drinking a frappaccino, he tells Rachel "it will be so awesome if you win HOH." - Disneyisme
2:43PM 28/07/2005

April says something about the coasters not flinging as smooth as they used to. Ivette chimes in, that Eric - Disneyisme
2:45PM 28/07/2005

Jan: I think its funny how eric made a deal with everyone in this house, even April NT - PinkPanther
2:46PM 28/07/2005

We have 4 FISH. NT - Disneyisme
2:47PM 28/07/2005

We still have FISH on all 4. NT - Disneyisme
3:08PM 28/07/2005

We are back with April just leaving the BR where she grabbed her cigarettes, - Disneyisme
3:20PM 28/07/2005

Primping for the live show taking place in the house... - JHo
3:23PM 28/07/2005
Um, the skirt Ivette is wearing will show her c**ter when she bends over, Beau just loves her outfit! - Disneyisme
3:25PM 28/07/2005

BB: "Just 10 more minutes of practice time, just to let you know." NT - Disneyisme
3:25PM 28/07/2005

Beau to BB: "Where are we putting our shirts?" BB: "Your shirts should be - Disneyisme
3:27PM 28/07/2005

Beau Consults on Ivette's Style - valentine
3:28PM 28/07/2005

When the feeds came back, outcasts are in the WC, - Disneyisme
3:32PM 28/07/2005
Correction, James is in there too, just out of the shower. NT - Disneyisme
3:33PM 28/07/2005

Ivette is Burning Up - valentine
3:34PM 28/07/2005

Ivette keeps talking to 'Rich' (BB). She asked him "can I wear my sunglasses?" - Disneyisme
3:34PM 28/07/2005

Jennifer Just Practiced - valentine
3:37PM 28/07/2005
Oh no. Beau Just Put the Green T-shirt Back On - valentine
3:46PM 28/07/2005

Howie: It's Gonna Be Skill and Luck - valentine
3:39PM 28/07/2005

Ivette is Hanging Out in the Storage Room - valentine
3:42PM 28/07/2005

Ivette and Beau - valentine
3:49PM 28/07/2005

E to M: I know what the right thing to do is. I do it. NT - SassyPrncess
3:53PM 28/07/2005

Ivette Inspects Eric's Head - valentine
3:56PM 28/07/2005
Jen comment - Anonymous
3:59PM 28/07/2005

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