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Topic #2015678
nascargirl - howie is 2nd NT 0 Replies #2015678 12:43PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015694
joannie - James tells Howie that if 'they' win, the two going up are going to be 0 Replies #2015694 12:46PM 28/07/2005
James and Janelle.
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Topic #2015696
Qcoatl - James/Howie/Jan talking about freaking the other side out to throw them off their game for HoH 1 Replies #2015696 12:47PM 28/07/2005
Sarah is going to go 10th in the HoH comp, so there will be a lot of pressure on her. James is very worried. Still says he can't play the nice guy.
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Mltv - Howie says if they cry when eric goes then that will mess up thier game in the HOH comp. NT #2015760 12:56PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015751
Sue - Quadcam shows fishtank NT 0 Replies #2015751 12:55PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2015766
tntaangela - After fish, HGs file inside... LONG 0 Replies #2015766 12:57PM 28/07/2005
TNTaangela: feeds back.. HGs filing in from BB's comp practice.. and TeamCrappy very unhappy.. Gold Team gleaming and beaming from ear to ear
TNTaangela: Eric and Ivette really angry

TNTaangela: James griping.. about Ivette I think

TNTaangela: TeamCrappy back outside huddling in corner by table
TNTaangela: Eric: 4 out of 5 balls we won.they're back out there in the gold room conferencing.
TNTaangela: ??: janelle must be so pissed that she is first
TNTaangela: order is janelle howie april james... rachel is 7 I think

TNTaangela: in gold room, James Janelle.. James is fussing

TNTaangela: april in kitchen making a protein shake

TNTaangela: James; that's a crock of sh!t.. meanwhile Janelle just smiling

TNTaangela: Crappy Jenni Sarah Rachel in bathroom.. Crappy giving pep talk, that they don't freak out at last minute.. he's been in body building comps and has seen that happen he says
TNTaangela: Howie clogged toilet with his poopy poop
TNTaangela: Eric says unclog it
TNTaangela: Rachel and Sarah in shower

TNTaangela: James says he can't go out there and be around them without saying anyting
TNTaangela: James: it's my ass on the line
TNTaangela: James keeps repeating over and over "I can't be nice, I can't be nice, I can't be nice
TNTaangela: James: Sarah going to hate herself if I get nominated
TNTaangela: Janelle: I still think we can do this

TNTaangela: Mag April Jen Iv in kitchen making lunches
TNTaangela: Jennifer: Maggie could win and put herself up .. then sings Maggie is a poophead yes she is.. joking
TNTaangela: april: who called you that?
TNTaangela: Mag: Sarah
TNTaangela: Ivete: I've been singing "stupid whores"
TNTaangela: Eric: whatever works
TNTaangela: Iv: we're not holding meetings and stuff like them
TNTaangela: FYI.. Eric did call one as soon as they got back inside.. and they all filed back out and huddled in corner outside

TNTaangela: Gold room.. Janelle, James, Howie.. talking about Mag being scared out there, real nervous
TNTaangela: Sarah is number 10

TNTaangela: Kitchen.. Eric tells Maggie: since I've been here, I've probably never said a hundred words to her (Janelle)
TNTaangela: Mag: that's a good thing, she probably doesn't know a hundred wwords
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Topic #2015786
joannie - Sheep are in the kitchen now 0 Replies #2015786 1:00PM 28/07/2005
Ivette is making a batch of her famous bread pudding.
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Topic #2016205
luvthemfish - Ivette to Eric: I don't want to be the negative one in the house NT 0 Replies #2016205 1:51PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016250
Runtie - Howie is talking nasty with James, Janelle and Sarah. NT 0 Replies #2016250 1:57PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016261
Sillygirl - Howie: I'd rather win HOH than bang Janie. lol NT 1 Replies #2016261 1:58PM 28/07/2005
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RealitySwan - Sarah: I'd rather win so I can pound James (James then explained that she doesn't so the pounding, she gets pounded) LOL NT #2016282 2:01PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016309
ccquilter - Good bye bread pudding party for Cappy in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #2016309 2:05PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016323
RealitySwan - Eric sent Rachel to the GR to tell the S6 that he only has a limited time to say goodbye and he doesn't want any of them (S6) to say goodbye to him NT 0 Replies #2016323 2:06PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016329
Disneyisme - James, Rachel, Sarah, and Howie are in th GR. Kay and Janelle just walked in and told them 0 Replies #2016329 2:07PM 28/07/2005
that the kitchen crew is preparing their last meal, Kay says "they are saying it's like Thanksgiving." Kay says they told Rachel to join them and she said she would in a while, and Eric said "I said come join us now!"

James is now asking Kay "what did April say to you last night?" Kaysar: "she said you hurt her feelings again." James: "dumb b****!"

Janelle says "next week when we cook, we will do the same, just call each other into the kitchen and take out only our 6 plates, and we are keeping this room!"

Racehl says we need to go out there, this is our house too.
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Topic #2016342
Disneyisme - Before leaving the GR, Sarah and Howie are telling Janelle to try and be nice, at least 0 Replies #2016342 2:08PM 28/07/2005
until after the HOH comp. tonight. They are telling her to keep her trap shut for now. Everyone is out of the GR now.
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Topic #2016343
joannie - Sovereign 6 in the GR. Rachel says Eric has a message for them 0 Replies #2016343 2:09PM 28/07/2005
R: "Eric says that he won't have much time so don't feel bad if he doesn't say goodby to you guys."

Everyone is laughing. Sarah: "We weren't gonna say goodby to him anyway!"
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Topic #2016372
Disneyisme - Rachel and Kay are on the couches. Rachel telling Kay she knows how he feels, and she feels 0 Replies #2016372 2:11PM 28/07/2005
the same way. Kay says "just know that you have a like-minded person in the house." Rachel says "I know." In the background all you hear is Ivette yelling about something.
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Topic #2016402
BigMama - James: I want April to cry when she sees me cause she's scared when I look at her. NT 0 Replies #2016402 2:14PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016425
joannie - Kay trying to convince James to play nice 0 Replies #2016425 2:16PM 28/07/2005
James: "But that's not how I operate! I operate best getting under other people's skin!"
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Topic #2016433
Disneyisme - James is telling Kay that every time April looks at him and he looks at her she wants to 0 Replies #2016433 2:17PM 28/07/2005
cry. James says he wants April to ask to leave because she can't breath, he wants to break her. He says "I want her lungs to suffer." James said I am sick of her in this house with all her medical problems, she just gives more reason to break her.

He said he is sick of it, that he has to listen to her talk s***, and he can't respond to it. He said her and Maggie were talking about immature m'fers this morning.

James says he will break them down one by one by going after their weaknesses. April being the first one.
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Topic #2016450
Disneyisme - James to Kay: "Rachel is playing bith sides, trust that." Kay says "no she's not." 0 Replies #2016450 2:19PM 28/07/2005
James says his a** is on the line again. Kay says to James "it's do or die. Play hard and fair and when you win, scream and yell as much as you want and keep your head high."
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Topic #2016458
Disneyisme - Kay "don't forget millions of people are watching us." James: "do people really 0 Replies #2016458 2:21PM 28/07/2005
watch this?"

Kay says "all I do is walk by them and smile, do that and play the game."

Efic is asking James and Kay if they want any food, they both say "no thanks."
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Topic #2016471
Disneyisme - Kaysar says "these people are such children. Here I am arguing with 0 Replies #2016471 2:23PM 28/07/2005
a 40 year old, someone old enough to be my dad."

Kay says he does not involve himself in an argument that goes no where, he may as well talk to the pillow on the couch.

Kay says "not in a million years would I extend myself or go out of my for Ivette. She did this to herself."
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Topic #2016477
Disneyisme - James wants to take away as much self worth as he can from the others one by one. NT 0 Replies #2016477 2:24PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2016496
Disneyisme - James is still on the couch and Kay and April are sitting under the TV screen 0 Replies #2016496 2:26PM 28/07/2005
playing coasters. Howie is in there bs'ing, asking why the they moved the couches. Kay says "we didn't move them, BB did - so you can have more air time."
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Topic #2016503
Mltv - James tells Kaysar he will be a republican soon, One reason is they are the faith based party. 0 Replies #2016503 2:27PM 28/07/2005
He also said the democrats convinced minorities they were victims.
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Topic #2016515
Disneyisme - Wow, April beat Kay in coasters and now she takes on Howie. Now Rachel and Jenn have come into the LR. NT 0 Replies #2016515 2:29PM 28/07/2005
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