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James is trying to convince Maggie to nominate Howie and Rachael NT - edinboro
4:20PM 29/07/2005
Or Kaysar and Janelle NT - Suzan
4:21PM 29/07/2005

Janelle is telling Kaysar her convo with Maggie NT - edinboro
4:21PM 29/07/2005
J: If she hadn't come into this house with Eric, we'd be great friends. NT - citanul
4:22PM 29/07/2005

James is talking very fast to Maggie. Throwing ideas around about who to put up. He is sitting outside next to Evilette. NT - Maryellen
4:22PM 29/07/2005

James: There is no one I am scared of more than them (Howie and Rachel). Maggie: What false pretense are you coming from? NT - Maryellen
4:24PM 29/07/2005

Maggie: if you weren't talking to me under false pretenses right now you wouldn't be wearing your sunglass right now. NT - Maryellen
4:24PM 29/07/2005
She was saying that to James. NT - Maryellen
4:25PM 29/07/2005

Kaysar: When I don't pull my key out, I'll be like "Does this mean I win?!" NT - citanul
4:27PM 29/07/2005

James asks Rachael why Howie broke up with her, and we get FISH! NT - edinboro
4:30PM 29/07/2005

Janelle: I think it adds so much more life to my picture. It's cute. (The PB&J Pass) NT - citanul
4:31PM 29/07/2005

Ivette looking at picture wall with Beau NT - citanul
4:33PM 29/07/2005

Maggie was just summoned to the DR NT - edinboro
4:35PM 29/07/2005

All 4 feeds on BY with Beau, Kay, Rachel, Sarah, Jenn & Ivette NT - citanul
4:37PM 29/07/2005

Wow. James' Partner Really Screwed Him Over - valentine
4:37PM 29/07/2005

Outside lockdown NT - citanul
4:37PM 29/07/2005

BB just anounced a lock down, everybody outside NT - edinboro
4:38PM 29/07/2005

Ivette is depressed today without Eric. April is talking to her about how strong Eric was and that - Suzan
4:40PM 29/07/2005

april comforting april - Kaynelle
4:44PM 29/07/2005

Ivette: If Kaysar stays, 100% chance that he will do damage. If James stays, it's a 50% chance he'll do damage to us. DoyouunderstandwhatI'msaying? NT - citanul
4:47PM 29/07/2005

Apr to Rach: Do you think we're like Marcellas and Amy, only cuter? Rach: Way cuter. NT - citanul
4:53PM 29/07/2005

April compares herself and Beau to Amy & Marcellas once again - BHnoah
4:55PM 29/07/2005

Current groupings outside - edinboro
5:00PM 29/07/2005
Right before fish, Sarah was sitting by Ivette whispering. Couldn't hear the convo though. NT - BettyRubble
5:14PM 29/07/2005

FISH....nomination time??? NT - Vex
5:05PM 29/07/2005

Daily Recap for today until now :) - Disneyisme
5:11PM 29/07/2005

It's still fish... NT - Anonymous
5:58PM 29/07/2005

We still have fish.... NT - pooh5983
6:00PM 29/07/2005

Ivette is crying NT - luvthemfish
6:05PM 29/07/2005

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