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Maggie tells sarah i'm sorry, it's the game. Sarah says, I understand NT - luvthemfish
6:06PM 29/07/2005

kay is on the block NT - Anonymous
6:10PM 29/07/2005

Kaysar says If I dont get the Veto I am gone NT - Quench
6:10PM 29/07/2005

Looks like K and James are nominated - erniebert
6:11PM 29/07/2005

Sarah: I'm still a team with you guys no matter what. (which is a lie after her HOH talk with CC) NT - Mltv
6:12PM 29/07/2005

Dinner preparations/ Janelle, sarah and Kaysar outside - luvthemfish
6:13PM 29/07/2005

and what was that about? - Kaynelle
6:13PM 29/07/2005

Sarah: That was the worst way she set up the keys. I was last yesterday and I let everyone down and... - citanul
6:15PM 29/07/2005

Sarah: I just want to let you guys know that I am still in this. No matter what happens. NT - citanul
6:17PM 29/07/2005

Jan to Kay: You know I'll fight like hell to get you off the block. Kay: I know you will. NT - citanul
6:20PM 29/07/2005

Kaysar is on the block, Janelle just said she would fight like hell to get him off the block NT - edinboro
6:20PM 29/07/2005

Kay: I knew this was going to happen. We needed something to humble us somehow. - citanul
6:22PM 29/07/2005

James comes out to BY-Kay:"What up?" James"You and me, that's who's up" LOL NT - amyt92
6:24PM 29/07/2005

James: Her best move strategically... - citanul
6:27PM 29/07/2005

James makes a great point. - Chunga
6:28PM 29/07/2005

James: Howie and Rachel will never win a competition because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. NT - citanul
6:30PM 29/07/2005

James, Kay, Jan on picking Veto partners-James"Howie and Rachel will always throw comps cause they dont want to draw attention to themselves NT - amyt92
6:31PM 29/07/2005

Janelle: "If Ivette wins, I will never watch this show again" NT - amyt92
6:35PM 29/07/2005

K: If I wins this (BB6) I will slit my wrists. Jan: I will never watch this (BB6) again. NT - chaka34
6:35PM 29/07/2005

Howie: "People are getting a free lunch around here and obviously I'm one of them" (To Kay & Jan) NT - Anonymous
6:41PM 29/07/2005

More by talk at the patio table - luvthemfish
6:50PM 29/07/2005

Cut to Fish NT - luvthemfish
6:53PM 29/07/2005
Back to feeds....... NT - luvthemfish
6:55PM 29/07/2005

Howie sings his 'hey janie, what up Kaysar song' in the by while Janelle dances NT - luvthemfish
6:56PM 29/07/2005

Brief sex talk, Beau and Howie - luvthemfish
6:59PM 29/07/2005
Howie was telling Beau he looked very familiar and asking about someplace in FL if he modeled etc.. NT - Panda4
7:03PM 29/07/2005
Howie asked Beau if he was in "Ocean Drive" magazine, Beau said yes... - ferretkiss
7:06PM 29/07/2005
Feed immediately changes to inside the house NT - ferretkiss
6:59PM 29/07/2005

Kitchen dinner prep, calm conversations Ivette, Maggie, Rachel NT - luvthemfish
7:00PM 29/07/2005

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