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Get the sound of Mags going pee then feeds switch to BY crew. NT - Mareenie
3:33PM 29/07/2005

Ivette just kind of wakes up and Maggie says - CruiseCritic
3:36PM 29/07/2005

April says she will now get up earlier since she has something to look forward to---FOOD NT - CruiseCritic
3:36PM 29/07/2005

BB: Kaysar, please go to the diary room. No sign of him. - Mareenie
3:37PM 29/07/2005

food talk in by - Kaynelle
3:38PM 29/07/2005

OUtside talk in BY with Rachele, April, Jen and James... - CruiseCritic
3:38PM 29/07/2005

April talkign about t=when she got her key for BB and had to lock - CruiseCritic
3:42PM 29/07/2005

can see movement in kitchen but shot is far away...someone taking out trash..someone else in fridge NT - CruiseCritic
3:44PM 29/07/2005

Plane is flying over and Jen says "the ones with the orange and blue bottoms are not him" - CruiseCritic
3:48PM 29/07/2005

Talk about fast food with Jen and James - CruiseCritic
3:51PM 29/07/2005

James to Ivette & Jennifer: If I go next week will you take care of Sarah?, Jennifer: Yes we already told her we would. James: Oh great now I know - Suzan
3:52PM 29/07/2005

Pre-Show BB Filming - valentine
3:52PM 29/07/2005
At Work, April's Boss Told Her She Could Come Back - valentine
3:57PM 29/07/2005

Ivette and James In BY - CruiseCritic
3:53PM 29/07/2005

NOW James says he would put up Rachele and Howie because they are playing both sides..HMM? NT - CruiseCritic
3:55PM 29/07/2005

Ivette talking about him talking to Maggie..she is going to go see if Mags will see him NT - CruiseCritic
3:56PM 29/07/2005

Just heard Maggie say "SURE" to Ivette in kitchen and then FISH NT - CruiseCritic
3:56PM 29/07/2005

Jame's working it telling them if they put him up with Kaysar, Janelle plays veto and wins she'll take off Kaysar and then when he's voted off - Suzan
3:56PM 29/07/2005

James just gave us a sly grin after I went inside to ask Mag for a meeting with her and James. NT - Anonymous
3:57PM 29/07/2005

Fish NT - Suzan
3:58PM 29/07/2005

5 minutes of FISH... and feeds back... - CruiseCritic
4:03PM 29/07/2005

Iv and Sarah in WC - Kaynelle
4:06PM 29/07/2005

Ivette and Sarah whispering in the bathroom. Ivette explaining to Sarah her teams commitment to each other and that they - Suzan
4:07PM 29/07/2005

Maggies having a one on one with Janelle in the bathroom. Maggie wanted to know why she stopped talking to - Suzan
4:10PM 29/07/2005
Janelle saying she felt like Maggie had stopped talking to her too. That her and Ivette started acting - Suzan
4:13PM 29/07/2005

Ivette and James youunderstandwhatI'msaying? - Kaynelle
4:12PM 29/07/2005

M: I'm not going to lie I see what you are saying, but you also need to see that with Michael and Kaysars past actions I - Suzan
4:15PM 29/07/2005
this is from maggie talking to Janelle. NT - Panda4
4:25PM 29/07/2005

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