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Maggie and Kay were interrupted by Sarah for a minute, then Kaysar - Disneyisme
10:42PM 30/07/2005

[Discussing replacement nom for James] B: We have to nominate someone...; James: No, Maggie has to put up someone NT - Zazny
10:42PM 30/07/2005

Maggie is asking Kaysar: "why did you ask me if I did something other than being a nurse? If I could read people - Disneyisme
10:45PM 30/07/2005

Rachel heads to bed saying good night to Kay and Mag in the kitchen. Kay says to Maggie - Disneyisme
10:49PM 30/07/2005

Maggie says to Kay "so you believe what James says to you?" Kaysar says he likes - Disneyisme
10:51PM 30/07/2005

Maggie is now in HOH saying she has no problem doing a double eviction. - Disneyisme
10:57PM 30/07/2005

Jenn tells them how Howie told her he wasn't talking to her because - Disneyisme
11:02PM 30/07/2005

Maggie tells HOH crew that sheI asked Kaysar in the kitchen "How's your day going Kaysar?" - Disneyisme
11:05PM 30/07/2005
Most of this is a lie by maggie to her group. NT - Panda4
11:06PM 30/07/2005

Maggie says that Kaysar believes the things that James tells him. - Disneyisme
11:09PM 30/07/2005

James assures Rachel he will vote Kaysar out over her or Howie - Zazny
11:12PM 30/07/2005

Jenn is saying that Kaysar says that the reason 'some' of the S6 play so hard - Disneyisme
11:13PM 30/07/2005

Sarah knocked on the HOH door to say goodnight. They are talking about how they want to have a big brunch tomorrow. NT - Disneyisme
11:14PM 30/07/2005

James on Jen after she interrupted a conv with Rachel: She shows up everywhere! She's their f-ing recon! NT - Zazny
11:16PM 30/07/2005

Kaysar (Outside, to Ivette, who's inside): "You're ugly on the inside, and that's the worst kind of ugly." NT - Anonymous
11:21PM 30/07/2005

K waves: Hi, bitch! - Zazny
11:21PM 30/07/2005

April says "why do you think Sarah and James come up here?" - Disneyisme
11:21PM 30/07/2005

Ivette was saying that she was shaking her bracelet while Kaysar was praying for 20 mins.. - callmejenn
11:22PM 30/07/2005

Howie says he finds metal bit leftovers and staples from the competition stuff in the grass, warns K to be careful NT - Zazny
11:22PM 30/07/2005

James giving sarah massage in gold room - TheBigSista
11:33PM 30/07/2005

James: Anybody who says they're a bad liar... - Zazny
11:33PM 30/07/2005

K to H: You just slimed me with your armpit! - Zazny
11:36PM 30/07/2005

Howie, Janelle, and Kaysar in the kitchen; laughing, having fun. NT - candyapple
11:38PM 30/07/2005

Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie go to get ice cream - Zazny
11:39PM 30/07/2005

Feed 2 zooming in on eric's picture - zezzie420
11:43PM 30/07/2005
Ivette's key is missing from her spot and there is a key in Eric's spot. (Ivette's) NT - Sunflake
11:44PM 30/07/2005

Meanwhile, upstairs in the HOH room - Zazny
11:48PM 30/07/2005

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