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Kaysar is in the kitchen hanging around April, Jenn and Rachel...Jenn tells him he is - Disneyisme
5:07PM 30/07/2005

Kaysar is in the GR with Janelle telling her to keep the team together. - Disneyisme
5:19PM 30/07/2005

Kaysar says he sees conflict between Ivette and Jenn because Ivette and Jenn - Disneyisme
5:22PM 30/07/2005

Kay tells her she will get farther hanging on to Howie and Rachel to final 3, - Disneyisme
5:24PM 30/07/2005

Major Hating on Ivette - valentine
5:48PM 30/07/2005
Janelle: Jennifer is So F*cking Weird! - valentine
5:52PM 30/07/2005

Rachel: They're Either Going to Put Up Me or Howie - valentine
5:51PM 30/07/2005

James: Who are you going to use the veto on? - Kaynelle
6:07PM 30/07/2005

Maggie doesn't like April swearing on her life - Kaynelle
6:39PM 30/07/2005

Janelle is heading into the third hour of her ice cream and chocolate marathon. - Awesome_Possum
6:53PM 30/07/2005

Kay: I had my 15 minutes of fame - Kaynelle
6:55PM 30/07/2005

The HG's keys! :) - Kaynelle
6:57PM 30/07/2005
R and Jan talking later and Jan corrects it. She put Iv's key in K's and Jan's key in Ashlea's NT - sniggle
7:06PM 30/07/2005

Jan: Did Jenny work out with you? - Kaynelle
7:00PM 30/07/2005

Howie: Jesus Christ could come into this house and not get James out of the house NT - Kaynelle
7:03PM 30/07/2005

Howie to Kaysar: "You're the smartest guy in Big Brother history and James is the scrappiest." NT - RealitySwan
7:06PM 30/07/2005

Howie: People ask me if I throw vetos - Kaynelle
7:13PM 30/07/2005

With Maggie still going, Eric lives on - Kaynelle
7:21PM 30/07/2005

My girlfriend gave me a present this morning - Kaynelle
7:22PM 30/07/2005
He clarifies "not 'that' kind of present, that kind of present isn't happening for a while." NT - Disneyisme
7:24PM 30/07/2005

James and Janelle are whispering in the GR, James saying that he hopes Rachel and Howie know - Disneyisme
7:22PM 30/07/2005

Sorry guys, nothing much is happening, feeds are in the kitchen and a bunch of general chit chat going on. NT - Disneyisme
7:30PM 30/07/2005

It would be worse for me to screw you over than those guys - Kaynelle
7:37PM 30/07/2005

Howie: we lost last week by the hair - Kaynelle
7:39PM 30/07/2005

Rachel, James, Howie: Howie is wanting HOH badly. James: yes, I want to see pictures of the woman who gave birth to you NT - hoarsewhisperer
7:40PM 30/07/2005

Howie on Jenn - Kaynelle
7:46PM 30/07/2005

"My Little Jennie" is over - Awesome_Possum
7:47PM 30/07/2005

James to Howie: CBS probably owes the FCC millions for the words you say (cuss words) NT - Kaynelle
7:52PM 30/07/2005

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