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Janelle to Howie: Eeeww! You've been wearing those underwear for 4 days....... - SassyPrncess
12:03AM 30/07/2005

Kaysar: Howie, I have a feeling your johnson is really ugly.... - SassyPrncess
12:05AM 30/07/2005

K: I have a feeling your Johnson is ugly; H: It's had some wear and tear NT - Zazny
12:05AM 30/07/2005

H: I have good news and bad news; K: good news first - Zazny
12:08AM 30/07/2005

K says Howie is staring at the memory wall - Zazny
12:34AM 30/07/2005

If Jan wins veto and saves Kaysar, J/K think Sarah will go up; trashing Ivette - Zazny
12:44AM 30/07/2005

Jan continues to trash I, Howie says stop, be better than her and beat her in the game NT - Zazny
12:48AM 30/07/2005

Jan jokes that one of the safes could bring some one back - Zazny
1:01AM 30/07/2005

K & H outside talking strategy, Jan goes inside to get some ice cream NT - edinboro
1:03AM 30/07/2005

Kaysar sounding like Cappy; H/K on Maggie - Zazny
1:05AM 30/07/2005

Kaysar considers himself the target; Howie thinks it's James - Zazny
1:10AM 30/07/2005

K thinks M is going to play James and then save him - erniebert
1:15AM 30/07/2005

Kaysar says "I'm a loose cannon and unpredictable. Why would you keep me in the game?" NT - Zazny
1:18AM 30/07/2005

kayser believes he is the target (LONG) - ferretkiss
1:19AM 30/07/2005

Backyard convo continues, Sarah up, goes to the WC NT - edinboro
1:19AM 30/07/2005

H: If they saved James, would he go back to them?; K: No, he wants to win. He's under pressure. - Zazny
1:22AM 30/07/2005

H: Why does he [James] like Ivette so much? J: I dunno; K: He has a thing for Latinas - Zazny
1:28AM 30/07/2005

H: So if one of us win HOH does he come back to us? He can only do that so many times before we say 'see ya' NT - Zazny
1:30AM 30/07/2005

Janelle finally goes to get her laundry out of the dryer, after it beeped at her at least 10 times. (LOL) NT - drummer_inblack
1:39AM 30/07/2005

Howie says that would be a good plan (to get back at K), but.... - Zazny
1:42AM 30/07/2005

more LONG kayser/howie/jan in BY on maggies strategy - ferretkiss
1:44AM 30/07/2005

Jan/How/Kay Finally decide to go to sleep. NT - drummer_inblack
1:47AM 30/07/2005

Still all asleep. NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
4:59AM 30/07/2005

Rach up anddoing her normal routine NT - straightdave
6:55AM 30/07/2005

Jennifer up and in kitchen with R, discussing cooking NT - pittsburgh24
7:37AM 30/07/2005

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