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Topic #2033294
SassyPrncess - Janelle to Howie: Eeeww! You've been wearing those underwear for 4 days....... 0 Replies #2033294 12:03AM 30/07/2005
H: No, I haven't! Two.

Janelle: You're nasty!
Howie: You're drunk Janie!
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Topic #2033302
SassyPrncess - Kaysar: Howie, I have a feeling your johnson is really ugly.... 0 Replies #2033302 12:05AM 30/07/2005
Howie: It's had some wear and tear.
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Topic #2033304
Zazny - K: I have a feeling your Johnson is ugly; H: It's had some wear and tear NT 0 Replies #2033304 12:05AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033319
Zazny - H: I have good news and bad news; K: good news first 0 Replies #2033319 12:08AM 30/07/2005
H: The bad news is I just peed in the shower. The good news is it wasn't that much
K: Eww and I think some came over to my side.
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Topic #2033433
Zazny - K says Howie is staring at the memory wall 0 Replies #2033433 12:34AM 30/07/2005
They giggle
J: He does that every night! Every ***** night!

J: He's plotting against people. He's probably thinking 'You're next, bitch.'
K: I like it when he gets worked up and starts talking trash
J: He's like 'what makes that fat bitch think she can win HOH'

They get Howie

J: Why do you look at the memory wall every night before you go to sleep
H: You notice that I do that?
K: Yeah
J: It's so obvious. Every night you stare at it
H: I'm thinking. Trying to strategize.
...What do you think I'm thinking
J: We don't know....[you do it while you floss]
H: How do you see me floss?
J: On the spy screen.
H: I was thinking how like on season 3, Jason was looking at the wall and he said 'I'm responsible for some of these people are going home.' I was looking at the black and whites [and how they used to be color]. That's exactly what I was thinking. I was looking at our side and their side.
J: Just trying to think ahead?
H: Yeah. And I saw your [PB&J pass]
J: They were horrified when I won that.

Jan says that Ivette wanted Maggie to go first in the comp (I said "Maggie, you're HOH so you go first, Maggie said "no it's ok" but Maggie pushed the issue), and it ended up giving Maggie a bad spot (last choice).

K: We're not losing anymore
H: We broke the house open
K: [Jan] is our secret weapon
H: You have a tremendous chance of getting off the block tomorrow ...and putting me on it! [Howie says he's worried James would vote against him].
J: No, they'd never vote against you.
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Topic #2033475
Zazny - If Jan wins veto and saves Kaysar, J/K think Sarah will go up; trashing Ivette 0 Replies #2033475 12:44AM 30/07/2005
H: Ivette's not stupid enough to keep James over Sarah?!

J: We'll vote to evict Sarah...

K: Ivette will ruin the entire thing for them. He went over there and made her feel sorry for him...

H: Do you think he can convince her to go home to Cappy?
J: If we did that, it's crazy.
K: Let's try. I want to do it because it's crazy?
J: I want to win veto just so we can try that.

Jan thinks she can convince April to vote by giving her her PB&J pass for 3 weeks. Howie says forever, but Jan limits it. Kaysar says to start with 1 and then extend it if necessary.

J: She hates PB&J
K: April is nuts! She was willing to eat the bread that touched the meat!

H: They'll wonder why she has the pass!
J: Do you think she would do it?
H: You have nothing to lose by putting it in front of her face!
K: I dunno. She really hates James. And she'd put a huge target on herself
J: They'd never put up though
K: They've been hanging out with her, kissing each other's ass and she is the one who messes up their plan, ruins Cappy's dream. She doesn't want to be here anyway.

K: We'll put all our keys in Sarah's box
J: 'This one's for Sarah, bitches!'
K: Ivette said 'I wish Cappy was here, he would have done this right.'
J: Ew, he's a ***** retard. Like he could get it right
K: I've never seen anyone like her before. She's a mess. You could tell her to walk off a cliff and kill herself and she would. That's why we have gangs in America. Ghetto people like her
J: Notice how she makes ghetto slip n slide, ghetto bread? Go back to the ghetto bitch. Ew why do they put people like that in this house?
K: Comic relief.
K: How bout when she and Eric kept referring to the barrio?
H: The delio?
K: She is so obviously from the ghetto, most of her family is in prison.
H: Shut up Janie, you're gonna get a lawsuit

J makes fun of the community that Ivette is from

J: I get lost in Little Cuba and hate myself for driving
K: You can't say stuff like that
H: They won't show it
K: How do you know?
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Topic #2033489
Zazny - Jan continues to trash I, Howie says stop, be better than her and beat her in the game NT 0 Replies #2033489 12:48AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033537
Zazny - Jan jokes that one of the safes could bring some one back 0 Replies #2033537 1:01AM 30/07/2005
K: What if it's a swap. You can trade one person in for one person out
J: Ivette, out of here.

They say it would suck if Cappy came back

J: It would be fun if Michael came back
H: So you can be emotional and start focusing on your kids instead of the events here?

K: 'Good thing we got some sleep! What did I tell you!'
H: Who said that?
I: Ivette.

K: Every other won over shot or hit a hole. She told James 'See what it's like when we're in power we don't stay in HOH.' And all of them moved in to the HOH room! She's so freakin' dumb, I can't believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She's so! freakin'! dumb!
H: She's a big brother walkin nightmare

Kaysar admits to farting.
K: That's for you [howie], I just admitted on national television I farted.
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Topic #2033543
edinboro - K & H outside talking strategy, Jan goes inside to get some ice cream NT 0 Replies #2033543 1:03AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033549
Zazny - Kaysar sounding like Cappy; H/K on Maggie 0 Replies #2033549 1:05AM 30/07/2005
K: [Ivette] is so scared of me. I can tell because she won't even look me in the face.

They talk about how she seems to really miss Cappy.

K: That's fine. Once Maggie's gone, she'll completely fall apart
H: She's a stronger player than Eric. As much as he dictates, he was dictating to a bunch of nothing..she's a stronger physical player. That day on the 1st veto, I thought 'this girl is tough.' She's a competitor.
K: I like the girl
H: I love her. I'd hang out with her in the real world. She's awesome. Nothing personal...she's put a target on back [because she's a great player]. She's the only one holding that team together and she's strong enough to do it.

K jokes he'll give Maggie a long speech if he wins HOH again and nominates her and to Ivette he will just say: "You're a mess."
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Topic #2033561
Zazny - Kaysar considers himself the target; Howie thinks it's James 0 Replies #2033561 1:10AM 30/07/2005
Jan says she probably thinks she can swing James and Sarah back over.

K: She's trying to employ the same tactics I did. She's trying to turn the house upside down, but she doesn't know how. She's trying to copycat, she's trying to mimic. I got this feeling. That's it...she wants me out, mimicking exactly what I did. She will try to turn James and Sarah back, she's trying to keep you and Rachel close.

H: You think, she wants to save James.

K: Yes...she wants to send a message.

H: Put him up, save him, bring him back. Do you think James is aware of that?

K: No. She's going to get me out the same way I got Eric out.

J: That's what's she's going to do! Howie, he's right.

K: Then she'll have the whole house back. Except you.

J: Tell Rachel tomorrow

H: If she wins it she won't use it

J: Same thing. Kaysar goes. Tell her not to try to win it. Seriously, please.

Kaysar continues thinking that Maggie lulled him into a false sense of security to send a message.

J: Would she really be that smart, though?

K: I'm not gonna wait to find out

H: But don't you want to lose players at this point of the game instead of build it up?

K: She wants to get rid of a player, but she wants to destroy a team. Last week made the feel like idiots. We embarassed them completely.
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Topic #2033591
erniebert - K thinks M is going to play James and then save him 0 Replies #2033591 1:15AM 30/07/2005
He's convinced that James is not the real target, and K is. K seems to think M is a cop, not a nurse. K thinks Maggie is making people think James is her target so he won't feel too comfortable.

Janelle asks,,, "Do you really think she's that smart though??" K seems to think so.
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Topic #2033611
Zazny - Kaysar says "I'm a loose cannon and unpredictable. Why would you keep me in the game?" NT 0 Replies #2033611 1:18AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033614
ferretkiss - kayser believes he is the target (LONG) 0 Replies #2033614 1:19AM 30/07/2005
kay: my speech to ivette will be , iv, you are a mess. and thats why i put you up.
how: they got hoh and they are happy about it, but they realize their days are numbered. they hate us all but they can only get one guy gone a week, then it starts again.

kay: see, what if i am the target.
how: i think its james.
kay: what if they want us to think that. if i think im safe,i dont try as hard. thats why she wants rachel (to compete), it stays the same, and they get me off.
how: we wont know until they vote.

jan has come back wtih ice cream. sitting on kaysers side of the lounger.

kay: i think they want to get me out. she thinks same way i did, she puts james up, gets james back on their side. she is trying to deploy the same tactics i did. but she doesnt know how. she is trying to copycat. she is trying to mimic. she is going to try and turn james and sarah back. she is trying to keep you (howie) and rachel close. she is trying to send a message. thats what she is trying to do. she is going to do a copycat.
jan: she is howie, howie, hes right.

howie: that would definitely sway him back. and he'd be right. he's say i was going to be the target again and you guys did nt try to save me.

kay: she wants me gone. im the target.

jan: you have to tell her (rachel) not to (compete in the veto).
kay: you have to trust me.
jan: she does, she wants to turn james back.
kay: if you think about it, her veto speech, it was like giving james a compliment.
jan: thats exactly what she is doing.
kay: she is trying to play upon his insecurity of splitting him up with sarah. she is going to make them both cry, then take james off.

jan: you have to tell rachel not to try. (to howie). dude, she is totally trying to get them back, i know it.
kay: its not even about that, its sending a message. eric and maggie felt so dumb she didnt see it, shes an interrogator, a cop. thats why they were so pissed, how could i (Kay) pull this off without them knowing. so she befriends me, makes me feel safe and comfortable, so i wont work hard to get the veto. thats why she told you im (mag) going after one person. so even if i get the veto i keep myself on the block, because i dont want to put anyone else in jeopardy.

jan: would she really be that smart though.
kay: you know what, im not going to wait and find out the hard way.
jan: youll talk to rachel before, right.
how: im going to.

how: heres the thing, do you want to keep adding players or do you want to start getting rid of players.
kay: after last week, we made them feel like idiots. we embarassed them totallly. maggie was pale. eric slept half the day. do you think they will just walk away from that. they were completely embarassed on national television. eric was like, are you sure you are only 24. you are a doctor, right? im the target, guys.

jan: i think so too. you are the target kayser.

kay: im unpredictable and i think outside the box. why would you leave me in the game, it would be foolish.
jan: they think they will get james off the block, and he will do anything for them.
kay: they will twist his (james) arm until it breaks

james: you have to talk to maggie. she cannot win.

(this continues...............)

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Topic #2033618
edinboro - Backyard convo continues, Sarah up, goes to the WC NT 0 Replies #2033618 1:19AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033625
Zazny - H: If they saved James, would he go back to them?; K: No, he wants to win. He's under pressure. 0 Replies #2033625 1:22AM 30/07/2005
Kaysar says he won't join them, but he wants to be saved.

Kaysar keeps saying that Maggie's a cop (discussion board says this is James's theory). "She knows that if someone turns, they can turn again. Game on! Just like HOH, you've got one shot. We got to do this. We got to figure this."
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Topic #2033649
Zazny - H: Why does he [James] like Ivette so much? J: I dunno; K: He has a thing for Latinas 0 Replies #2033649 1:28AM 30/07/2005
J: He said she doesn't belong in this game.

J: I've seen Ivette cry 3 times tonight.
K: Maybe she's picking up where Cappy left off?
H: You don't think he has an idea right now?
J: He doesn't
K: She wants him to sweat it out first
J: She wants him to think he's going so he knows how important this veto is.
K: Best case scenario, I leave, he turns; Worst he leaves. She gets rid of a strong player either way. She didn't just want to get rid of one of us, she wants to tear the whole team apart.
H: You think she's that smart, huh? [I think it's just that they don't like that we got Cappy out, they want to show Cappy loyalty.]

K says he wants to use April and Jen as rats and interrogate them. K: I'll get that info out of them. I'll know what's going on and why. After Maggie's gone, there's no brains. Beau talks about fashion and doesn't knwo what's going on in the world. Ivette's a mess. We don't need to go into her. She'll have a bracelet that says WWCD - What Would Cappy Do?
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Topic #2033657
Zazny - H: So if one of us win HOH does he come back to us? He can only do that so many times before we say 'see ya' NT 0 Replies #2033657 1:30AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033681
drummer_inblack - Janelle finally goes to get her laundry out of the dryer, after it beeped at her at least 10 times. (LOL) NT 0 Replies #2033681 1:39AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033688
Zazny - Howie says that would be a good plan (to get back at K), but.... 0 Replies #2033688 1:42AM 30/07/2005
Rachel has led him to believe that Maggie wants to bring the house to a calm environment. He says that he thinks there is still hatred against James on the other side.

J: You can tell tomorrow when you're watching us compete. See if they're horrified if I have a chance to win. They may be cheering James on.

H: They want to be together. They don't care about winning. They want to be together in sequester house. That is their thinking...who they get to hang out with in the sequester house. Hanging out on vacation together. Not really want to win. That may not be what they're thinking, that's [my sense of the situation]. If I was James and had a chance at the money, I'd jump too. Be careful. I don't think they're capable of thinking like that. They are always 3 steps behind.

Kaysar says it's about protecting A's feelings.
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Topic #2033690
ferretkiss - more LONG kayser/howie/jan in BY on maggies strategy 0 Replies #2033690 1:44AM 30/07/2005
kay: she knows rachel will not use it. she will fell torn. she will stand out.
jan: seriously howie you have to talk to her. do you think she will listen.
how: i hope so.
jan: not to obviously throw it, but to lose it.
jan: yeah because obviously kayser is the target.

kay; then they get james back.
how; god thats evil man. he felt the whole house turn on him, he will do anything to save his ass.
jan: hes always said he likes ivette.

jan: ive seen ivette like three times tonight. shes always crying.

they say james has no idea of this plan.
kay: she wants him to sweat it out. she wants to see how it goes, then she will approach him. there are too many variables now. it wasnt about getting rid of one of us. she wants to tear the whole team apart.

how: you really belive she is that smart, huh. that would be the smartest thing to do. save him and his wife.
kay: im not going to find out the hard way.
kay: if i get hoh next week, ill use april and jen as a rat. ill interrogate them the same way maggie did us. ivette, shes a mess.

how: at the same time,.....

kay: she has to read him (james). she can read well.
how: he would go after her next week. he would take the offer and stay then just go get em again. he would take an offer to keep him and sarah for sure. its only week to week. what if one of us gets the hoh, he cant come running back to us, you can only do that so long. wed say sorry bro.

howie: you guys know what... (then he doesnt say anything)

kay: f*ck. its so obvious.
kay tells howie something he did during the last hoh comp practice put a big target on him. (howie).

jan: i have to win it.
kay: you will.

how: talks about will he (howie) be put up.
kay and jan say no, it would be hurting rachel.

jan: to james, if he were on the block, and i were hoh, and i saved you off the block....

how: why if james is still on the block, couldnt she save him with her team and her voting power.
jan: because they want to make it look like they saved him.
how: (Saying they could save him by taking him off the block, or by voting to keep him in.)

kay; so lets worry about you (jan) getting it.
jan: uh huh.

how: i see what you are saying. if she gets the veto, she can still have power by ........
jan: if he (kayser) is off the block, they are putting up sarah.

now lot of talk about who would go on the block if kayser comes off. howie doesnt understand, if their plan is to turn james back, why would they put sarah up. going through scenarios about it. howie talking scenarios where he (howie) would be put up. kay and jan insist howie is not even on the radar. if they cannot get kay then getting james is plan b. (and thats why they are not making the deal with james yet.)

jan: so what do we tell rachel.
kay: ill talk to her tomorrow.
how: youre going to talk to her.
kay; yes.

kay: did rachel say anything about who maggie wants out.
how: she thinks its james.
ka: but i need to know if maggie led her to belive that. its a big difference.
how: i think i hear maggie say that they want to bring it back to a calm normal house, and that would be getting out james. im not sure that your scenario is maggies plan. its a great plan. you gotta be as tactful as possible about this. you dont want it to get out, in case that is not the plan.
how: so you believe sarah and james have no knowledgeof this.
kay: it would be dangerous for maggie to comeout with this. she needs a leveraging tool, and thats veto.

how: my question about that group is, they want to be together in the sequester house. they just really want to be hanging out on vacation together, not want to win. thats just my consensus of what they think.

how: be careful, i dont know if they are capable of thinking of a plan like that.
kay: the thing is they dont want to hurt aprils feelings. she said id rather take a DR than be with james in the sequester house.
jan asks him to repeat it.

kay says if they dont get james out this week or next they have to be with him in the sequester house. and april is like, i cannot be with james in the sequester house.


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Topic #2033695
drummer_inblack - Jan/How/Kay Finally decide to go to sleep. NT 0 Replies #2033695 1:47AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2033872
KinkyLilBlackDress - Still all asleep. NT 0 Replies #2033872 4:59AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2034080
straightdave - Rach up anddoing her normal routine NT 0 Replies #2034080 6:55AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2034136
pittsburgh24 - Jennifer up and in kitchen with R, discussing cooking NT 0 Replies #2034136 7:37AM 30/07/2005
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