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Topic #2041497
Red_Planet - Janelle said that Howie needed to have his feet resurfaced and he asked if she needed her vagina resurfaced. He apologized. NT 0 Replies #2041497 12:00AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2041601
Zazny - Ivette finally gets back in: spills what she heard 0 Replies #2041601 12:15AM 31/07/2005
She said they whispered, but she heard lots of good stuff.

About how James can't be stopped and is well-rounded

A: Did they say anything about any of us!?!??!
M: They want James out too?
I: One day at night I need to hide under the table with the lazy susan.
M: We have to put a blanket down.
I: Howie's with them 100%, guys. They said something about Sarah and then they started whispering.

M wants I to go out again.
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Topic #2041606
Zazny - April volunteers to go next; M: can you do it with the same finesse as Ivette? NT 0 Replies #2041606 12:15AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2041629
Zazny - Ivette wants to tell James that "the other group" wants him out too 0 Replies #2041629 12:19AM 31/07/2005
Maggie says she doesn't want to imply to him that someone on their side was spying.

I: The camera kept zooming in on me too!
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Topic #2041637
Zazny - I: Kaysar's behind it all!; M: ...Interesting... NT 0 Replies #2041637 12:20AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2041650
Panda4 - Ivette has volunteered to hide in the lazy susan tomorrow evening to hear them better. (ed:ghetto girl idea again..hope she gets caught) NT 0 Replies #2041650 12:21AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2041766
Zazny - A: I kinda feel guilty [about spying]; M: Good for you. Feel guilty for the rest of us NT 0 Replies #2041766 12:39AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2041839
Zazny - Rachel thinks next HOH may be about each other; they (R/Jan/How/Kay) agree to discuss favorites tomorrow 0 Replies #2041839 12:55AM 31/07/2005
J: What's your favorite color
R: Mine's Black
H: Blue
K: Blue
J: Green

Howie thinks it might be physical endurance
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Topic #2041848
Panda4 - Rachel now up and talking with Jan/Howi/Kay in BR. They are telling each other their favorite color. Rachel 0 Replies #2041848 12:57AM 31/07/2005
goes back to bed shortly.
ED:(Please someone take good notes I gotta go to bed.)
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Topic #2041893
Zazny - Jan is sure that Howie will be replacement nom, says she's easy to get rid of NT 0 Replies #2041893 1:04AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2041934
Zazny - Howie at the TMI Department 1 Replies #2041934 1:12AM 31/07/2005
H: Tomorrow it will be a month since the last time I've busted a nut.
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Hypnotoad - tommorow they will celebrate Howie's one month anniversary for not blowing a load (joke on all the birthday celebrations) NT #2041936 1:14AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042014
Zazny - Janelle says they interviewed her brother; Howie says the same with his mother ("they loved her, she couldn't commit to 3 months") NT 0 Replies #2042014 1:38AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042017
Zazny - Howie said BB asked him to put people down that fit certain categories; Janelle said they told her just put people down and FISH NT 0 Replies #2042017 1:39AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042022
Zazny - Howie says the song will never make TV "It's distasteful"; Jan: So's Ivette.... NT 1 Replies #2042022 1:42AM 31/07/2005
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CougarSpy - Some of the lines in song were: #2042068 2:00AM 31/07/2005
Carpet muncher
Pillow biter
Bone cruncher
Butt plunger
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Topic #2042064
Anonymous - How/Jan/Kay in WC 1 Replies #2042064 1:58AM 31/07/2005
Jan is asking Kaysar about Michael's relationships outside of the house... she asks him if he has a current g/f, and Kaysar is reluctant to answer... he eventually says that the girl he was with is a "cracked out version of Paula Abdul", and that he deserves a lot better.
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drummer_inblack - Kaysar tells Janelle that he's sure Michael would drop any girl for her. NT #2042067 2:00AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042170
lawheeze - Janelle considering requesting to be nominated 0 Replies #2042170 2:46AM 31/07/2005
Janelle wants to avoid sequester house and see Michael.

Kaysar looks obviously interested. They aren't sure if Maggie will go for it.

Janelle, Kaysar, Howie now in kitchen making English muffins.

At breakfast tomorrow, Kaysar wants to say that he wishes he could have some "Cappy Crunch".

Howie wants to celebrate his one-month "anniversary" tomorrow of not having "busted a nut". This is to mock the birthday celebrations. Janelle wants to make him a cake and decorate with streamers. LOL

Janelle laughs so hard that she ends up choking and then vomits in the kitchen sink.
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Topic #2042207
lawheeze - K, Howie and Janie in the kitchen. 0 Replies #2042207 3:01AM 31/07/2005
Howie admires his photo on the memory wall

He can't believe he hasn't "busted a nut" since that photo was taken.

He asks Kaysar if his picture is cute enough that K would consider making out with him. K say no.

Janelle now blames her vomiting episode on drinking orange juice too fast.

K: It's so nice right now. How can you blame us for staying up late.

K, Howie and Janie sit at the table.

K and Howie teasing Janelle about her "Janie diet" (OJ and vomiting)

K sings "Howie hasn't busted a nut yet" to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"

Howie singing a version with the phrase "carpet muncher" in it.

K twirling his hair.

Howie wants to head to bed. Janie is painting her nails. K says he'll stay up with her. H asks how long it will take. She says 15 minutes. H seems to decide to wait.

K twirling his hair.

Discussion of America's Choise. Neither Janie nor K think they'd get it. Janie thinks Sarah would.

K thinks they want want white guys to win.

H says "I thought you said you're white?"

K says, "oh, yeah."

Discussion of how K is caucasian.

Discussion of PoV.

K says only James was hitting well.

Feed connection lost.
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Topic #2042245
lawheeze - More K/Janie/Howie at the table 0 Replies #2042245 3:15AM 31/07/2005
K: Ivetee ignorant to think she'll win.

K speaks contemptuously of Crapettes sleeping in HoH with Maggie.

Then Janie says the HoH floor is comfortable. Howie disagrees. (Proving they did the same as the Crapettes. LOL.)

Discussion of which team will freak the most when Janie announces she wants to be nominated and evicted.

Janie suggests to K that he suggest to Maggie that she'll be safe for 4 weeks if she noms/evicts Janie.

K talking chess. When your opponent has your queen in check, you try to take their queen out. (something like that)

K is nervously bouncing his left leg up and down.

K wants to stop talking trash.

K twirling his hair again.

Howie leaves for bathroom.

Janie blows her nails to dry the polish.

K and Janie joke about the extra large shorts that Howie leaves on the table.

K taps fingers on table.

K twirling his hair again.

K taps fingers on table again.

K twirling his hair again.

Janie announces that her nails are dry.

They appear to be heading for bed.

H: Good night, Janie.

Joking about his shorts.

H says they're big cuz he has a big...scrotum.

They parade loudly into the GR and wake up James and Sarah.

Good night...

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Topic #2042259
BBmaKee - Howie, Janie, Kaysar have just gone to bed. NT 0 Replies #2042259 3:22AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042322
Anonymous - Kaysar is up. Sitting at the table arranging the coasters in a decorative pattern on it. 1 Replies #2042322 4:46AM 31/07/2005
Before, he was pacing, then playing the coaster game.
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Anonymous - Now he's back to bed. NT #2042330 4:49AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042410
valentine - No Sign of Life Yet From the HG. All Still in Bed. NT 0 Replies #2042410 6:06AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042467
valentine - Spooning Action in the Gold Room 0 Replies #2042467 6:29AM 31/07/2005
with James as the Spoon-er and Sarah the Spoon-ee.

They settled in and went back to sleep.

That's all folks.
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Topic #2042472
valentine - Janelle Just Got Back in Bed With Howie 0 Replies #2042472 6:32AM 31/07/2005
but the Sunday camera crew didn't follow her around the house--all cams were trained on the darkened bedrooms.

She is curled into a ball on top of the covers, with her back to Howie.

No sign of movement in the barracks.

No view of the HOH suite.
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Topic #2042479
valentine - Jennifer Just Left the HOH Suite 2 Replies #2042479 6:42AM 31/07/2005
and waddled down to the WC to start her morning routine.

(She does walk in a duck-like fashion. I just noticed.)

Whoever is doing the laundry is doing a great job. There is a neat stack of candy-colored towels folded by the sink area. Two stacks, actually--looks like a bath towel stack and a hand towel stack.

(Looks like Bloomingdales in there.)
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Anonymous - she is using the bathroom NT #2042481 6:43AM 31/07/2005
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valentine - And, Yes, She's Still in the WC. NT #2042484 6:45AM 31/07/2005
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Topic #2042488
Anonymous - Jennifer is back to bed NT 0 Replies #2042488 6:52AM 31/07/2005
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